Operation Peace Spring: Turkish political history’s most crucial geopolitical intervention... Those asking ‘What will US, Europe say’ are finished; the ‘internal invader front’ has collapsed. Desperation abroad, solidarity within. May God grant Erdoğan strength, our army victory

Regardless of what anyone says or how they interpret it, Turkey launched the biggest geopolitical intervention in its political history with the “Peace Spring Operation.” It negated all plans spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, aimed at “closing in on Turkey from the south,” and now, a century later, it upturned the table that was set to divide and share the country.

Regardless of who opposes and condemns this operation and to whatever extent, Turkey made the most important decision and took the biggest step that would both secure its own future and negate the map projects aimed at the region.

Regardless of who opposes and displays ignorance, Turkey once revived again the millennium-old political history on Anatolian territory. It took action with a mission that will carry the legacy of the Seljuks, the Ottomans, the Republic of Turkey to the next stage.

Those saying, ‘What will US, Europe say,’ those wanting to stop Turkey are finished

Regardless of the sort of “fronts” established within the country and by whom, regardless of who strives “in favor of a new mandate,” Turkey managed to once again activate its history-making, region-shaping mind.

Statements such as, “What will the U.S. say, what will Europe say, what will the Arab world say, what will Israel say,” are now related solely to the form of informational struggle, and has no deterring influence over major political decisions. Now, this is “Turkey’s new strength,” the collapse of the global plan aimed at “stopping Turkey.”

Regardless of who believes what, regardless of who tries to undermine these efforts, Turkey has stood up against being isolated in the region and banished from history for the second time after World War I. It has stood up against being confined within Anatolia and being shrunk there, and has managed to finish off all those who were a part of this plan.

It seems like ‘terrorism,’ but the world is behind it. The operation also collapsed ‘native invasion fronts’

Turkey, which is cornered from Iraq and Syria, from the East Mediterranean, from the Aegean, from the southern shores of the Black Sea, which is forced to surrender through the “native invasion fronts” within, which witnessed efforts to face the same fate as Syria through the July 15 coup attempt, managed to play the game of states, the game of powers in the best way possible, and carefully calculated the regional and global power operations.

Yes, the issue is terrorism. It is terrorism, which has been attacking our country from the north of Syria and making this country pay heavy prices for decades now. But the world is behind it. There is a multinational front, a Western coalition that has been utilizing terrorism, that has been battling with Turkey through the proxy war method, that has carried over the century-old showdown to the present, that is trying to negate Turkey’s new rising period through terrorism and all other means.

No map can be drawn without Turkey. No equation can be set without Turkey

Turkey appears to be fighting against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh, but it is, in fact, fighting this multinational front. This is the magnitude of the decisions made, the steps taken. It is much beyond the PKK, Daesh, and as a matter of fact, transcends the Syria war.

The force and mind standing against us with the U.S. established order, central European countries, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Israel is a global mind. This is the sort of mind and power Turkey is up against.

It is not possible to set an equation in this region by excluding Turkey – it will not happen. A map cannot be drawn that excludes Turkey – it will not happen. A power cannot be established without Turkey – it will not happen. Throughout history, both the rise and fall of this country has altered the region.

We never stepped back for a century. Trust this country’s mind, strength

We are going through another rising period; the region will again take shape according to the “rise of Turkey.” These steps that have been taken, in the most recent example, are the continuation of the Cyprus Peace Operation.

This is one of the examples of a country, which has never stepped back since the War of Independence, reversing history. This will be followed by rises in the East Mediterranean.

From now on, Turkey’s every action is going to cause regional tremors and global power shifts. Now, those who do not believe in Turkey, who do not believe in its power, its means, its mind and foresight need to believe too. Because this is the course history will take.

What happened to war mongering? Where is that secret hand now?

The calls for “intervention east of the Euphrates” for the last two years were accused of war-mongering by some. It was considered an ethnic attitude, an “extreme” idea. Certain people holding central positions on television, in newspaper columns, in bureaucracy found this idea “dangerous.”

They could not read Turkey, the world, the past and the future. They were casting roles for this country with their limited horizons – that could only see as far as a week before and a week after – and speaking through their hat.

