War of worlds: 10 countries will enter the war at once and there won’t be a country called Syria anymore

All cards are being set up on “stopping Turkey.” Global actors, regional powers and terrorist organizations are all setting up game after game to stop, slow down and negate the Afrin operation, to keep Turkey busy, to push it into a deadlock, to prevent it from entering Manbij after Afrin and especially to eliminate its intentions to cross to the east of the Euphrates.

The U.S.’s greatest objective is to sabotage the Syria rapport between Turkey, Russia and Iran. Another Israel axis led by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is also trying to sabotage the rapport. These groups are setting up games through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD). The axis, led by the UAE as much as the U.S. and Israel, are also supporting, encouraging and providing arms to the PKK.

Is Iran trying to push Turkey into a corner?

Iran is the weakest link in the Turkey-Russia-Iran trio. It too is trying to strengthen its hand through the PKK, restrict Turkey, provoke the Damascus administration and lock Turkey in Afrin. Tehran’s “opportunistic” attitude, despite promoting “protecting Syria,” actually bears a danger great enough to lead to this country’s destruction. As much as the U.S. and UAE’s ties to the PKK, Iran’s relations with the PKK/PYD should also be questioned in depth; Iran’s attitude toward the Afrin operation should especially be noted.

The U.S. built a terror army there with thousands of truckloads of weapons. The primary target of this armed force is Turkey more than it is Syria. As for the UAE, it is causing extraordinary difficulties for Turkey in every aspect; it has a finger in everything; it is backing terrorist organizations against Turkey.

We know that this country, that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, has been financing and, as a matter of fact, providing arms for all the conspiracies targeting our country, including the July 15 coup attempt in 2016. There is enough material to accuse this person, controlled by Israeli intelligence, of funding terrorism.

Who will bring Syrian troops to Afrin?

So, while Iran seems to be in a showdown with both the U.S. and Israel in the region, how is it on common ground with the Saudi Arabia-UAE axis as well? How can this country, which is always talking about friendship with Turkey, tripping our country in all regional matters and displaying disturbing behavior be explained? It is essential that the Tehran administration give trust to Turkey regarding this matter in terms of this region’s future.

The sole idea they found in the last few days against the operation aimed at clearing Afrin of terrorists is to get the PKK and Damascus administration to reach an agreement and move the regime’s troops to Afrin. Iran also appears to support this. So, does the PKK. If Turkey is going to be thwarted, of course, the U.S. will also give support. Obviously, the UAE is long ready. All this was discussed and planned during Brett McGurk’s UAE visit.

Turkey’s self-sacrifice must be unlimited

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s discussion yesterday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, as is the case with every discussion, is the sole thing that can undo the knots. Turkey, Russia and Iran’s decision to meet in Sochi and Erdoğan’s statement following and the meeting saying, “They will face the consequences” is an indicator of what Turkey is risking. Because the issue is not Afrin, nor is it limited to the PKK/PYD; the issue is Turkey’s existence. This means that sacrifice will be unlimited.

The point the matter has reached, that it is highly likely to reach is: If someone gets Syrian troops to stand up against Turkey, that will be the first step in the war of state against state. The Syrian war will enter an entirely different stage. Organizations will be deactivated and states will be on the ground.

War of worlds: A country called Syria will be no more

If that is the case, if Turkish and Syrian troops come against each other, this will certainly not be limited to two states. More than one state will simultaneously also be a side in this war. From that moment on, a country called Syria will be no more.

Russia is already on the ground and will be a side to a different conflict. Iran will openly be one of the main fronts of the war. The U.S. and along with it, regional countries like Israel and the UAE, will get on the ground as a different front.

That is when Syria will be the main combat area of the war of worlds. The foundations of a sort of apocalyptic war will have been laid. This is central to all scenarios of the Western world. All plans for the East-West showdown have been set up to take place on the Syria-Iraq line.

If we hesitate, we will be shredded to pieces

So, what are we going to do? Should we leave the Afrin operation and withdraw? Should we sit back and watch the scenario plotted through the PKK/PYD come to life? Should we allow them to open the hundreds-of-kilometers-long “Turkey front”? Should we wait for their total attacks on Turkey to come from that front in the next step? Should we allow the war to be carried into Turkey immediately afterward?

This would be Turkey’s self-denial. It would be to surrender without even fighting. It would be defeat; it would be losing this century. It would be to miss its new historic rise. This would mean Turkey will be shredded to pieces. And this is impossible; it will not happen; it is out of the question.

Nobody should try to intimidate us!

Turkey will do whatever is necessary for its own existence. Regardless of all the games that are set up, the change in chains of alliance, the external and internal operations it encounters, it has no choice but to continue its own march.

But Turkey knows – it should know – that the Syria issue is going to turn into a war of states, that this is highly likely, that the arming of the PKK/PYD to this extent is aimed at this purpose. Some are going to try and weaken our determination. They are going to exaggerate the threats and try to intimidate us.

If the war ends, the terrorist corridor will be negated, they know this

Because those same groups are doing everything they can for the Syrian war to continue. They are doing everything they can to cause a regional crisis over this war. Those same groups are also trying everything, attempting covert operations to push Turkey, the country that has activated the regional resistance, into a corner.

Because if the war ends, the “terror corridor” will be endangered. The U.S. and Israel’s garrison plans will go down the drain. All countries will focus on that corridor, that foreign occupation, the map efforts and ask the U.S. to leave the region.

The sole country to activate an unlimited fighting spirit

Iran must be careful. Syria should avoid openly targeting Turkey. Turkey and Russia should not fall into a trust crisis. Arab countries should stop discussing the region with simple justifications, through the U.S. and Israel’s words. Turkey is the sole country that will protect the entire region. It is the only country that will resist clashes inside the region. It is the only country that will block the Western occupation.

But Turkey is the sole country to activate an unlimited fighting spirit when it itself is in question. Whether it be the PKK/PYD, U.S. plans or the covert scenarios in the region, Turkey will do whatever is necessary. It must.

The previous article titled “War of worlds through Syria,” explains what the world is facing. Kindly noted for your attention.

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6 years ago
War of worlds: 10 countries will enter the war at once and there won’t be a country called Syria anymore
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