There's a 'Crusader invasion' in the east of Euphrates. We will all fight together one day!

With Turkey falling into a financial difficulty, the crisis especially being imposed from abroad and coming with political waves, and the desire to rapidly spread a kind of psychology of fear among the public with regards to the crisis, has once more brought us face to face with a classic method of "forcing us inward again."

Even though we don’t remain indifferent to the developments in our south, even though we got a great result for Idlib, even though we are aware of the U.S.'s procrastination in Manbij, even though we strengthen the connection with U.S. finance groups and seek a stronger economy with Europe, and turn toward rising economies especially in Asia, we will be so domestically occupied that we may even watch some things slip out of our hands.

They set up a trap for us again. We need to be strong once again

Right at this point, we need to pay greater attention at what is happening locally and in our vicinity these days and, even if we are having difficulties, we are obliged to keep our eyes on abroad, avoid being blinded, and challenge those who want to blind us. Because whether political or economic, whether it is domestic or related to foreign intervention, the solution to every trouble we face internally is to take action externally and, despite everything, expand further abroad.

Because the zeitgeist, the conjuncture, and the new global power movement are pushing us in this direction. The strong one will win and it must win once more.

Because, whenever we focus on the inside of the country, whenever we are obliged to this, extraordinary developments take place around us and our interventions are thus prevented. We become unable to do anything. We watch hopelessly and until it happens, we struggle on the domestically.

This is how the last decade passed

Whenever extraordinary developments are about to take place in our region, there’s always something to introvert Turkey. All our attention, energy and resources are wasted internally.

This is sometimes terrorism, sometimes a political crisis, sometimes the Gezi Park incidents, sometimes July 15 and sometimes an economic crisis. But something definitely happens. Take a look at the last decade; look at what has happened in Turkey right before radical changes in our region. There will be a long list; you will have a decade-long unofficial but true history in your hands.

The east Euphrates plan is behind the economic storm

What will come after the economic storm today? A lot. Those who want to "stop Turkey," are going to take faster action for the plans they re-activated in our south. And this is the east of the Euphrates. This is the real reason behind the Syrian war: this "map." It is one of the most important parts of the design for the whole region.

Turkey closed the West doors of that terror corridor with the Afrin and Euphrates Shield operations and its latest Idlib success. Right now, the real reason behind the Syria issue is going to come to our table. The U.S. and its ally the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) are making the final preparations of a garrison state.

They are going to turn the whole of southern Turkey, from the Euphrates to the Iranian border, into a front. They are going to establish a buffer zone between Turkey and the Arab world. They will have completed tomorrow's "Turkey front." They are going to strike us for decades from this area. This is where they are going to divide the region from.

Why isn't anybody saying anything?

Once this corridor is completed, the east of the Euphrates is completed, they are going to open a different front. They are going to get to a new stage of the big plan and produce excuses to divide other countries. This has always been the case since the 1991 Gulf War and will continue to be this way.

No country seems to say a word about the east of the Euphrates. Countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia are pouring money for the garrison state here. The U.S. and Israel are getting these countries to finance the project. When discussing the Syria issue, not a single objection is risen, even as much as Idlib, for one-third of the country that is under invasion.

Why do you think this is the case? Who is running this mental siege? Why is the focus always on other regions and this one disregarded?

This plan must be ruined, the map prevented, and everybody be mobilized

The real Syria war is just starting. It is going to start. A huge showdown is going to start - and it should - in eastern Euphrates, which is a growing threat for the entire region.

This plan must be ruined, the map prevented and this invasion ended to prevent the "Crusader plunder." The price of economic attacks should not be to be sieged from the east of the Euphrates; we should refrain from surrendering to attempts aimed at forcing us to this and leaving us quiet and idle.

Regardless of their political background, everybody is obligated to take an attitude against this invasion, to fight against it, to watch out for the danger and activate Turkey and the entire region. Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq and other countries as well as masses in the region are obliged to take action against this horrific plan. There is no excuse for keeping quiet, because it will have a very heavy price.

Intervention is obligatory and this is a war of independence

Do not allow them to distract Turkey with Manbij. Because they are using this as a "card" and buying time. They will later withdraw from Manbij, because the plan in the east of the Euphrates will have been completed. We overcame all crises by challenging them and knew how to turn this into victory.

We owe it to our country to intervene in two or three areas from the Iranian border to the Euphrates Shield, regardless of the price - this is a national struggle.

Because this is no longer a Syria issue; it is a Turkey issue, the issue of the future of the region. All efforts aimed at discrediting this idea in Turkey and remaining silent to what is happening in the east of the Euphrates are extensions, a part of the big invasion.

Do not forget: The U.S./PKK invasion in this region is a "Crusader invasion." All the peoples and states of the region are obliged to fight this invasion. Because it is a fight for the homeland for everyone. And this will happen. One day or another, even those who seem to be against each other are going to be seen fighting shoulder to shoulder against the invasion in that region. This is likely, and it should not be regarded as strange.

They are trying to introvert us with economic attacks aimed at blinding us. We must not be defeated by this. We must never fall into this trap. The danger is great and the Syria war will happen again in this region. Therefore, regardless of what anybody says, I am making an open call to intervene in the east of the Euphrates to prevent greater losses.

5 years ago
There's a 'Crusader invasion' in the east of Euphrates. We will all fight together one day!
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