They were trying to undermine and negate every statement by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with respect to the intervention. A “hand” inside and abroad was trying to paralyze Turkey, and they were propagating this idea, thinking it was their own.

The ‘grouchy man’ writing ‘articles warning Erdoğan,’ what do you have to say about all this?

History, the region, identity, this nation’s destiny has sidelined them now. We have reached the point we were meant to. Well, where are they?

The know-it-all man, who wrote warning articles to Erdoğan such as, “İbrahim Karagül has nothing to lose, what business do we have east of the Euphrates?” where are you?

Where are those who had embargoes imposed on television channels so I do not appear on television, saying, “This man is making spreading war propaganda, do not let him”? I was not the one you wanted to punish; what you wanted to hide was the trap set against this nation.

Intellectuals of this country must be smart, brave, concerned

This country’s intellectuals must be as smart and brave as its soldiers and politicians. They should be productive. They should not talk without any physical and mental effort. They should be familiar with history and the region and then contemplate the present and the future. Most importantly, they should have such a concern.

We said, “No country will be able to openly stand against Turkey, which launched an operation east of the Euphrates.” Well, was anyone able to do so? Where are they? They are not going to be able to do it from now on either. Such a thing is not possible in the current global power equation. This is not something cowards, those who do not believe in Turkey’s power, its axis can understand.

This is how we got to today

No country can defend itself at the zero point of its border. No country can remain indifferent to such a threat growing on its border. No country can thwart such a threat relying on alliance relations. No country can leave itself to another country’s or power’s initiative in such a situation.

No nation whose political history goes back centuries, millennia would act in such a manner.

Turkey is not acting in such a manner either. We are the way we are because we do not leave ourselves in the hands and at the mercy of others. This mind, this foresight, this political legacy is the greatest power we possess today.

This is no ethnic war but a uniting mind. They divided us for a millennium, we united

That entire corridor spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean is going to be purged. A Turkey zone, a peace zone is going to be built there. The uniting mind is going to become even stronger against those dividing the region. This mind is going to become even more rooted in our region in the upcoming years.

We are not fighting an ethnic war on these lands – we never did. For a millennium, it was always others that tried to divide us while we strove for unity. Today, again, it is others dividing while we strive to unite. The Arab world is fast collapsing, the region is being divided all over again. We are the only ones trying to unite and recover it. Who else is there that unites all ethnic elements in the region as much as this nation?

The Western political mind no longer exists in these lands. Erdoğan is the pioneer of that local political mind. This is what changed the power map

Those resorting to all sorts of enormity, including terrorism, have no reputability in these lands. The Western political mind no longer exists in this territory and has no future. Therefore, the mind in Turkey is now a regional mind, a regional conscience, a regional identity.

President Erdoğan is the pioneer, the bearer of that political legacy from the Seljuks, the Ottomans, and the Turkish Republic to the future. He is the leader of a rising era. He is the spokesperson of a history-making gene.

He came to today by fighting the world, those within, and the local and foreign tutelage. Such great obstacles were overcome both within and abroad to start the Peace Spring Operation. But that political gene, that political leadership was able to overcome all.

Desperation abroad, solidarity within. May God grant Erdoğan strength, our troops victory

The operation led to desperation abroad and a spectacular solidarity within. The desperation overseas is the result of Turkey’s clear articulation of its plans, and the solidarity within is the result of our nation’s faith. We must strengthen this faith and solidarity. Because as Turkey grows, so will the fight.

May God grant strength to Chief Commander Erdoğan, who took this historic decision and executed it and demonstrated to the world once more his admirable leadership and history-making power.

May God grant victory to all our troops on the front and the National Military of Syria fighting alongside them.

We owe them our support

We owe our support to our Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, who is running the operation, and his team; Presidential Communication Director Fahrettin Altun, who is striving to explain to the world Turkey’s rightful cause together with his team; and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and his team, who are struggling on the diplomacy front.

Our feet are fixed firmly on these lands. We will never falter. We are going to remain fixed here even if the world stands against us. Those who are devoted to this country are the founding generation of the new rising era.

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Operation Peace Spring: Turkish political history’s most crucial geopolitical intervention... Those asking ‘What will US, Europe say’ are finished; the ‘internal invader front’ has collapsed. Desperation abroad, solidarity within. May God grant Erdoğan strength, our army victory
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