We can fight in both Afrin and the Aegean... The US soldier pointing his weapon at us will not remain there

10:54 . 10/02/2018 Cumartesi

İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül has been a frequent contributor to Yeni Şafak for years, penning columns on a variety of topics for the daily
İbrahim Karagül

I am not sure how aware we are of the situation, but Turkey is fighting for life or death. It is fighting for the future. In spite of those who plan to shrink out country, it is struggling to further grow and strengthen. It is fighting to challenge those who tell us to “kneel.”

It is putting up a “relentless fight” against the greatest threat that has formed since World War I. It is experiencing a showdown as great and as sharp as the “War of Independence.” It is preparing to enter another one of the shockwaves Turkey has been facing since the Crusader wars.

It is time to unite at the “Turkey Axis”

In this period, the most fragile period of our history, at a time when not only our region but the whole world is being dragged toward a great showdown, nobody has the option to stake any position or be a side outside the “Turkey Axis.” Those who act on behalf of the U.S., Europe, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), those who secretly promote their thesis’, will have no place in the past and future of this country.

They will never be considered “from Turkey.” They will be considered a “domestic threat,” an “internal invader,” a “native operator.” Vigilance is necessary against the PYD cryptos, those who are secretly pro-American, those who promote Europe, those trying to slow-down, to make Turkey, which is trying to eliminate the terrorist corridor, stumble.

Everybody will decide how much they are “from Turkey”

There is no longer any ethnic, political or ideological difference. Regardless of what political circle they are from, everybody is going to pass through a difficult test on how much they are from Turkey. There are now two fronts: The “Turkey Axis” and the “occupation axis.” Every individual living in this country must be aware of this reality and never feel doubt about their devotion to this land.

The threat from Syria and Iraq is not limited to the terrorist organizations Daesh and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), but rather it is a multinational occupation attempt. This is part of their plan to leave this nation without a homeland. The fight put up in this region is homeland defense, it is the fight to save the country’s unity and future.

We shouldn’t dare allow our hearts to soften with their promises

Those who are attacking us through terrorist organizations are the U.S. and the forces which we have been fighting against for centuries, throughout the Ottoman era. We should not focus solely on Daesh, solely on the PKK/PYD and allow ourselves to be blinded.

Do not dare allow your minds to believe their words or your heart to soften with the promises made by those visiting Ankara. Do not dare allow the words of the smart alecks, the invasion apparatuses or the internal “Trojan horses” confuse you.

We have been standing tall on these lands, in Anatolia and around it, for centuries with a great wisdom, stance and regional and world perceptions. At certain points in history, we faced grave traumas that tested us. The sharpest showdowns of human history took place in this region.

There is a great mind grown by this land!

Great rises and great falls took place on these lands. The consequences of the most fragile, the most painful times of world history were felt on these lands. Now, that history is changing again. The power map is being reshaped. We are once again in this region and the heaviest burden of the fight is again being placed on our shoulders.

These realities have nothing to do with domestic politics, the political alignments on the inside, or ethnic sectarian identity differences. Everybody marketing these as the region’s weaknesses are lying. These realities are that which we experienced during the Crusader Wars and in World War I, and the reasons behind them are the same.

Strengthening a common awareness, the homeland axis

The West took out its centuries-old anger toward the Ottoman Empire with the world war. Now, just as young Turkey is getting ready to stand up on its feet again, just as it has woken up from its slumber, it is attacking again with the same ferocity. We cannot reach any conclusion before we evaluate what is happening today in light of the region, history, the changes in the global power map and Turkey’s march.

We are not talking about valor, pessimism, desperation or an exaggerated joy. We are trying to define today, foresee the future and calculate what may come up on our path. We are making a call to take caution, to be ready. We are trying to strengthen a common awareness, the homeland axis, to add strength to this country’s power.

We ruined that big game, we will continue to do so

All the delegates coming from the U.S. following the launch of the Afrin operation have one aim: To stop Turkey, to limit the operation, to prevent it from entering Manbij and east of the Euphrates. Because, ever since the Gulf War, ever since 1991, they have been implementing a single project. Everything they did to Iraq, everything they did tp Syria, everything they are politically steering Turkey toward is for that strategy. That strategy is the division of four countries.

