Seven countries will deploy troops to east of the Euphrates… Turkey will be sieged once more after a century… The situation is urgent, dire. The Syria intervention must be made immediately, or it won’t be possible ever again!

What will Turkey do if a "multinational force" is positioned east of the Euphrates River ever again? Will it have a chance to take a step, to fight against the rising danger in that region, and protect its borders? We must think of something quickly, we must immediately take action!

But why? What is happening?

The east of the Euphrates is a matter that concerns Turkey’s future. It is the most imminent and greatest threat for our country. Disrupting the will and action aimed at eliminating this threat, resorting to slyness in this direction, cooperating with certain countries in the region and the architects of the project to this end is just as much of a great threat.

Destroying the 'Turkey front' is an open fight for independence… This is the real ‘matter of existence’

Underestimating the systematically-built "Turkey front" threat spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, keeping it out of sight, neutralizing Turkey in the fight against this threat will lead to severe consequences for us.

The "corridor" project, whose Mediterranean gate was closed with the Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations is still there as is. The east gate, that entire zone is under the invasion of terrorist organizations and non-regional forces. Their intention is obvious - their target is, beyond dispute, Turkey. The defense of the country, guaranteeing its future in the current conjuncture lies in the elimination of this zone. This is the real matter of existence.

Sieging Turkey once more after a century

The promise that the U.S. is going to withdraw from Syria is nothing but a distraction. The Syrian war was launched for this project; it was planned to sever all of Turkey's ties with the Arab-Muslim world; "closing in" on Turkey entirely through its southern region has been taken as a basis. This is a siege plan. Everybody who was against us a century ago is now joining this siege.

In this state, fighting against the threat coming from the east of the Euphrates and this region which will further grow, is clearly a matter of perpetuity.

The principle I have been defending from the very beginning is that "no non-regional force or no terrorist organization should have control" over this zone. Any other possibility will mean Turkey’s destruction.

The matter is not a terror issue. There is a major destruction plan

The matter is not the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). It is not a terror issue either. Neither is it an ethnicity issue. There is a multinational invasion in this zone and this invasion is increasingly going to gain greater strength which will become beyond intervention.

A geopolitical plan that will expand from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, join the Caspian to the Persian Gulf in time, and expand to the east Black Sea region, is being implemented.

The Red Sea-Persian Gulf, Black Sea-Mediterranean corridors need to be considered seriously. The regions and points that terrorist organizations and multinational invasion forces are focused on need to be closely monitored.

The opposition front is in cooperation with the 'multinational invasion forces.'
This is critical!

Unfortunately some political circles in Turkey are making incredible efforts to keep this threat out of sight. The opposition alliance established for the March 31 local elections has no such agenda. Their approach and those of the groups in Turkey with which the multinational invasion front is cooperating overlap.

Turkey should have turned toward the east of the Euphrates immediately after the Afrin operation. It should have done this regardless of the consequences. It should not have heeded the distraction tactics. We know it is difficult, that the matter is very complex, that the Syria crisis is a regional and, as a matter of fact, a global crisis. But we need to know that we have no option other than to use "force to spoil the game" and that "the game is set up on the ground."

Local and foreign distraction tactics: Our minds are clear

Every intervention attempt was delayed by the same centers, the same groups, with different proposals and suggestions. Distraction tactics were implemented both domestically and from abroad. My mind is crystal clear regarding who did what with respect to this. Everything happened and continues to happen right before our very eyes.

It was known that a delay would "lead to fatal impossibilities." Now we are headed in that direction. We need an urgent initiative aimed at eliminating the greatest threat for our country's future.

Seven countries are going to send troops to east of Euphrates. What does this mean?

Now, with the regional support of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, a U.S.-led plan is being launched to position multinational forces in that zone. The U.K., Germany, France, Egypt and Jordan are also going to send troops.

During the anti-Daesh meeting in Washington, these seven countries held a separate meeting and made a joint statement. They announced this through the U.S. Department of State. If this happens, if the troops of seven countries are deployed east of the Euphrates, that is when the real danger for Turkey will begin.

They will soon start terrorist attacks and strike Turkey

They are never going to leave this region to Syria. They are never going to leave this region to Turkey's intervention. What they are protecting here is not the PKK - as thought. It is the transition to the final stage in shaping the map, in the multinational invasion.

Up until now, it was the U.S. in the zone, and from now, there are going to be seven countries. Turkey's hands are going to be tied. Do you know what will happen next? They are going to start the process of destabilizing Turkey from that "front."

You name it; terrorist attacks, internal political interventions, confining Turkey to the zero point of its border, cries calling it to "get out of Afrin" will all be made.

Whatever the consequence...

For years, we wrote in these columns that "This intervention must be made regardless of the consequence, even if it means suicide. An intervention will become more difficult with every delay." This end was clear, it was obvious that is was going to come to this from the very beginning.

This is why I said, "Turkey, Iran, Russia and, as a matter of fact, the Syrian administration might have to fight shoulder-to-shoulder against the foreign invasion in northern Syria."

The army must go tonight... This is it, there will be no other chance

The new countries deploying there is, beyond invading the north of Syria, a plan to leave Turkey defenseless, to block its defense lines, and render it unable to protect itself. That region is no longer a Syria matter. That region does not even belong to Syria anymore. That region is a front aimed at sieging Turkey.

There is only one more thing to do, one more step to take: Turkey's urgent and resolute intervention before the seven countries position troops in northern Syria, east of the Euphrates. If this is not done, it can never be done again. Then, we will see all together how the war is shifted all the way into Turkey.

The situation is critical. The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) must launch the intervention in Syria together with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) without even waiting another day - if possible, tonight.

Starting from Sivas again a century later… They're opening the Turkey front, wake up!

I am analyzing President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's messages from Sivas yesterday. I am contemplating the significance of starting from Sivas and making the same statements again a century later.

I see the magnitude of the danger and the fight. I am watching the gravity of it all, the carelessness and selfishness of some political circles.

Do you think these are election campaign speeches? Pay attention to the confusion caused by native invaders. Pay attention to this country's axis, to its political gene. Look at the region. Everything is crystal clear and in the open.

Seven countries deploying troops east of the Euphrates is the opening of the first front of the Turkey war. Wake up!

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Seven countries will deploy troops to east of the Euphrates… Turkey will be sieged once more after a century… The situation is urgent, dire. The Syria intervention must be made immediately, or it won’t be possible ever again!
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