The Erdoğan-Putin summit will disentangle the mess in the region. The US has never given up on the ‘terror corridor.’ Those who strike us with the PKK and Daesh want a new Turkey-Russia crisis…

İBRAHIM KARAGÜL,  Wednesday 10:08, 23 January 2019

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is set to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin today in Moscow. Surprising developments have taken place since the plane crisis carried out through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which aimed to sabotage the possible rapport between Turkey and Russia and almost led to war.

So much so that these developments have shaken the regional equilibrium and deeply impacted Turkey’s regional and global ties.

However Moscow and Ankara have taken most tangible steps together since the Syrian civil war began and sent those planning a war packing. Those drafting maps through Syria, those wanting to siege Turkey through Syria, setting up great regional traps with the “terror card” and, most importantly, those who have been implementing one of the phases of the scenario to “Stop Turkey” via Syria have fallen into a great void.

They wanted to move the Syria war to Turkey; that was the plan

All regional initiatives that would alleviate Turkey’s regional concerns took shape with Erdoğan and Putin’s summits and reflected on the field.

Turkey gaining prominence as a sovereign state is directly connected to its ability to handle the complex network of relations it established with the Atlantic alliance, and the world’s rising and central powers. In this context relations with Russia strengthened Turkey’s hand and contributed in pacifying threats from the south.

The Syrian war was never about the Syrians, nor was it about the Damascus regime. It was all part of the regional plan that has been ongoing since the 1991 Gulf War.

The Iraq invasion in 2003 was the most important step in all of this. The Syria crisis that followed was the most important step in moving the war to Turkey.

These were all carried out through Turkey’s lapses, by force, or through projects vying for legitimacy within the country.

Turkey’s biggest threat comes from the Atlantic axis! They struck us with PKK and Daesh

Turkey was one of the most important members of the Atlantic alliance in addition to being the region’s main front and force.

However in time it has become clear that this alliance’s regional concessions became the closest and greatest threat to Turkey.

After the Syrian war began, we realized that the real plan was to divide this country and draw a new regional map.

It had become blatantly clear that this map encompassed Turkey too. The fact that our allies overtly and audaciously attacked us with Daesh and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror organization led Turkey to re-evaluate and redefine its security concerns.

They want ties with Russia to sour

Our country’s rapprochement with Russia helped thwart all these threats. If we had leaned toward the U.S., Israel or our regional allies, Operation Euphrates Shield, the Afrin intervention and the Idlib agreement would have been out of the question.

No matter to what extent the dominant U.S. lobbies in Turkey muddy minds, the rapport between Erdoğan and Putin is the most crucial factor for Turkey’s security concerns as the greatest tangible results have been achieved during their meetings.

Now a new situation has emerged after Trump announced that troops would “withdraw” from Syria. The deep U.S. state, Israel and some regional countries, along with some circles inside the country, are making extraordinary efforts in an attempt to negate and nullify this withdrawal.

As they strive to achieve this, they want to find an opportunity to sour Turkey’s ties with Russia; and when the U.S. attempts a new coup, they are working to render communication with Russia ineffectual.

Erdoğan and Putin’s rapport is a guarantee for the region’s future…

The U.S. has never made good on its word regarding Syria. It is behind every plot that has struck and threatened Turkey. And so it will continue to be so. It will be of no help in eliminating the threats in Manbij and east of the Euphrates River in Syria. On the contrary, it will prove detrimental. Someday soon we will see that its current moves are nothing but a stalling tactic.

It is essential for us that the trust between Ankara and Moscow remains strong. Erdoğan and Putin are leaders who will disentangle all the messes in the region. They are two leaders who can yield tangible results not just in Syria but across the troubled region. Hence, Erdoğan’s Moscow visit is crucial, especially as the new U.S. process kicks into gear.

Nothing is more important than this…

I am of the opinion that it won’t be just us but the entire Western world who will be closely watching this progression. Because the decisions taken here will be directly reflected on the field.

Know that whomsoever says, “Ties with the U.S. have been restored, we no longer need Russia” is a part of the plan to embroil Turkey in new conflicts. Turkey’s southern borders are our priority. This is imperative and no regional plan, no internal political gain is more important. Let’s wait and see what happens today. We will be watching from Moscow.

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