What is actually happening in Riyadh? Everybody should be on alert, US and Israel are establishing a ‘front’

İBRAHIM KARAGÜL,  Tuesday 10:19, 07 November 2017

Take the internal political purge, the great showdown in Saudi Arabia very seriously. Take it seriously for Saudi Arabia’s future and the entire region’s future, take it seriously to follow the course of multinational interventions targeting our region and to reexamine Turkey’s relations with the region.

Take it seriously because it is shaping the Arab and non-Arab Muslim differentiation after the sectarian wars and ethnic clashes, because it is swapping the sectarian wars project with the new wave of Arab nationalism, because a big front is being built that has Iran on the target board and may lead to regional wars.

Take it seriously because a new “security shield” that completely prioritizes Israel’s security interests, that is focused on re-establishing the U.S.’s power in the Middle East, is being built under the guidance of the United Arab Emirates and leadership of the U.S. and Israel.

Moderate Islam is a lie, a ‘front’ is being established

We are talking about a new aggressive structure that is being promoted through the moderate Islam discourse and corruption allegations, that is in an attempt to redesign from scratch the internal government structure in Riyadh, that almost stipulates the formatting of a new state/regime, that has buried traditional Saudi politics deep, that purges everybody who has not come to terms with the new ruling government or who is believed will not come to terms with it, that is entirely focused on security even though it puts forward the economy, that is preparing for extreme outbursts in every region from Lebanon to the Iranian border.

We are watching a strong wave led by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan to gather the entire Arab world in a single axis and to give this axis as a pledge for the interests the U.S./Israel.

We are certainly not questioning what actions Riyadh administration takes in the name of ensuring its own internal integrity, to protect its national integrity, to resist the threats coming through Iran. For example, the dangers of the ballistic missiles launched from Yemen and the attempts of Iran to siege the Saudi administration from Yemen are obvious.

Radical Arab nationalism and ‘shield’ for US-Israel

Muhammad Salman considering the entire geography, through the young generation extremist nationalist wave, as a regional war zone, just the way the U.S. and Israel want, closely concerns us all. Because, no development in the region is solely limited to that region. All alliances or enmities are regional and they will show their impact throughout the entire geography.

The situation in Riyadh will also very soon show its effects from Lebanon to Qatar and to the UAE, from Iraq to Syria. Also, soon, we are going to see that the deep change in Riyadh is not limited to Saudi Arabia, that it is connected to the regional design project. As soon as the internal purge and organizational restructuring is over, we are going to see the new “front,” the “shield” attempt an aggressive military operation.

 Somebody should stop the anti-Turkey Mohammed bin Zayed

Mohammed bin Zayed being an unruly enemy of Turkey, supporting even the July 15 coup attempt, his targeting everything in the region that belongs to Turkey, giving open support to anti-Turkey terrorist organizations, planning and carrying out attacks on Turkey in every front through Muhammad Dahlan, one of Yasser Arafat’s killers increases our concerns.

Mohammed bin Zayed has been a partner in every single multinational intervention targeting Turkey. We see that the same person has become the carrier of the new axis in the region, that he is keeping Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman under his influence.

We see that he has suggested a UAE model to Saudi Arabia and that this has been accepted and that Israel and the U.S. are entirely behind the project. Someone is trying to drag the entire region to war through Mohammed bin Zayed; they are making plans to divide countries.

If successful, the entire region will be finished, if not, the Saudis will be finished

We are most likely going to see new waves aimed at the purge and organizational restructuring in Riyadh. If this attempt fails to succeed, Saudi Arabia will be dragged into massive internal depression, and if it succeeds, the region will be stage to a huge fight. I personally think that someone is trying to set up Saudi Arabia for the big showdown and that the project is being implemented through Riyadh because the UAE’s capability is insufficient.

