They will make you dance in Taksim Square!

Major Arslan Kulaksız in Malazgirt and Specialist Sergeant Ziya Sarpkaya in Şemdinli were martyred. Our police are being executed in their homes. People are being killed in every corner of Turkey, and while some survive with injuries, construction equipment is being set on fire by terrorists, who desire to completely take the country hostage.

This situation is not only an issue of terrorism in the strict sense. This is not only an issue of the PKK. This is a comprehensive work that has been initiated against Turkey's existence, directed towards destroying its future. All terrorist organizations are assembling under a single roof. All ideological groups are pushed to the front over ethnic and sectarian identities. A colossal attack against Turkey's existence is in question.

Don't forget; the attacks started before Turkey's military operations. The peace process which lasted for a long time has been exploited by the ambitions of some, and has amounted to nothing. Some closed the path to peace in this country. A grand plan was implemented to bring the country which obtained tremendous leaps in recent years to its knees. Those who desired to paralyze Turkey came about marketing this through hostility over the AK Party and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

This is an attempt to occupy from within

Those who brought identity-centered politics –which was started with the work before the June 7 elections- to the Parliament had already planned the second phase of this as an armed conflict. A malicious plan, which would be served to us as a Turkish-Kurdish conflict and Alevi-Sunni conflict to pull Turkey into a manageable sphere again, to confine it to the borders of Anatolia again, and to bring it in a position to not be able to raise its head because of civil conflict, has been enacted.

For this reason, they transfer the storm of chaos around us into Turkey. The political engineering is conducted over some capital circles inside, their grandfathers outside, and terrorist organizations.

For days, I had written warnings about “The occupation from within,” “The malicious axis established in Turkey,” “The relationship between the Northern Region and some capital circles” because of this. The description of terrorism in its strict sense will blindfold us these days. There are things that we need to discuss in a broad sense, in the perspective of a Project for Turkey.

That group backs up the PKK

Those who bring the PKK, DHKP-C, MLKP under a single roof and train them in the same camps have a different calculation about Turkey. Before that, the “power maker” circles of Turkey are behind these. For this reason, when focusing on organizations, bombing mountains and camps, carrying out operations against terrorist groups inside, the “state mind” needs to focus on the power makers of this past, and the public must be informed about this grand plan.

Those who attempted to turn our country into Ukraine through the Gezi Park incidents, and those who attempted to turn it into Egypt through the December 17 coup attempt are attempting to turn Turkey into Iraq and Syria through ethnic and sectarian disintegration. Those who took the DHKP-C under their wings and promoted it and made sympathetic publications over these organizations are taking the PKK under their wings the same way today, making the PKK attacks seem innocent, and doing all they can to camouflage the terrorist attacks and murders.

If you look at the publications of the same group during the Gezi Park and the current period, you will see that they are utilizing the same methods, language, and the same understanding of publication.

The place where they are standing means treason to the homeland

They have sided with terrorism against Turkey. Their only activity is not promoting Selahattin Demirtaş. They should explicitly be defined as the power behind terrorism. Furthermore, where they are staying today is an obvious position of “treason against the homeland” against Turkey.

They had wanted to re-capture their “power maker” positions by exploiting the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and the PKK, by provoking Kurdish nationalism. Those who hate the Kurds have attempted to take Turkey under inspection through the Kurds. An “inner invasion axis” has been established in Turkey, and this axis wants to reach its goals through weapons, organizations and terrorism. They had waged this struggle for years, but for the first time they are cooperating with terrorism and are carrying out an open armed struggle against our country.

Now the PKK's ropes are in Qandil's hands, not in İmralı (where the PKK's leader Abdullah Öcalan is imprisoned). It is in the hands of this “axis.” Their corporate headquarters have turned into the headquarters of the PKK and other terrorist organizations. Planning is made here, and marketing is also made in these places.

Demirtaş is only a figure, a tool of marketing. He is not a man of intellect, nor is he a man of politics. He is only a picture frame. This pathetic man makes calculations about political prosperity through the role appointed to him by his patrons. But he should know that they will crush him up and throw him away when they see fit.

They will make you dance in Taksim square

We know that this country is the last stronghold of the region. It is not time to speak with fancy sentences, intellectual show business, and fake opposition poses. The patriotic children of this country will continue to say the truth, fight for their country and set their hearts on the country, at the cost of their lives. This struggle will especially be made against hypocrisy, political fraud, the actual forces behind terrorism, inner invasion and the oligarchs.

It must not be forgotten that this country is not Iraq, Syria or Egypt. When the deep reaction is mobilized, the owners of those headquarters which administer terrorism today could be forced to wear a skirt and dance in the middle of Taksim Square, and be exposed to the country. Because their malevolent plans will explode in their faces.

Map drafts should be interfered

The situation that Turkey is facing is not a terrorist threat in the narrow sense. Regional plans started to be reflected on Turkey. The Northern Syria region, the demographic regulation in that region, and ethnic cleansing is conducted because of this. All of the country's connections with the South, and the Arab/Islamic region are taken under control. Meanwhile, the supporters of terrorism inside are pushed to the front with a few energy tenders.

For this reason, Turkey needs to come up with a permanent response to those map drafts. It needs to get involved in a rigorous manner to the identity-based conflict preparations inside, the alliances established in this regard, the administration of these alliances, the front projects, and the plans –started in its south- to suffocate and paralyze the country, and to take an initiative, and make plans towards the future rather than the present.

Patience has turned into a weak point

They want Turkey to turn the Kurds, Arabs and Alevis into enemies. Those who do this also set a disastrous trap for the Kurds. They are pushing the Kurds to the front against the Turks and Arabs. A terrible animosity is being built. One should not fall into this trap.

It should not be forgotten that the implementations to our south and the efforts to build a front inside are pieces of the same scenario. Permanent strategies should be determined against the organizations -which are turned into “Trojan horses”- and the powers behind them, without falling into the trap of ethnic hostility, or sectarian disintegration.

If the operations that proceed today are left without changing the regional power map, everything will resume, and there will be no other chance left for intervention in the map drafts. Turkey has been watching the developments in the region with patience since 2003. However, this patience has now turned into a weak point. And now that weak point is now putting the borders of the country at risk.

Near threat, that grand front

The push has come to shove, and far threats have turned into near threats. The first step after this has the potential to push the country into instability, and to make it similar to any other state in the region. If this is the case, then it is necessary to move the threat –which has approached our borders- to way beyond our borders. The other side of our borders needs to be completely cleared off of terrorist organizations.

I am speaking openly; Turkey will suffer the biggest problems along the Syrian borders. The PYD/YPG corridor that is attempted to be extended from Northern Iraq to the Mediterranean will turn into hundreds of kilometers of anti-Turkey front. ISIL is in a narrow region and they are planning to place the opposition forces in that region.

YPG should also be included under the scope of the operatio

Demographically, the PYD control in all regions where Kurds do not live should be lifted. The population should be turned into its essential condition, and the control of such a long border by an organization should be prevented. If necessary, they should use force to push the YPG out of those regions, and the operations should be extended towards the YPG.

After this stage, patience and weakness have turned into a great luxury. There is no longer a step forward. Because in that step forward, there is a divided Turkey!

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9 years ago
They will make you dance in Taksim Square!
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