Those responsible for the Ottoman Empire’s collapse are selling off Turkey today. This is the ‘final defense.’ We will not surrender to Gurkhas!

The abduction of 13 Turkish citizens, their imprisonment and then execution in a cave in Iraq, and the U.S. arming that very organization, forces us to make a deadly decision. Will we surrender the great Turkey to those who want to discipline it and make it surrender through terrorism, or will we build a greater Turkey, even if it means taking on the world? This is the only fight, only showdown, only conflict both at home and abroad! This is the main political front in Turkey.

Those responsible for the Ottoman Empire’s collapse in the past are now selling off Turkey

Those who stand with and against Turkey…

Those who want lend strength to Turkey and those who want to shrink it…

Those who want to doom the country to the 20th century all over again and those who carried the political legacy of centuries to the 21st century…

Those who built the Turkish Republic and those who destroyed the Ottoman Empire…

Those who want to build a region of prosperity and those who want to continue the colonial regime…

Those who are affording Turkey prominence in the new global order and those who want it to remain as a “front country”…

Those who made “intellectual breakthroughs” in information and technology and those who burn down aircraft factories…

Those whose hearts beat for Turkey, those whose hearts beat for the US, Europe…

Those who want to have the world’s strongest army at their disposal and those who want U.S.-dependent military tutelage…

Those whose hearts beat for Turkey, and those whose hearts beat for the U.S. and Europe…

Those who demonstrate the resistance of the last thousand years on “Turkey’s axis,” and those who are on the U.S., European and terror axis to destroy this axis…

Those trying to expand to the oceans and those trying to confine our country within Anatolia again…

Those preparing for a new establishment like the Seljuk Empire, like the Ottoman Empire; those who believe this is possible and those who desire an interregnum in Anatolia…

We have put up the same fight in all great establishment or rising periods, and witnessed the same betrayals.

It was same during the Ottoman Empire’s establishment. It was the same during the Turkish Republic’s founding.

It is the same now during the start of Turkey’s new rising era.

Everybody has chosen their side
Leftist, rightist, nationalist, Islamist; these are no longer determining political identities

Nationalists and Islamists are able to stand against Turkey. The left and right wings demand U.S. intervention. All these political identities are being mobilized for the anti-Turkey front; they are able to make speeches about the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) on their own platforms, and compete on TV channels and columns to whitewash terrorism.

The left and right wings, nationalists and Islamists disintegrated as “local and foreign.” The foreign elements left the fronts, and chose a new path on the lines of the pro-tutelage and colonialists. They settled in the front shown to them.

Their true identities have been revealed

These disintegrations were not as obvious when Turkey was under tutelage. Yet when “Turkey’s cause” started, when Turkey accelerated the “steps for a new rise,” their true identities were revealed. All their hypocrisies were exposed. Those hiding behind political identities could no longer be concealed. The secret organizations that educated, supported and networked them for years were unleashed on the ground. New political formations and figures started to be promoted through them.

Such a dire situation that he’s whitewashing terror, attacking Turkey!

The situation is so critical that Turkey’s main opposition party leader directs his anger regarding the execution of 13 Turkish citizens in Gara to the state. He is drawing the people’s attention away from the PKK and terrorism, and toward President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the government. He is playing games with our people’s minds through a meticulously calculated discourse.

The situation is so critical that those whom we knew to be patriotic, nationalistic and conservative are trying to weasel out of the situation by appearing to object to these murders with “meek statements.” They are anxious to “have this forgotten so they can create a new hot-button topic and secure themselves.” An offense has been launched before the martyrs’ bodies could be buried, and they have all taken position there.

"What will US, Europe say?"

The situation is so critical that some of our political parties, some of our political circles are going around in circles, stuck on the PKK-FETÖ axis. They are worried and think, “What will the U.S. say,” “What will Europe say,” “Will we lose HDP votes.” They are launching ventures that will put Turkey on the chopping block for the sake of a few votes; they haven’t the energy to say a single word in favor or for the benefit of our country.

The situation is so critical that they support the U.S. and PKK in the north of Syria and Iraq, France and Greece in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, Armenia in Karabakh, and FETÖ at home, and condemn Turkey. The are incessantly attacking, defaming and hunting down the national political mind, our security forces protecting Turkey beyond our borders, as well as the people who have faith in Turkey’s great cause.

North of Aleppo-Mosul line should be field of ceaseless intervention

That “deadly decision” is as follows: Turkey must be focused on a relentless fight on its borders, beyond its borders, in the seas and oceans, in the air and in space, and most importantly, within. Based on the principles of “continuous activity” and “force spoils the game,” it should never postpone what needs to be done, and pay no attention to reactions from Europe, the U.S. and countries in the region.

It must complete the security zone in northern Syria. It must launch, without hesitation, every operation necessary to purge the border spanning the Mediterranean and Iran, the Aleppo-Mosul line. It must ceaselessly intervene in this zone until there is no longer a security threat, whether it be the PKK, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), or anything else.

Resistance islands in Turkey, influence fields in the region

A relentless fight is necessary against FETÖ and all tutelage instruments and formations within. Classic anti-FETÖ tactics end here. The damage that will be caused not by “individual FETÖ cryptos,” but by the “crypto structures” organized in the form of institutions, political parties and civil society organizations must be calculated.

A “national struggle” and discourse must be developed against those who undermine Turkey in every field, who attack Turkey, who mock the country’s achievements, and who have assumed the task to “stop it from within.” Resistance islands must be formed across every corner of Turkey, and fields of influence on every inch of the region.

‘Final defense’ for Turkey. We will not surrender to Gurkhas!

That “deadly decision” was made long ago. This struggle is ongoing in every field. The power division in the world is paving the way to extraordinarily vast fields for our country. We are aware of this. We will not surrender to “native invaders.” On the contrary, we have no other option but to become one of the founding countries of both the region and the world. Anything less would downsize Turkey, and we will never allow this.

Turkey has a strong hand. Turkey is no longer a country that will be defeated by the lies, indoctrinations, the campaigns conducted in the U.S. and European capitals, or the “Gurkhas” in our midst. Turkey is in a showdown with their bosses, their masters, the former tutelage and colonial forces. We are aware of how big the game is. We are launching one “last defense.” This is the reason behind their fears, their rage, their panic and relentless attacks.

Patience will bring victory.

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3 years ago
Those responsible for the Ottoman Empire’s collapse are selling off Turkey today. This is the ‘final defense.’ We will not surrender to Gurkhas!
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