Turkey ruined that big game for the first time with the “Euphrates Shield.” It is continuing to ruin it with the Afrin operation. It has sealed the Mediterranean gates of that garrison map. Now, the U.S. soldiers, alongside the PKK and Daesh terrorists, are stuck between Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq.

Right at this point, the Damascus administration, Baghdad and Tehran need to act smart and avoid tripping over Turkey. If they do, they will see as much harm as Turkey and will not be able to gather themselves.

U.S. has zero chance of success in that corridor

What we call the terror corridor is a foreign invasion map. This map is a plan that is openly aimed at dividing Turkey. U.S. military units have become the region’s terrorists and are attacking their NATO ally. The photographs they have posed for in Manbij, near the Turkish border, are attacks on this country. They say, “If you attack the PKK we will respond in the same way.” Turkey will never forget these images of revenge.

Up until now, no country had become as much a laughing stock as the U.S. in the hands of terrorist organizations. The U.S., which has no “friends” left in the region other than the PKK and Daesh, has zero chance of success in that corridor. They will not only fail to hold on in Afrin and in Manbij, but also in the east of the Euphrates.

The issue is Turkey’s determination. Those causing harm to this determination internally and externally must be prevented. If they achieve this, this country’s strength to defend itself will never again be this powerful.

We cracked that “siege,” they are going to lose one after the other

The state mind has taken action for the first time in Turkey. A mind that has seen the threats, the opportunities, the future and what needs to be done has shaped the current position. It also has amazing public support. Then we will go all the way to the end. There is no other option left. Nobody has the right to waste this great march at tables, with diplomacy lies.

They were going to divide this country with the July 15 attack. They were going to separate Istanbul’s European side and the Thrace from Anatolia. This was planned. Had that attack succeeded, the PKK and Daesh were going to attack from the south and an invasion attempt was also going to be initiated from Turkey’s west.

They were defeated that night. But they did not stop. They conducted a buildup in Syria and started to strike Turkey from there. They were sieging us. This time, they were going to do what they could not achieve domestically completely from the outside. They were going to attack from that corridor and at the same time activate the Aegean.

The launch of the Euphrates Shield immediately after the July 15 coup attempt was the second disappointment for them. But they still did not stop. Now, Afrin is the third disappointment for them. They are not going to stop. The shows by the U.S. soldiers to Turkey from the border is an indication of this. They are going to experience another disappointment.

We will fight in the Aegean too. We have the strength to do this

Pay attention to the statement Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar issued yesterday. Pointing to the threat from the Aegean, he said, “We have enough strength to fight in both fronts at the same time.” What does this mean? This means we are receiving threats from both the south and the west. This means, the same forces are threatening Turkey from both these fronts.

This reveals the reality about the kind of “relentless resistance” Turkey needs to focus on. This means the obligation of total defense preparations. This indicates that it is time for mobilization in the defense area, that Turkey is fighting the last great War of Independence. This means it is time for everybody to strengthen their position, to be careful against “native operators.”

The U.S. soldier that pointed the gun at us will not be able to stay there

There are countries on the Western side that are salivating. There are those who want to avenge the failed July 15 coup attempt. But just as this nation ruined their multinational plans that night, they are going to do the same in the north of Syria. It will not remain stuck in Afrin. The U.S. obstacle will not be able to stop it in Manbij either.

Take note, you will see that not even one of those U.S. soldiers who pointed their weapons at Turkey from out border today will be able to remain there; they are going to flee from there You will see, those threatening Turkey from the West, from the Aegean will soon start to be at each other’s throats.

This is our fate

It is time to accumulate extraordinary power both internally and externally; it is time for solidarity. Every individual will fulfill their duty – they must. Because the heavy burden of history, the heavy burden of the region, is once again on the shoulders of this nation. Because the game-changer power is this nation itself and this is also fate.

Turkey is on the right track. The sole thing we need to do is to strengthen and accelerate our steps. There is no going back and no power is going to be able to make Turkey turn back. These are the pains of the rising period and our nation, our political gene, is very familiar with it.

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