What does ‘taking revenge on Treaty of Sevres’ actually mean?

French newspaper Le Monde published an article titled, “A century on, Erdoğan takes revenge on the Treaty of Sevres.”

It reported that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held two meetings with Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj at a symbolic location like Dolmabahçe Palace and changed the game in North Africa and the Mediterranean, and added that he said, as a result of this military and energy deal “we broke the Treaty of Sevres.” According to the newspaper, Erdoğan is taking revenge on the Treaty of Sevres.

France lost to Turkey.

France was unable to establish any presence in Syria because of Turkey. It lost in Libya against Turkey. All the projects it attempted in the Mediterranean were spoiled by Turkey.

It could not prevent Turkey from developing close ties with Algeria and Tunisia. Paris attempted to court these two countries to the initiative of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Saudi Arabia front. It was thus going to both eliminate the conservative/Islamic segments and keep these countries under its own tutelage in a stricter manner.

It was busy destroying the Ottoman Empire a century ago

It had previously accomplished this in Algeria through a coup and this time around it was going to do it through the UAE. It was additionally planning a coup in Tunisia through the UAE, backed by Saudi Arabia. But it failed.

France, one of the few countries that led to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire a century ago, now has no choice but to withdraw in every front against Turkey. This sign alone is enough to show how the power map is changing.

Turkey’s current presence in sub-Saharan countries is the reason underlying this panic.

France was also unable to prevent Turkey from establishing influence in Central Africa. It could not stop it from strengthening ties with sub-Saharan countries such as Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, and Sudan (UAE-Saudi Arabia staged a coup). Ethiopia can also be included among these countries.

While Turkey is fully present in Libya, preventing the country from being divided and looted, while it is taking a clear position against the Gulf’s aggressiveness and coup attempts targeting Algeria and Tunisia, it was actually getting closer with the Sahel zone further south. This posed a threat to France’s presence in Africa. This is the reason behind France’s panic.

Region’s vast borders: Language of cooperation, solidarity

Every firm step gives rise to the development of a strong front against it. Everybody who takes such steps calculates and takes these risks.

Turkey is progressing with extremely strong steps. The presence of a “Turkish influence” from Libya to the Persian Gulf, from the Red Sea to the Balkans and the Caucasus, and its increasing power is now also accepted by the actors of this power game in these regions.

New situations, new moves, and new axis are developing. Turkey is making clever moves; it is working towards forming a language and atmosphere of cooperation, relations, and solidarity all the way to the vastest borders of the region.

Do we see on how many fronts Turkey is fighting?

As this is the case, while it fights against the French colonial power in North and Central Africa, it is falling out with the U.S. and the U.K. in Mesopotamia-Persian Gulf, it is carrying on a power struggle with Russia in Syria and Libya, and is waiting on full alert against almost all of them in the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

The ”Gulf/Arab front” established through the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the “Russia-Iran front” in Syria, the anti-Turkey consortium in the Mediterranean, and the coalition formed within by overcoming all political identities are in the same position and on the same front concerning efforts “to stop Turkey.”

Yes, this is exactly what we are doing

The perceptions of and statements made by Western media and political elites using the century-old history periods of Turkey’s great march and the concepts of the great showdown are not wrong.

This is how Turkey’s political mind thinks and acts. It is closing the century-old bracket. It is parting the doors to new centuries. This is the meaning behind bringing our deep history and memory to the present. This is the reason why we carried on our region and history perception to the present. This is why we directed our social cognizance towards this field.

Deep traces in ‘Islamic middle generation,’ those who need to shoulder this responsibility

Turkey established an energy that is going to leave deep traces on the “Islamic middle generation.” This is an energy that formats not only our allies’ minds but even the minds of those countries in our region that have declared themselves enemies to Turkey.

If even enmities are taking shape in accordance with our steps, this signifies the existence of this power.

It is very unfortunate that those who should be shouldering this responsibility right at this point and time are running towards other destinations, shadowing major achievements with petty debates, pulling Turkey down, and trying to trap it within narrow zones of maneuvers.

CHP’s patriots, Good Party’s nationalists, Felicity Party’s conservatives

Those who have abandoned Turkey while they should be marching side by side with it should know that this country is going to succeed. They are going to be the ones excluded from history and their names would go down in history books’s worst chapters.

The patriots of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), the nationalists of the Good Party (İP), and the conservatives/Islamists of the Felicity Party (SP), know that this matter is above all identities. What language are you using while they use concepts such as Sevres?

Conservative, Islamist, local intelligentsia have a great responsibility

Conservative/Islamist/Local intelligentsia, writers, poets, geopoliticians, security officials, politicians, and academics need to support and strengthen the ideological infrastructure of this great fight.

Do we not see that being subject to discussions that divert attention from the goal is likely to be a systematic plan? Can we not consider the possibility that a tutelage plan is being implemented through us?

Who is silencing you as we recover?

Do not abandon Turkey. Look back at history. See those who made the same miscalculations during every era of great rises.

They are saying, “Erdoğan is taking revenge on the Treaty of Sevres.” Those who have been discussing the Treaty of Sevres for years are now quiet. Why? How quickly did you forget the division of this region?

Who silenced you now as we recover?

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What does ‘taking revenge on Treaty of Sevres’ actually mean?
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