ISIL Islamism, HDP Kurdism and mobilization for Turkey…

Critiques towards Israel's policies used to be labelled as anti-Semitism accusations. Now, the desire is to label any questioning of PYD's ethnic cleansing programs in Northern Syria and HDP's parallel position within Turkey as “Kurdish enmity".

The starkest realities are being sacrificed to lies, accusations and mental operations and, with the modern terminology of the recent period, to “perception" games. However, we are facing quite a clear devising, whose lines, sides and plans are blatant. No matter how many public view surveys you conduct in Turkey, no matter which “dominant" language you use, everyone is aware of this fact.

This reality is that; a regional design is being applied over Kurdish nationalism and this design is now threatening Turkey's existence. You, also, are aware that even most of the Islamist Kurds had surrendered to the nationalism wave and regard it as a “higher mind".

Fools of fame and the chaos storm

We are face to face with the reality; disintegration over identities, re-shaping of the geographical region over identities, and, building thick walls between countries and communities over identities.

Forget about popular and cool words. Forget about the fools of fame, who are dancing on another table like a belly-dancer every day and save the day. Forget about the people, who ascribe roles to our country, with no actual ideas but only with cyclical spinelessness. Forget about the advice of the ones, who have no problems, no worries for tomorrow, no worries for the country and nation, and change sides/fronts easily.

Turkey is facing a very critical situation. The chaos storm, which tyrannized the region, had been directed towards our country, and has started to test our borders. This storm is being serviced over ethnic and sectarian identities. Similar to how ISIL had been shaped as a tool for regional instability, PYD is also being used as a tool for instability in the region. In Northern Syria, it's clear that an extremely, smartly planned strategy beyond PYD is being applied.

Turkey's intervention in the region is a must

The geographical region, which had been administered by countries previously, is now being shaped over organizations. The new map that they are attempting to form in Syria is leaving a Syria, whose known borders are changed and who is disintegrated over identities.

No country, government, will be quiet against such an intervention, nor accept their borders being handled to organizations. The new map being formed between Northern Iraq and the Mediterranean Sea is equal to leaving all southern borders of Turkey to organizations. In the future, this country will gather its strength, and establish a central authority. The de facto situation will not be permanent. However, the new shaping in our southern borders is set to make this de facto situation permanent.

Thus, I've always defended the idea that Turkey's intervention in the region is a must and Turkey should spoil this game.

Lies and accusation have preceded this reality so much that; this fixation had been marketed as a “support for ISIL". However, I'm trying to state that Turkey's southern borders shouldn't be under the control of any ethnic circles, shouldn't be handled to an organization that is conducting an ethnic cleaning in the region. In terms of investment to regional chaos, PYD's role is no different than ISIL's. One is serving over ethnic nationalism, while the other does it over religious identity.

State of caution is necessary!

Turkey is required to be vigilant. A couple of months later, we won't have the luxury to take precautions against what we are experiencing today. The regional map, new structuring, designing and shaping should be analyzed properly. We should pay attention to the parallelity between the design pursuits in domestic politics and regional design.

Whether we like it or not, from now on Turkey must be cautious. The quakes of the disintegration in Syria will even reach within Anatolia, to our cities. If we just sit and wait, Turkey will experience serious difficulties in facing those crises.

My worry is not only limited to Turkey. Just looking at the extended map of the progressing chaos, which had been covering the geographical region step by step, is enough for this worry. I'm foreseeing that from now on, it will be even worse. I think that Turkey and Iran will be seriously exposed to this.

However, I can foresee that the actual mobility in the Syria-Lebanon line will begin in the Persian Gulf, the crises will cover the rich countries there, the Arab-Persian and Shi'ite-Sunni conflicts will affect those countries within two years and finally will hit Saudi Arabia, and we will witness a destructive Mecca War.

They've become partners with terror against Turkey

Turkey's struggle for the past ten years was for the sake of being prepared for these crises. It was a new War of Independence. It was the attempt to end the century-long guardianship. This was the reason behind the war started against Turkey by our Western allies and their collaborators within.

This war is continuing mercilessly. European democracies are not just forming cooperation with the Egypt junta; they are now forming a partnership with terror against Turkey. They will even serve terror attacks on Turkey! The ones, who are trying to substitute Turkey and stop Turkey, are making “Terrorist Turkey" campaigns as a full front.

We know that the political willpower is in a hurry for a precaution intervention at the Syria border. I hope that this sensitivity will be kept on the highest level and give results. If not, we will be buried under the future of this country.

For a strong communal sensitivity, for a common willpower beyond ISIL's Islam and HDP Kurdishness, in order for Turkey to reach success in the War of Independence and get rid of the century-long guardianship; a complete mobilization is necessary…

Oh, by the way, some people, who become scared and slink away, are revealed in such periods.

#İbrahim Karagül
9 yıl önce
ISIL Islamism, HDP Kurdism and mobilization for Turkey…
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