Victory is due in the Caucasus as well! The dispute with Armenia will now be solved with military means

The time for defense is now over.

This applies to both Turkey and Azerbaijan. Had Turkey remained in defense mode, the plans to siege it from Iraq, from Syria, from the East Mediterranean, and the Aegean would have materialized, and then attacks would be launched.

As long as Azerbaijan remains in defense mode, neither Karabakh will be saved, nor will the occupation in the other regions end. Therefore, the Baku administration needs to make a bold decision and change its perspective on the regions under Armenian occupation, and move the war towards Armenia. Azerbaijan not only has the strength to do this but also the justification.

Armenian attacks won’t stop even if a ceasefire is declared again

After the July 12 Tovuz attack, Armenia launched an attack yesterday once again on Azerbaijan’s villages and civilian settlements. President Ilham Aliyev has been trying to warn the world on numerous platforms, including the UN General Assembly, for days now that Armenia is preparing to attack. Eventually what was bound to happen, happened.

Armenia will not stop its attacks even if a ceasefire is declared again. We are soon going to witness a new Armenian attack. Hence, charging the international community to serve justice; self-defense; and seeking peace alone is not going to suffice for Azerbaijan.

Occupied regions will be saved one by one

However, considering Aliyev’s latest statements, approach, and the Azerbaijan military’s inclination to take a stronger initiative, it can be said that the Baku administration has also accepted that the “era for defense is over.”

This is due to the fact that Azerbaijan’s military is becoming more active with every attack; it is reinforcing its positions through counterattacks, making its strength felt, and taking back, step by step, the regions under Armenian occupation.

Thus, there is a new situation and the power balance in Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes is changing. Azerbaijan won’t be what is used to.

Armenia, spoiled by Russia and Iran, will no longer be able to threaten Azerbaijan as it pleases; it will no longer be able to pressure it and make invasion plans.

Will Turkey strike Armenia?

Armenian attacks are revealing Azerbaijan’s power and boosting its self-confidence. If it continues in this vein, the Azerbaijani military will stop defending itself and switch to “offense,” which may completely break Armenia’s strength.

The military drills conducted by Turkey and Azerbaijan after the Tovuz attack revealed this strength. It changed the balances. These drills became a milestone.

The statement, “Azerbaijan has our full support. We will stand with Azerbaijan in any way it requires,” by Turkey’s Foreign Ministry following the attack yesterday is critical in two respects.

The message sent to the world is very clear: We will risk a lot if necessary. The message concerning the situation in the Caucasus is: If it comes to it, Turkey has even taken the possibility of war with Armenia into account.

Armenia was transformed into the north’s terrorist organization

This is because Armenian attacks do not target Azerbaijan only. It is striking Turkey. As a country that spoiled their plans to siege from Iraq, from Syria, from the East Mediterranean and the Aegean, Turkey will neither allow the opening of an eastern front nor strategies to siege from the east.

Armenian attacks are not only targeting the energy geopolitics of which Turkey is at the center, they also signal a multinational scenario. The energy showdowns in the East Mediterranean are shifting to the North Caucasus.

Armenia is assuming a role in the great showdown against Turkey. It is turning itself into a front. The mission given to Yerevan is one and the same as the mission given to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh in Iraq and Syria, and to terror baron Khalifa Haftar in Libya.

Turkey: We will intervene ‘regardless of consequences’

Azerbaijan being a strong player will also shape Turkey’s power map in the Central Asia-Anatolia, Middle East equation. If the game started by Russia, Iran, France, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through Armenia, is successful Turkey’s eastern gate will be completely closed.

Turkey intervened in the “terror corridor” and spoiled the map plan through operations and interventions. It is conducting determined and severe interventions against the sieging plans from the East Mediterranean and the Aegean. This is evident in the power struggle in Libya and the Mediterranean.

Regardless of the consequences, Turkey must and will intervene in these plans in the east to siege and close in on it.

This will now be solved with military means

The military drills conducted after the Tovuz attack will become real if necessary, and Azerbaijan fronts will be fronts for Turkey as well.

A new scenario is being staged to weaken Azerbaijan and close off Turkey’s eastern gates. The Caspian, South Caucasus, oil pipelines, transportation corridors, Azerbaijan’s resistance, Turkey’s power are all being laid on the table with these attacks.

Both Caucasus, Iran will be harmed

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

This game is beyond Armenia’s capacity. This fireball will harm both Iran and North Caucasus, and it will additionally destabilize Georgia.

The matter is not an Azerbaijani-Armenian border conflict. It is simply the eastern front of a multi-player game, a massive plan, from the project to “stop Turkey” from Libya to Syria, from the Caspian to the East Mediterranean, to the plan to make Azerbaijan kneel.

Another victory is due in the Caucasus!

Therefore, as long as Turkey exists, Azerbaijan will not be left alone. Armenian attacks are, in fact, targeting Turkey. It is no different to the attacks made through the PKK and Daesh. They all have the same purpose.

Defending Azerbaijan is defending the homeland. This is our political identity and conscious. Our geopolitical mind and defense strategies are no different. Always remember, “homeland” is a very broad concept for us!

We are not making a simple exaggeration when we say “History has been reset.” We are expecting a victory from the Caucasus as well!

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4 years ago
Victory is due in the Caucasus as well! The dispute with Armenia will now be solved with military means
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