Those who made Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leader Masoud Barzani hold a referendum saw that the terrorist corridor in northern Syria will share the same fate if this project fails through Iran, Iraq and Turkey. It seems as though the U.S. theories in Syria and Iraq have taken a difficult turn. They have drawn the U.S.-Israel front further south. They formed a new shield through the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This shield was established for the U.S. and Israel, not Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Launching an attack on Lebanon, taking revenge on Qatar

So what might happen after this?

1-   The Iran-Saudi dispute can turn into a clash in every area. Saudi Arabia’s decision to impose a blockade on Yemen from the air, sea and land also leads to this danger. There might be a great intervention in Yemen, an attack may be made against Iran.

2-  Just like Israel wants, the new axis will attack Lebanon and attempt to purge Hezbollah. Saad Hariri’s resignation should also be seen a little from this aspect. The plan to move Israel to the Iranian border through northern Iraq failed. Then, the pro-Iran Hezbollah along the Israeli border will be targeted from the south of Lebanon. Perhaps we will see Hezbollah attack Israel in the upcoming days before they attack Hezbollah.

3-  The UAE and the new axis will try to take revenge on Qatar. They are going to want to topple the Qatari administration they failed to overthrow because of Turkey’s support and drag this country to the axis. Their intervention in Qatar is as likely as the Lebanon war. The moment they intervene in both Lebanon and Qatar in the Persian Gulf, the war with Iran will be considered to have started.

They support PKK/PYD, Iranian missiles strike Dubai

4-   I would like to bring to your attention Turkey’s military base in Qatar, its role in the defense of Qatar. National Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli’s visit to Qatar yesterday may be related to such a concern. However, the moment the UAE and the new axis attack Qatar, the Persian Gulf may be pulled into a major war. Right at that moment, Iranian missiles may target the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. I don’t know about the Riyadh administration, but the project aimed at Lebanon and the Gulf are entirely Israel, the U.S. and UAE’s plan and it is a very serious danger.

5-   I believe the UAE, Israel and U.S. are going to make a military counterattack in Syria and Iraq through the new axis. They are going to try and retake the positions they lost in the region. This move will also touch Turkey, Russia and Iran, further increasing the coordination between the three countries. Most importantly, I am guessing the UAE and Israel will provide intensive military support to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian franchise, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) through the Saudi Arabia camouflage. That is when Turkey’s attitude on the new front may become harsher.

This axis will destroy Saudi Arabia, Riyadh has been pulled into the trap

6-   Regardless of what anybody says, the region is being dragged into a great disaster. If Mohammad bin Salman succeeds, along the Red Sea, Lebanon, Somalia and Palestine will become militarily active. In the Persian Gulf, there will be two fronts: Qatar and the UAE. The Shiites in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will be activated. So will the Houthis in Yemen. Iran will activate all areas of influence. The UAE will openly become Iran’s target.

7-   If the crown prince fails, he will go. The project will collapse. The U.S. and Israel will lose serious influence in the region. Their presence in Iraq and Syria will be completely eliminated. We can watch major internal conflicts in Riyadh.

8-   Yet, whatever happens, the new axis, the new shield will strike Saudi Arabia. The greatest damage will befall this country, and perhaps destroy it. Iran’s showdown with Riyadh is an obvious fact. But so is the U.S. and neo-con circles’ idea to divide Saudi Arabia. If you like, take a look at those maps. Personally, I believe the Riyadh administration is being drawn into a big trap.

 Their greatest plan is to strike the heart of Islam

 9-   Never undermine the new situation. Our region is being dragged into a very big showdown, a regional civil war. Those who produced the “Islamic civil war” project are also the architects of this new axis. Their greatest goal and plan is to strike the heart of Islam through Mecca and Medina, to shame the Muslim world.

10- Our region is faced with some sort of Crusader Invasion. Whoever cooperates with them will lose both the region and their own land. Whoever is close to the U.S. in this period becomes divided, never forget this. We saw it in the Turkey example, they now first strike their allies.

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