​So what, are you going to launch a Crusade in Istanbul? İmamoğlu is a ploy, they're making plans to take over Istanbul... There's a great attack from abroad, a great betrayal from within. This time certain 'conservative politicians' have also been activated

Organized electoral fraud occurred in the March 31 elections.

A finely processed plot was staged through this theft.

A plan was made to promote the İmamoğlu project and take control over Istanbul.

A major trap was set against Turkey with a great attack from abroad and a great internal betrayal. This is a political intervention.

It is no different to the Gezi Park events or the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. Those foreign interventionists have established fronts within Turkey.

Unfortunately, this time certain conservative groups and politicians are also involved.

Whoever intervened during the Gezi Park events and July 15, their hitmen and advisers, those very same forces intervened in the election.

A scenario directed from abroad was staged using the networks of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). The Supreme Election Council (YSK) detected the electoral fraud upon the AK Party’s objections and demanded the elections be repeated. Take note, the elections are being re-run. In other words, it has been requested that a more meticulous, a sounder election be held this time. In this case, main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP)’s mayoral candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu did not win - because votes were stolen through organized theft.

He was even taught how to laugh, how to lie

This man’s candidacy and campaign were completely pre-planned by a certain group; every detail about him, from his smile to his speech, his poses for photographs, use of symbols and the statements he would make to his attire and his form of lying was studied and taught, hence the absolute conclusion of the project, the theft was also pre-planned.

İmamoğlu has no political identity. He is not even from the CHP. His CHP membership and the manner in which he tirades about Turkey have all been studied and are all part of a project. I do not think there is anything that is truly his.

This is a plan to take over Istanbul! It is in no way a municipal issue...

Efforts were made to stage a coup through the election. This was an Istanbul project. It was never a municipality issue. Those who failed to take over Istanbul on July 15 were going to be handed Istanbul this time. Those who made plans to detach Istanbul from Anatolia on July 15 had made the plan this time through the elections, through İmamoğlu.

An incredible operation was conducted for this extensive plan. An global project was being implemented and international experience and planning skills were being utilized for Istanbul.

Who threw tantrums, who threatened our country, who took 'note'?

İmamoğlu is the project of those who had fits upon the decision to renew the election. Whoever is competing - one after the other - to threaten Turkey, İmamoğlu is their project. Whoever has started threaten Turkey upon the top election body’s decision, the project is theirs.

The U.S. “took note,” Germany took note, the EU took note, Israel took note, FETÖ took note, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) took note, the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) took note, the Saudi crown prince took note, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) took note, and Mohammed Dahlan took note.

Those who are building up their military presence in the East Mediterranean took note. Those making front preparations in northern Syria took note. Those who started amassing weapons on the islands in the Aegean took note. Those equipping the Balkans with anti-Turkey bases took note.

Turkey’s 'conservative opposition' also started their denounciations

As if they were not enough, our "conservative opposition" took note. Some of those who appeared to be fighting on the lines of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) so far took action, and have started their castigation with a greater fury than even FETÖ, a greater temper than even the CHP.

They do not stop to think why on earth so many countries, so many forces would take action for İmamoğlu and threaten Turkey, waving their fingers at this country and its people.

What else do we need to realize that the election is not the issue, that the matter is not about becoming mayor of Istanbul? The multinational axis has taken action both within and abroad, because Istanbul is the issue - and after Istanbul, the rest of Turkey will follow. This is a multinational intervention method - it is the beginning of such an intervention; it is the ending of a history that has been ongoing since 1453.

'Native invader' issue

Sadly, certain groups I will never hesitate to call "native invaders" have joined the global alliance, what we can call the campaign for Istanbul. Today, we are once more witnessing what we did in World War I and the Battle of Independence.

A multinational alliance has formed against Turkey. A new chapter has started in the fight that we have been putting up in Anatolia for a thousand years. I guess we will all see very soon what these are. We are going to bear witness many surprises.

Gül's statement, İmamoğlu's shadow, political exhaustion...

Those figures who became prime minister and president with the support of AK Party voters, their acting in alignment with this multinational alliance strictly due to political plans, taking part in an intervention scenario has completely destroyed their credibility. Their choice to take a share from multinational scenarios instead of producing political theories, instead of earning a place in the people's hearts, is a great political exhaustion.

The statement by Turkey's 11th president, Abdullah Gül, was an outburst within the context of the "intervention." It was only unfortunate on his own account. Because surrendering to the wind and tagging along has struck a serious blow to Gül's political identity.

Opportunism and taking position in accordance with the foreign waves approaching do not leave a good impression on our people's consciences. An illusion, a shadow was formed through İmamoğlu, and they all took shelter in that shadow. What a shame.

Whose flag is the conservative opposition carrying?

Whether it be politicians, a member of the media or nongovernmental organizations, they all seem to be tagging along behind the İmamoğlu project. They have no political theory of their own. As it is obvious whose project İmamoğlu is, whose flags they're carrying also becomes blatant.

Then, I guess there is a problem in considering them in the front of “those intervening in Turkey.” The reason behind the “conservative opposition” and “conservative intervention” warnings I started making two years ago is now clear for all.

The ‘Relentless Resistance’ will further intensify. What is going to happen?

There will be very harsh and coordinated attacks targeting Turkey from the U.S., Europe, Israel, Arab regimes and the alliance within. İmamoğlu and the municipal elections on June 23 will be used for a major Istanbul attack. We now know who is on the Turkey axis and the multinational axis.

The matter is very deep; it is a Turkey project being implemented through Istanbul. The matter is a new tutelage, new slavery intervention. Then, the “relentless resistance” will further intensify.

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4 years ago
​So what, are you going to launch a Crusade in Istanbul? İmamoğlu is a ploy, they're making plans to take over Istanbul... There's a great attack from abroad, a great betrayal from within. This time certain 'conservative politicians' have also been activated
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