The plan to destroy Turkey: Military intervention is a must

The flood of Turkmen and Arab people piling up at the zero point of our borders, forcing the wire fences and trying to seek refuge in Turkey is not only an indicator of a humanitarian tragedy. Tomorrow this flood will perhaps pour hundreds of thousands from Aleppo to Turkey. A formidable flood of people and a tragedy will reach levels which will appall the Turkish society.

Even then we will perhaps adopt attitudes which lack the recognition of the truth we had previously predicted and highlighted. We will handle it as a humanitarian tragedy, and resist understanding the scenario behind it, and the deep demographic and geopolitical calculations.

We will even be incapable of understanding the fact that even the hypocrisy of those who opposed the entry of Syrians yesterday –based on classist disdain- and say “open the doors" today is a part of this comprehensive project. And that the state mind behind Turkey had been taken hostage, and that there exists a regional planning which is being imposed upon our nation and country.

Ethnic cleansing was planned before the elections

The truths which we had discussed on whether or not the U.S. military should use Turkey as a base during the occupation of Iraq are yet again in front of us today. U.S. troops consisting of thousands would be placed along the Northern Iraq-Mediterranean corridor. Back then, they were being deployed on the Turkish side rather than the Syrian side. The planning was based on the principle of creating a zone between Northern Iraq-Mediterranean along Turkish soil. The calculations were evident. They have been in front of us since 2003.

The current situation of Syria is evident. An extremely susceptible setting exists. Almost all organizations fight for a place. This time, the project is served through the outlawed PKK's Syrian wing. When? Even before the elections were carried out, the moment some circles sensed that Turkey would have a coalition government, Northern Syria would neutralize Turkey, cut all of its ties with the South, and speed up operations which would open the Northern Iraq-Mediterranean corridor. An astounding demographic planning is being started, as well as deportation and ethnic cleansing against the Turkmens and Arabs.

Two extremely dangerous plans exist

At the same time, this is perhaps the last stage of the strategy to contain Turkey, to reset it in the countries it has reached in the past decade, and to re-confine it to the borders of Anatolia. In some way or another, there is a circle inside Turkey which acts like a winding clock and has been marketing the containment movement as Turkey's unsuccessful policies, for years. Pay attention to the fact that the same circle has started to make a fuss and said “open the borders right away" today.

Since when did you like Arabs and Syrians? That's not the case, as they carry out the operations within the country to contain the country from the outside, to weaken it from the inside, and to bring it under tutelage again. The success of their political engineering –to a great extent-, which they implemented prior to the elections, had increased their courage, as they seemed to have achieved the results they anticipated but failed to achieve during the Gezi riots and the December 17 coup attempt operation.

The inner setting of exterior containment will be created over these results. Perhaps they will push for a coalition which will leave the AK Party out, by forming a government with the Republican People's Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), supported by the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP). If they achieve this, they will have obtained two results: firstly, they will be able to eliminate Turkish nationalism, dishearten it and defuse it. The MHP will be drained away. Secondly, they will complete the Turkey part of the project by using the weak coalition inside to ensure that containment from the outside is successful.

Take a look at the map, and the coalition work

Take a careful look at two things: The maps of the neighboring regions and coalition work. You will see a colossal coordination and similarity between the two, and realize that the focus of both is to stop Turkey. If you look at the discourse which was started right before the elections and became the strongest voice following the elections, you will be able to comprehend what is planned in Northern Syria, where the U.S. stands regarding this issue, what type of a domestic politics is desired to be designed inside and again where the U.S. stands regarding this issue.

A process is being started, which seeks revenge of the era of an enormous rise which had continued in the past decade. This is a revanchist, ruthless punishment era. The revenge is prepared outside of Turkey and is served through the political and media circles inside. And we perceive this as an issue for Turkey.

The new Trojan horse and Turkey's destruction

If a weak coalition period takes place inside, and in the case that the CHP-MHP coalition –where the HDP supports them- which I refer to as the “Sisi Coalition" succeeds, we will be under fire from all sides. The national powers of Turkey will be eliminated. We will become a country which is besieged and does not even have the energy to look up. Be careful, the project which targeted stability inside used Kurdish nationalism. The last stage of the containment movement from the outside is also served through Kurdish nationalism. The PKK is used as a Trojan Horse in both scenarios. Unfortunately the opposition in our country is far from these realities. They are not even in a state to comprehend what the Tal Abyad incidents actually mean. While it would be sufficient for them to solely look at the map, they are quite pleased with some people serving this as a “humanitarian tragedy." They do not have any predictions about the next step, or any concerns. Such lack of prudence and foresight will destroy this country.

Not a zone, a front against Turkey is formed

Following the creation of a buffer zone along the Northern Iraq-Mediterranean corridor to our south, Turkey's hand will not reach beyond the Akçakale border. It will not be anywhere in the Middle East. All of its connections with the Arab world will be cut off. This is the calculation.

However, the situation will be even worse thereafter. This zone will be the last step directed towards destabilizing Turkey, to push it to civil war again, and to disintegrate it. While escaping sectarian wars, Turkey will be pulled into ethnic wars again. To the south of the buffer zone will be no power but Iran, the same way in Iraq…

When this zone project is successful, an anti-Turkey front extending along the Syrian border will be constructed. The next step of this will be to attack Turkey through this front. This is the last stage of the containment movement. Following this stage we will discuss whether we will be able to save our own future or not.

If the newly shaped government in Turkey is also adjusted in line with this scenario, what a pity for Turkey! Turkey should immediately interfere in the plans for a buffer zone. It should engage in military intervention if necessary and protect itself. Because a front which directly targets Turkey is being created. Tomorrow will be too late.

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