NATO is now Turkey’s primary threat. Its goal is not to ‘protect’ Turkey, but ‘stop’ it. All terror organizations are linked to them. There may even be a NATO intervention! This country cannot be entrusted to NATO's bureaucracy! The new world cannot be discussed with an archaic discourse

NATO was established in 1949 to protect U.S. interests and ensure Europe’s security against the “Soviet threat.” As Turkey is within the West axis, it joined NATO against the Soviet threat. Yet, this is not the whole story. Turkey’s membership was specifically wanted to siege the Soviets from the south.

Back then, Turkey, Iran (Shah period), Pakistan and Indonesia formed a southern zone spanning the Mediterranean and Pacific against Chinese and Soviet communism. These countries were positioned as fronts of the West’s security and interest map.

All countries in that zone are detaching from the West, because that’s the source of the threat!

That order has collapsed now. There is no Soviet Union, no Warsaw Pact, and no Chinese communism threat. In addition, all supra-national structures collapsed. The UN no longer has a mission. Even international agreements have become hollow.

Such are the power shifts the world is experiencing in the economic and political fields. The West has no chance left of building a unilateral world order. Four centuries later, it is undergoing a major change in power.

This being the case, no security perception or definition remains to retain countries like Turkey, Indonesia and Pakistan along the Western axis. If you notice, these three countries have started to determine their positions based on the new global-scale power maps and are moving away from the West axis.

NATO always treated us as ‘mercenaries’

In this case, pressure was applied on Turkey through terrorist organizations and NATO members; on Indonesia through Australia; and on Pakistan through India.

This is where NATO, in other words, the Atlantic powers who were once protecting their borders, started to turn into threats for these said countries. These countries that have been protecting the West for decades never found the West by their side during their own times of difficulty. Because they were all treated as “mercenaries,” and that is how these countries were positioned. Their sole duty was to preserve U.S. interests and ensure European security.

NATO’s new goal is to stop Turkey

Turkey has always been in the the same position for NATO. The alliance’s second biggest military power was mobilized for U.S. influence and Europe’s security, yet Turkey, which has never been able to see the alliance by its side while it fought terrorism for four decades, is now facing brand new realities.

NATO is now trying to protect Turkey from Turkey. In other words, it is trying to prevent it from turning to its own claims, turning to its history, its region, from consolidating power, from growing, gaining wealth, while trying to stop its independence.

NATO, which once upon a time staged coups in fear that “Turkey will shift towards the Soviets,” “it will leave our axis,” is now launching coups to “stop Turkey from turning to its own claims,” to “stop Turkey.”

NATO is now the primary threat for Turkey

The attack on July 15, 2016 is such an attack. All the interventions they have attempted for the last 15 years were made to this end. Plans to “siege” Turkey from northern Syria; plans to build that “front,” that “terror corridor” are all attacks in this direction.

Power-based siege plans in the Mediterranean, particularly in the East Mediterranean, are attacks in this direction. The weapon buildup through the U.S. in the Aegean, military bases in Balkan countries are all “siege” operations aimed at stopping Turkey.

Yes, we are NATO’s second biggest power. However, the very same alliance has become the “primary threat” against us.

All threats are coming from them, all terrorist organizations are affiliated with them

All terrorist organizations are supported by Turkey’s allies within NATO. They are the ones who founded Daesh, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and then cultivated them; they are the ones attacking Turkey through this organization. They are the ones who founded the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and launched the invasion in Syria through this organization.

Now, let us assume that Turkey is not a member of the alliance and step back to take a look at the security picture. All threats identified for Turkey today are NATO-based. They are all related to the alliance’s members. Make as many lists as you like, but it all equates to this.

Then, against which threat is NATO protecting Turkey? When has it ever supported Turkey? Never.

The monocentric world order has collapsed, then why do we have NATO?

So why do we have NATO? That too is ambiguous. After the Cold War ended, a monocentric world order was to be established under U.S. leadership, and NATO was going to function as U.S.’s substitute military. But that project has completely collapsed.

It was used for a certain period to ensure Western dominion in fields such as economic and technological intelligence, security, and a means of intervention on resources.

Now, if French President Emmanuel Macron is saying it is, “brain dead,” and U.S. President Donald Trump is saying, “I will cut its budget,” in other words, if even the U.S. and Europe are not on the same page regarding NATO’s future, why should we try to save the massive structure?

We should ‘honestly’ question, ‘Is it an alliance or threat for Turkey?’

Both the U.S. and Europe’s security doctrines, and their definitions of “threat” have changed. Discussions on NATO’s future are related to this change. But Turkey’s has radically changed already.

A new Turkey is being built. This is being done by astutely observing the power activities, economic and political equilibrium changes, the competition over resources and markets, and competition in the technology and the defense field worldwide.

Therefore, questions such as, “Why does NATO exist?” “What does it mean for us?” “Is it an alliance or threat for Turkey?” need to be asked.

This country cannot be entrusted to NATO’s bureaucracy! The new world cannot be discussed with archaic discourses

This country’s destiny can no longer be entrusted to the NATO bureaucracy, U.S. bureaucracy or lobbying circles. Turkey cannot be left to face a new NATO-based threat from the Aegean, the Mediterranean, or from any corner of the region.

A brand new world is taking shape. We cannot discuss this new world with an archaic discourse. We cannot perceive it with Cold War era perceptions. The alliance is going to fall apart after a while anyway. At least we will not remain under the wreck.

I know, the statement, “NATO is now Turkey’s primary threat,” seems terrifying for many. However, anyone who takes a step back and considers the origin of threats targeting Turkey without “prejudice and presumptions,” NATO, the power shifts, changes in axis will see such a picture.

I see a greater threat and stronger harbingers: A NATO intervention in Turkey.

4 yıl önce
NATO is now Turkey’s primary threat. Its goal is not to ‘protect’ Turkey, but ‘stop’ it. All terror organizations are linked to them. There may even be a NATO intervention! This country cannot be entrusted to NATO's bureaucracy! The new world cannot be discussed with an archaic discourse
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