No disaster in history has ever been this globalized. Countries, cities, nations have gone completely silent. We are anticipating never-before-seen shocks. The world used to be ruled by the Western order. That’s over now. We will no longer submit to their whims. The world will witness an incredible surge of power. Monitor Turkey closely!

İBRAHIM KARAGÜL,  Friday 11:16, 24 April 2020

Never in human history have we ever experienced a situation like this.

No such thing has ever happened in great wars, big disasters or major epidemics.

Countries have been devastated, cities have been burned down, people faced mass slaughters.

While one part of the country was at war, everyday life continued in another.

While some parts of the world experienced disasters, other regions lived as if nothing was happening.

While billions were starving, some countries pitied them as they themselves lived in debauchery.

While billions were living on the streets, some countries, some nations thought that death would never knock on their doors.

No disaster in history has ever been this globalized

It is unprecedented for half to world to be put on lockdown like this. No disaster has ever been thid globalized. The whole of humanity was never taken hostage like this.

People never immured themselves into their homes simultaneously in hundreds of countries, thousands of cities, hundreds of thousands of areas of settlement.

They were never this distant from the streets and each other; they were never so afraid.

No epidemic, no war, no fear spread to this extent from a small island in the Pacific to the tribes in the Amazon forests, from the world’s metropolitan cities to refugee camps, from the wealthiest countries to the poorest, from the most powerful to the weakest.

Countries, cities, people have gone silent. What happened to countries that had ‘unparalleled power’?

Countries, cities, people have gone silent. Mosques shut down; shrines shut down; all known gathering areas have been sealed shut.

Giant companies collapsed; some countries’ health system collapsed; all countries that were said to have “unparalleled power” have now been revealed, with all their weaknesses exposed to the world.

Everybody knows now that tankers, cannons, missiles, nuclear weapons, greed, plundering, exploiting nations and countries, invading them are not enough to secure even the lives of the people leading those countries.

Now, all of humanity is relentlessly fighting against an invisible enemy, a sly weapon, an attack that is totally targeting the human race.

Whether they be rich, poor, powerful, weak, arrogant, humble, those who want to possess the world and those who view life as short and insignificant, everyone is a part of the same fight.

Some are practicing patience, some provide treatment, some direct, some help

Some are silently involved in this fight, by practicing patience, taking measures, and protecting themselves.

Some are involved in this fight through management, organization, keeping people together, and preventing the state and society from collapse.

Some are working to produce a cure, treating patients, and preventing the virus from spreading.

Some are involved in this fight by helping those in need, providing aid, boosting social morale, becoming a bedrock for the people.

The human race is in this fight together, regardless of their ethnicity, religious background, social status, and financial status. The epidemic has globalized and so has the fight.

We will continue to succeed. Life will be breathed into cities once again

We are going to succeed. We are going to overcome this disaster. We stemmed the virus; a while later, we are going to completely stop the infection as well. We are going to learn how to treat those who have been infected.

We are already receiving signs in this regard. Its spread rate has slowed down worldwide. The number of cases and deaths in countries has started to drop. Very soon, we are going to be able to overcome it and leave our homes again.

Cities are going to liven up, streets are going to bustle, and social life is going to get back on track. Mosques, places of worship are going to open their doors once again. Production is going to go back to normal. Institutions are going to start to work. Individuals are going to beautify life all over again.

But we must learn a painful lesson: The ‘Old World’ must be questioned.

But we must learn a painful lesson.

Now, we must be aware of the fact that humanity has common enemies. We must pay attention to notions such as biological wars and bio-terrorism. We must learn to question states and companies’ irresponsibility.

We have to make sure that notions of the “old world” are not repeated. We have to prevent the known powers, alliances, the ruthless economic system, the colonial mindset that has been ongoing for centuries, the plundering of countries and their resources, the earth’s wealth from accumulating in with certain centers, the wars against nature and the planet, and its destruction.

The world as we know it has already changed and will continue to do without any input of ours. Change is the only choice.

World order was a Western order. Humanity will no longer submit

Humanity has lost its faith in the global order it believed and trusted – or was obliged to obey – until now.

It has seen that the charming world veiled by wealth and power were unable to meet even their most basic citizenship demands.

The images we have been seeing from the U.S. and Europe have completely wiped out these countries’ image, plausibility and credibility. These countries will no longer be able to drag humanity down; they will not be able to control the world.

The epidemic will also pave the way to never-before-seen changes.

Power and wealth are now going to change hands more rapidly than before. The West’s (Atlantic) global hegemony will never be established again.

What we have been calling the “world order” until now was the West’s order. The world was obliged to adhere to it. However, it will no longer bow down to their order.

Watch Turkey closely. The world is going to see an incredible power rise

Who will rise?

In which countries and regions will power and wealth accumulate? Who will be shaping the new world?

Monitor Turkey very closely. Watch it carefully.

Do not allow the “evil” discourses within to blind you.

Look at the world. Look at the shifts in power. Look at the changes in the earthquake effect.

You are going to see an incredible power rise post-epidemic.

You are going to watch a country rise and take its place among the founders of the future.

You are going to witness a “Turkey miracle.”

A history-making, region-building country is taking to the stage in the “central region.”

We will witness it all together – the whole world will.

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