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Salman and Zayed, the two Lawrences of the 21st century: They financed coups and terrorism, targeted Erdoğan, and were dealt a heavy blow in Afrin... This time they were caught red-handed! We are in the same place a century later.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed gave themselves away for the first time and got caught badly. The covert operations this duo conducted to date in many countries, from Yemen to Libya, Somalia to Saudi Arabia, boosted their self-confidence and caprice so much that they thought they could act as they pleased in the entire region.

After all, they were backed by U.S./U.K. intelligence, Israeli intelligence; they were working with them, and designing the region on their behalf. They were directing terrorist organizations on their behalf, designing Saudi Arabia’s internal politics in their name, controlling the money traffic on their behalf, providing workspaces for their field structures, and organizing assassinations on their behalf.

Plots to topple Erdoğan, and Salman and Zayed’s bosses

Turkey knew about this duo’s involvement in all attacks targeting it, which reached their peak on July 15, 2016, their volunteerism, their winning the bid for the multinational plot aimed at constricting Turkey within the region by creating a new wave of Arab nationalism, their active participation in local and foreign projects aimed at toppling President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and their undertaking of the dirty business of these plots.

But Turkey, which is aware of all the regional plans, did not take action according to this duo; it tried to become involved in what is happening and what will be happening with a more superior mind, and it was dealing more with Salman and Zayed’s bosses instead of them. Even the action taken against the covert actions targeting President Erdoğan were extremely calm, careful and cautious. Two out-of-control men wanted to provoke Turkey, but this was not allowed.

Lawrences of the 21st century, you can’t stop Turkey

Let’s be frank; Salman and Zayed are the regional representatives of the second design of the region after World War I. They are the Lawrences of our time. They have no care for Jerusalem, Mecca, Islam, history, or the region. While carrying on with the regional projects of others, they made attempts that would lead to even the destruction of Saudi Arabia.

They financed terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and even inside Turkey in accordance with this aim, provided weapons and cooperated in murders. They are the biggest financiers of the terror corridor in northern Syria. In their own way, they are trying to curb the Turkish influence. Yet, that project is not theirs, it belongs to others, and it is only one front of the plans to tear apart the Muslim world into pieces. They were given the order to "stop the Turkish expansion," and they believed this, and foolishly volunteered.

They targeted Erdoğan: Salman and Zayed received a big blow in Afrin

This is why it was Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed who received the heaviest blow in the Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations, not the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the U.S./Israel. Operations targeting the east of the Euphrates will deal even greater blows to them. Considering that even their bosses do not have enough power to deal with Turkey, taking into account the struggle put up in this area for a decade, everybody will see that Salman and Zayed's dirty plans will lead nowhere.

I know that this duo hurt President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan very badly. I know they committed great evils. I have been writing articles that draw attention to the danger for the past one-and-a-half years, while nobody even knew them yet. I wrote many times, "They will eventually slam into a brick wall, their end is going to be very bad." That is what is happening now.

They were making a new 'opposition' and 'intervention' plan in Turkey

These days, they were working with their Western bosses to form the infrastructure of a "new opposition and intervention" inside Turkey. Unfortunately, some of us, knowingly or unknowingly, fell into this trap, and are still unaware of it. Despite our country's great struggle, the great regional and global showdown we are going through, I felt the deep pain of some groups "from among us" drowning in petty plans and getting close to the scenarios in question.

The wind has now started to blow against them. Some things have been revealed with the disappearance of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi. From now on, we are going to follow this hidden agenda even more closely.

Two Trojan Horses got caught in the Khashoggi incident; it's the end of the road for them

They had planned to savagely kill an opposition writer in the middle of Istanbul and hurt Turkey, disrepute it, take revenge from Ankara, and stop Turkey from being an asylum for Arab/Muslim opposition. They messed it up and disgraced themselves. They could not even find the chance to hide their atrocity. They could not even fully apply the tactics of their boss, the Israeli intelligence.

Dozens of people, and planes and vehicles were mobilized for one person. They set up a trap for Khashoggi at their own consulate. But everything was revealed, they could not conceal it. Salman and Zayed's most trusted men, Israel's intelligence tactics, the murder experiences of Egyptian intelligence were not enough.

The two leaders, two Trojan Horses, the hitmen of the projects aimed at destroying the region have been caught red-handed. After the Khashoggi incident, their past sins are also going to be exposed. Their evils against Turkey and the region are going to be revealed one by one. Their murders, assassinations, covert operations, and money traffic are all going to be revealed.

Turkey got hold of an ace, and media management is perfect

Turkey, which has been maintaining its silence, wisdom and dignity until now, got a major ace to avenge the two leaders' crimes against itself and Erdoğan. It obtained a very effective piece of information against evil and enmity. I see that the U.S. and global media are providing extremely effective information regarding the incident.

Turkey is carrying out a very serious media/information management. The state is taking extremely careful and wise actions. It has perceived where this could lead, and how the incident will push Salman and Zayed. A mind management is in question.

The U.S. press and management, world media and political circles are going to push the two leaders quite hard. Perhaps it is the end of the dream for them. Crime files, claims, evidences, and discussions on international trials are going to start.

They are going to be slaves of their evil, Turkey must call them to account for this

Turkey must call Salman and Zayed to account for all they did in this way. It must ask them to pay for the crimes they committed against our country. Most importantly, it should show the way and give the opportunity to save the entire region from the evils of these two out-of-control men.

They think they can do anything with money and buy everyone. If not with money, they think they can continue on their path with threats, blackmail and murders. This time they will probably see that it will not happen that way. The end of the road has appeared for Salman and Zayed. Sooner or later they will hit the brick wall, and sooner or later they will become the slaves of their own evil.

Our files are ready! Everybody is in the same place a century later

Our file is ready. We are going to hold them responsible not only for the Jamal Khashoggi incident, but for many things, including the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, financing terrorism against our country, arming the PKK and Daesh, the war they are carrying on against our country in northern Syria, and their cooperation in multinational attacks, including the assassination attempt on our president.

They will learn what it means to deal with Turkey, to carry on a secret war against this country.

The Lawrences of the 21st century got into a showdown with Turkey, which is trying to unite the region. Everybody is in the same place a century later. But they miscalculated. A century later, we are rising, whereas they are collapsing. In other words, they are going to lose…

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4 years ago
Salman and Zayed, the two Lawrences of the 21st century: They financed coups and terrorism, targeted Erdoğan, and were dealt a heavy blow in Afrin... This time they were caught red-handed! We are in the same place a century later.
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