Humanity must stop the West. We could experience ‘total annihilation’ if a new world war breaks out. The West’s army of slaves must be dispersed

The world is much larger than what we see through the lens of the U.S. and Europe. 

Humanity is much vaster, more powerful, and boundless than the perceptions and limits encoded in our minds by the West. 

The world’s future is much brighter and more productive in proportion to its distance from the Atlantic. 

Whether you look at it through the perspective of the region, human resources, the historical battle of powers, or the present and future, you will see a world with a rich past, sans the U.S. and Europe, rising again. 


Humanity has been a slave to the West for centuries. The West is a demonic ‘religion’ 

Humanity has been the West’s colony for centuries. It has been fooled and taken hostage. Nations have been slaves to the West for centuries: They are under the West’s heavy pressures in terms of their mindsets, lifestyles, worldviews, perceptions of humanity, economic welfare, political identities, and values. 

As our worlds are painted in their colors, our minds are encoded with their rights, our values are formatted with their criteria, and our wills are broken with their power, it becomes exceedingly difficult to break through this slavery order and reach free minds. 

The West is a demonic “religion,” a demonic “faith.” It is a forced way of life to which humans are doomed. 


 Hundreds of millions may die. We may experience total annihilation

We must never again be doomed to the West’s civil wars. Nations need to stop sacrificing their countries for the West’s interests and reign. 

As many as 90 million people died in World Wars I and II. This is the sort of price humanity paid for the U.S. and West’s ambitions, greed, and power idolization. 

If a new world war breaks out, hundreds of millions of people might die. A large portion of the world may become uninhabitable. Humanity may be driven to complete annihilation. 

If we have such a future awaiting us, this will again be the result of the West’s greed, its insatiable appetite for power, and the savagery of its perception of humanity and the world.  


Humanity must stop the West

The world must refrain from being dragged into another disaster for the West. It must not consent to complete annihilation for the West’s interests and welfare, to sustain its privileges, for its “elite human” disease, or to further the schemes it carries out by sacrificing other nations’ lives and blood. 

Humanity must stop the West. It must prevent the lunacy the West will attempt to protect what it pilfered through the bloodshed of other nations. 

The East must rise. The South must rise. Oppressed civilizations must get back on their feet and make a comeback. The vast majority of humanity, a large portion of the world must take action. 

The “great annihilation” must be stopped. 


The Muslim world cannot do this alone

This is not something the Muslim world can overcome on its own. Humanity must unite to ensure the West settles for its own share to establish balance on earth. 

We, Muslims who make up the world’s main axis, started this awakening long ago. The “war against Islam” doctrines, “Islamist terrorism” lies, and “global anti-terrorism centers” were all founded back in the 1990s to stop this awakening. 

Take a look at the earth’s middle zone, which spans the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; look at this “imperial zone, the zone of civilizations.” 


The world must wake up

Which countries, which nations are present there? What sort of fortunes and resources exists? From maritime trade routes to land trade corridors, from energy resources to energy routes, from cities as old as the history of humanity to all geopolitical security theories, this zone is the center of everything. 

That is when you will see what kind of global order this axis’ power can establish, what it can offer to humanity, and the protection it can provide to the oppressed nations around the world. 

Hence, this zone must recover. These cities must wake up: Istanbul, Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, Bukhara, Isfahan, Mecca… 


No nation should be abandoned 

Wars, poverty, and chaos are not fate. They are projects that are individually designed for every country, for every piece of land, for every nation. They are grand plans made considering our internal conflicts. They are products of a demonic mind that plunders our fortunes, and has no regard for our honor and dignity. 

If this “zone” awakens, the whole world will awaken. If this zone of empires takes action, the rest of the world will take action as well. If we awaken, all of humanity will awaken. No nation or country should be left alone in its fight for independence from the Western order. 


The West is only a small portion of the world

This has always been our position. This is how we perceived the world. We saw that the West is in fact a very small portion of the world. We realized that it is sustaining this reign by restraining civilizations and powers much greater than itself, by suppressing every emerging country through bloodshed. 

It is continuing its welfare through the starvation of millions. There is no nation on the face of this earth that it has not caused pain and suffering for this purpose. Yet, it has even formed an army of slaves for itself from those nations. 

It is this army of slaves that is sustaining this brutal Western world order. 


Founding nations returning

We are now seeing signs of this. Countries are rediscovering themselves. Nations are regaining their confidence. They are pushing the West back to its own region. This is not revenge but a fight for justice on earth. 

Colonized countries are standing up against their old bosses. They are striving to drive them away from their lands, their climate, their waters, and fortunes. 

History-changing nations are taking to the stage once again. Founding nations are returning to the 21st century. The civilizations that were believed to be destroyed are reviving. Countries like Turkey, which the West wanted to wipe out of history and the region a century ago, are turning into central powers. 


The West’s lunacy must be stopped

The order established post-World War II must be urgently and completely restructured. The Western finance and political order must be shared – the West must be forced to share. 

Radical and rapid “regulatory steps” must be taken in every field, from food to security—not to exact revenge on the West but to build a more balanced and sharing world. We all know the U.S. and Europe will go crazy and set the world ablaze once they lose everything they’ve got. 

We are required to do this to prevent the “great annihilation.” The world, all of humanity, must unite to stop the West. They need to be taught that the earth is not a homeland that belongs to them alone.

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Humanity must stop the West. We could experience ‘total annihilation’ if a new world war breaks out. The West’s army of slaves must be dispersed
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