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İBRAHIM KARAGÜL,  Friday 09:50, 17 April 2015
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They are attacking from all sides: They are striking through terrorism. They are striking through the economy. They are striking through sects. They are striking by insulting values. They are trying to strike through civil war scenarios.

They are substituting new terror organizations and feeding them. They are letting them out onto the streets and making them commit crimes. Then all together, they sing praises for terrorism and the murders in their newspapers, magazines and on their TV networks. They use the photograph of a terrorist holding a gun to a prosecutor's head with great enthusiasm.

Because both them and the organization to which that terrorist belongs are backed and fed by the same information channels and the same finance circles. The money funding their broadcasts, the weapons used by that organization and the bullet shot at that prosecutor all come from the same center. Both orders and strategies are given and determined by those circles.

The Turkish media and finance circles behind those media groups, those establishing branches of the pro-tutelage lords in this country, are openly committing a terrorism offense, and are able to openly declare war against this country. They send performing artists and writers to the front line for this war. They try to turn each one of them into a bullet to destroy the future of Turkey.

Provokers of evil, hatred and violence

They are trying to stick the knife into Turkey with their repulsive attacks, making them seem as though they are election-indexed and against the AK Party. They cooperate with anybody who is an enemy to Turkey. They work with anybody who is disturbed by Turkey. They feed on the people of Anatolia and then insult them and try to cripple them and try to cut them off at their knees once again.

If North Korea even made an announcement opposing Turkey, they will side with them without hesitation. Papa says a few words targeting Turkey and immediately they take place behind him. They have anti-Turkey decisions issued through the European Parliament. They setup equipment in many countries around the world and carry out smear campaigns against Turkey.

Just take a look at the news and headlines in the Hürriyet daily and the way they present the news. Look at Zaman daily's news selections, the way they present news and their evil-filled campaigns. Look at the vulgarity, worthlessness and repulsiveness of Sözcü daily. Add to them their affiliated publishing bodies. They all use the same language. They are all gunmen of the same battle. They are poisoning the Turkish society with their evil- and hatred-filled publications. Beyond hatred, they are encouraging violence.

Open support for terrorism

If only the PKK could carry out an attack and kill a few soldiers, if only the DHKP-C would attack and kill a few police officers, and, in fact, if only they could bring ISIS to Turkey so they could attack a few cities, they would jump with joy. They couldn't care less about the identity of those attacked or killed. As long as blood spills, as long as there is terrorism, a crisis, as long as the economy collapses and there is chaos in the country. With chaos in the country, they can rule the country, win, batten, give orders, overthrow the government and establish a government, and chase away the people of Anatolia, whom they always belittled, from these streets.

One day, Turkey will solve and must solve the secret behind the relationship of the Fethullah Gülen group, Doğan group and certain investment groups that liaise with them with terrorism and terrorist organizations. It must solve what the affair is between these circles which were behind every extraordinary period, every period of chaos until today. It is going to figure out - it must - which international power's battles this alliance is carrying out within Turkey.

Who is the brain behind the last two coup attempts, who are their partners in Turkey, who terrorized those streets, whose project was it to put thousands of people behind bars and who did they use? All of these will be figured out.

Fear haunts them like an epidemic

As if these felony cases are not enough, they are attempting new ones. They are forming a front that exceeds the boundaries from the felonies in Europe and the U.S. to the Middle East's mafia executive teams and organizations, the terror organizations in Turkey, their once deep oligarchic structures, the religious community structures fed by pro-tutelage lords. This front is as expansive as the front that stood against us in World War I and the front that stood against us in the War of Independence period. Those who divided the Ottoman Empire and are endeavouring to prevent the establishment of new Turkey, are today, trying to sabotage the “second establishment” of Turkey.

They are applying all sorts of evil and mischief along with inconceivable methods of betrayal for this purpose. Every sentence they use, every piece they pen, every headline they make, every political power and financial circle with which they cooperate, reveal this alliance.

Why is it like this? Why have they become such enemies to Turkey? What do they want? Simply to win the elections? Never. It's not like that. It's not as simple as that. For the first time in a century, this country has flung down the gauntlet on the path of becoming a true power. It took action to determine its own future, to re-establish itself. Those who divided the Ottoman Empire, who have held the Turkish Republic hostage for the last century have become alarmed. They are haunted by a fear of Turkey and this fear has turned into an epidemic. The fear is not that of the players on the inside, but the fear of their lords. This is why they are carrying out a single anti-Turkey operation in unison.

They failed to chase us out of Anatolia, the plan crashed; this is why they panic

One hundred years ago they tried to chase us out of Anatolia. It didn't work; they failed, we didn't leave and we resisted. Because of this, they confined us to Anatolia throughout the 20th century, and distanced us from the geography. This was the greatest global project aimed at Turkey throughout the history of the Republic.

They thought they succeeded. They thought we would never be able to get back on our feet. By the end of the 20th century, Anatolia got back on its feet. It got through that period by keeping to itself and persevering quietly. It looked around itself once again and remembered the geography and history. It noticed how familiar the spiritual world of the people with whom we lived for centuries is. It saw that we could live with them in the same geography in solidarity in the future as we had in the past.

That is when we learned to look beyond the boundaries. We realized we could walk together, get back on our feet together, survive this history of chaos together. We rediscovered how similar our words, views, and the way we perceive our countries and the world are with countries from East Africa to the Pacific region.

We held out our hands, opened our hearts and refreshed our minds. This is the cause of their fear. They thought they could direct this walk; they thought they could control it. When they failed, the attacks started. They tried everything, including terrorism and civil war, including the Egypt and Ukraine examples. If they could, they would turn this country into Syria.

They stood against us in every country we went to. They turned both those countries and us into targets. They started attacking from all sides. They tried to cut off Turkey's hands and started to enact one scenario after another to discourage Turkey. The “Turkey fear” has become an epidemic.

You will confront this fear. You will see that Turkey will not backtrack: it will resist and run even faster. You will lose the war you have been waging against this country. Once you witness the tragic fluttering of your partners on the inside, you will panic even more.

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