Turkey is a global power. Now it’s time for Azerbaijan to rise. Iran backing Armenia! What’s Tehran afraid of?

After a century-long hiatus, Turkey's geopolitical mind took action. This is a history-maker, region-builder mind that founded very powerful empires on earth. This power is a political gene.

Until today, all the rights and wrongs belonging to us and our near region, including Anatolia, were determined by others. Not only that but strategic value included, our security, economy, politics, culture, and even our fight for existence was formatted according to others' priorities.

But that is over now, we ended it. We will never again return to the same point.

Turkey’s geopolitical mind is now in the Caucasus

By saying "Turkey stance," "Turkey axis, plans to "stop Turkey," calculations to "siege from south and west, and that "We will keep the East door open," I am referring to the clash of centuries-old plans.

Today we see that geopolitical mind everywhere. We saw it first in northern Iraq. Then in Syria, followed by the East Mediterranean, and the Aegean (the archipelago).

We are now seeing it in the south Caucasus - not only us but the whole world is seeing it. The world order's central actors, the countries that have been determining the global power map for centuries are seeing it and watching in great surprise.

We’re strengthening this rise with joy.

We are witnessing today, Turkey, a country that was identified only until recently as the U.S. and Europe's "front," that was under their tutelage, that was following Israel on Feb. 28, and that was plotted against four years ago with a multinational intervention aimed at collapsing it, build a power on the region's most expansive border today, take initiative, and destroy the status quo established in the early 20th century.

As a nation that embraces this political gene, we rejoice in this rise. Our aim is not to spread conflicts but to replace, reinstate what rightfully belongs to us. Our aim is to keep alive and maintain our region, our people, our resources, our identity, and belonging.

Turkey stance, that political wave: This is their fear!

This is why our deep political mind is Turkey’s strongest asset. It is a discourse and means of salvation not only for us but for all nations and countries from Azerbaijan to Bosnia, from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf, from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

This is true because all the countries within the Muslim Middle Zone, which comprises the earth’s main axis that spans the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts, are going through the same helplessness, the same feeling of being taken hostage.

Turkey is spreading the powerful political wave it started in Anatolia through the whole region. This is what they fear. It is because of this fear that they are unleashing all terrorist organizations, all undertaker countries, and all their hitmen on the front against Turkey.

The showdown is with the masters, not their undertakers

But this will not work; it is not enough to stop Turkey. Look at the position French President Emmanuel Macron put himself in with respect to the latest crisis in the East Mediterranean. Even he could not do anything. He cannot do anything. Turkey’s claims are not based on showdown with the undertakers but their masters. This has been the case for centuries.

Those who think they can siege Turkey through the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with Saudi support, through the Gulf emirates, are acting upon the results they achieved in the previous century. However, the world has now closed off the 20th-century bracket.

Azerbaijan is also no longer in the ‘defense era’

The geopolitical mind in Turkey is now in the South Caucasus. It united with Azerbaijan and formed a surprising power. This not only signifies the opening of a new power field in the Caucasus, but also a second equation change in the region after the Soviets. The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, tells the world and us extraordinary things outside the front. Numerous new circumstances have developed:

1- The “defense period” is over for Azerbaijan as well. Azerbaijan, which has been exposed to Armenian attacks, lost land, suffered massacres, and was abandoned since it gained independence, realized its strength and took action for the first time ever.

2- The power equation has reversed. For the first time now, Armenia is on the defensive, and Azerbaijan is the country intervening for the sake of its own lands.

Why is Iran supporting Armenia?

3- This is a “war of independence” for Baku. There is no attack on Armenia; the terrorist occupation on Azerbaijani territory is being ended.

4- From now on Azerbaijan will not be put on the defensive ever again. This is the biggest outcome of the Karabakh war, and it was revealed on day one.

5- Iran and its elements adopted a position on the Armenian front against Muslim Azerbaijan. It is making intense military deployment to Yerevan. While almost half its population is of Turkish origin, it does not pay any heed to how those masses feel.

6- The Emirati, Saudi Arabian, and Egyptian regimes also took the side of Greece, France, and the Israel front against Muslim Turkey. Both blocs are striving to restrain Turkey on both fronts. As a matter of fact, they are supporting the West’s efforts to stop Turkey.

Everything will be redefined

7- This is a very new situation and it is changing everything we have known until now. Thus, everything will be redefined. The Turkish public’s mind map will change. Its perception of the Iran and Saudi Arabia axis will change radically. However, it must not be forgotten that the Turkish-origin population in Iran will also undergo mental shock – in fact, the shock has already started.

8- We witnessed these deep changes in Syria and Iraq. We saw it in the East Mediterranean, in Libya, in the Aegean, and in all pursuits for alliance in the Mediterranean.

9- We are now seeing it happen in the Caucasus. Azerbaijan has no other option but to save its lands from occupation. Even the occupation’s bosses know that they have no chance at the table.

10- Stepping back should not be an option. Otherwise, Azerbaijan will lose another three decades. Turkey has become a star. Now, Azerbaijan is rising.

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Turkey is a global power. Now it’s time for Azerbaijan to rise. Iran backing Armenia! What’s Tehran afraid of?
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