This country is known as ‘Great Turkey’ across the world, and those ‘last troublemakers’ within have no way of stopping it. This is not a matter of domestic politics but an ‘internal siege’

İBRAHIM KARAGÜL,  Monday 10:58, 01 February 2021

They say, “Turkey is rebuilding the Ottoman Empire.”

Turkey is moving away from the West and drawing its own power map.

Turkey is turning the East Mediterranean into its own basin. Along with its fully strengthened fleet and other defense tools, it is intervening in the plots in the East Mediterranean, foiling plans and setting its own game.

Turkey is building its own front against the Western bloc. It is laying the foundations of a regional partnership. It is developing a new political climate with Muslims, with Arab peoples.

Turkey changing the earth’s axis

Turkey is cracking down on the French effect, its colonial influence in all of Africa. It changed the power balance in North Africa with the Libya intervention. It gained incredible areas of influence in North, Central and East Africa, causing panic among the centuries-old colonial powers.

Turkey is developing a new political wave, a new political identity, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. It is raising both regional and global objections, making suggestions, leading, and proposing models. This activity on the earth’s main axis is shattering all the previous power models of the world.

Turkey now connecting Anatolia, Central Asia

Turkey changed the geopolitics in the Caucasus with the Karabakh war. It severed the U.S.’ and Europe’s ties with the Caucasus. Now, it is instead connecting Anatolia and Central Asia. This connection in the economic and security fields may evolve into political partnerships over time. This may thus lead to a major tremor, from the Caucasus to Central and South Asia.

Turkey’s interventions in northern Syria not only helped eliminate its most critical security problem, moving likely threats outside its border, but it also eliminated all other threats that are likely to emerge from the south. Turkey’s intervention in Syria proved that no regional project can be implemented against Turkey or by excluding it.

Turkey is no longer dependent on foreign states; it is setting up its own ‘great game’

Turkey is no longer a country that can be placed under the influence of the U.S., Europe, or any other great power. It is setting up its own “great game,” playing in the major league, and taking position on the battlefield and at the diplomacy table with this power and role.

Turkey is taking steps towards incredible innovations in the economy, data revolution, and especially in the defense field. It is overcoming dependence in every field. It is building a powerful awareness in this field.

As many countries crashed and burned during the pandemic, Turkey presented a surprising ability to organize and fight. It outshone numerous European and developed countries with its fight against the pandemic, its health system, its local vaccine operations, and its procurement of the vaccine developed in the world.

None of this is ‘exaggeration’

There is a long list of these opinions, analyses, and claims.

We are not the ones saying these. This is not us exaggerating. It is not our excitement or imagination. They are saying it; they are discussing it; they are writing it.

These are the statements and evaluations we ready daily in European media, U.S. media, Middle Eastern media, Asian media. The number of articles worldwide seeking answers to the questions, “What is Turkey trying to do, what is on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s mind?” have increased to such an extent that the majority of discussions are not even reflected to the country.

This does not even include European countries’ “Turkey is intervening in our domestic affairs” statements, and certain countries’ extreme claims like, “Turkey has started to arm space as well.”

But there is a reality. The world is trying to get used to the “Great Turkey” perception; it is trying to become familiar with it, figure it out and identify it.

‘Anti-Turkey front’ built in Syria, in Mediterranean, in the Middle East. But all three collapsed…

They are not only talking.

They built an “anti-Turkey front” in northern Syria. The U.S., European countries, certain Arab countries and terrorist organizations cooperated in a “war against Turkey.” They failed and the front collapsed.

They built an “anti-Turkey front” in the East Mediterranean. European countries, the U.S. and certain Arab countries launched attempts to siege Turkey from the East Mediterranean and the Aegean; they tried to camouflage this alliance with “Mediterranean gas.” However, the efforts to siege and stop from the West have failed and collapsed for now.

They built an “anti-Turkey front” from Arab/Muslim countries. They provoked the whole Arab world against Turkey through United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. They were apparently preparing for the “Iran threat,” but in reality, a plan was made to isolate Turkey in the region.

They carried out despicable, bloody, dirty wars

This front, which takes action with the instructions barked by U.S., Europe and Israel, carried out relentless attacks, from supporting terrorist organizations to orchestrating a financial coup, from the July 15 invasion attempt to the Caucasus kerfuffle, and everywhere in the region that Turkey has a presence. This was a despicable, bloody and dirty war.

Bin Zayed and bin Salman made a huge mistake with this plan that was tasked to them. They targeted Turkey, a country that would support Arabs in their toughest times.

So, what happened? They are struggling now. The Gulf countries ended their embargo against Qatar. Together they are giving messages of “rapport with Turkey.” They are trying to mend ties. The “Gulf front” has collapsed.

The primary aim of all these fronts was to “stop Turkey.” They failed. They will grasp the fact that they can never stop it.

‘Topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey.’ This is not a matter of domestic policy but an ‘internal siege’

The discussions on Turkey in the West and the East are also discussions about Erdoğan. This is because both Erdoğan’s and Turkey’s rise are one and the same. That is how they identify it as well.

They know that it is Erdoğan’s leadership that brought Turkey to its current position. Hence, they are insistently implementing the “Topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey” plan in every area.

But the wind is blowing against them, working in favor of Turkey.

This is what we are unable to explain within! This is our reality on which an intense blinding operation is carried out through the “internal front.” We have to eliminate these blinding efforts and find a way to convey the truth.

Therefore, the struggle will start within. What we are facing is not a matter of domestic politics but a matter of “internal siege.”

‘Great Turkey’ perception in the world, ‘last troublemakers’ within…

We now know that some parties, opposition leaders, terrorist organizations, “influence chambers,” plans and lies are controlled and directed for this purpose.

Nobody should dare take lightly the intellect and resistance of Turkey, a country that has so much impact on the world.

The “great Turkey” perception is becoming established worldwide. The “last troublemakers” within cannot stop this, regardless of the plans and projects they implement. We cannot sacrifice big plans for small games.

They are eventually going to have to accept this. Those who are unable to do so will miss out on Turkey’s reality, rise, the world and history.

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