You'll understand when the map of Turkey changes...

Turkey has the right to establish a "security zone" on the other side of the border. In line with international law, it is entitled to this based on the justification that it faces numerous threats. This right cannot be questioned by anyone. It also reserves the right of self defense due to the "near proximity of danger." A country which hosts two million people has such a right against the potential of another four million refugees pushing its borders.

The intervention against the project of turning the other side of the border from Iraq to the Mediterranean into an anti-Turkey front is also "self-defense." If a country will not and cannot conduct such defense, it is incapable and weak.

When someone hits Ankara?

Turkey, for a long time, has succeeded in extending its political influence to the region, and beyond the region to faraway lands. However, unfortunately, we did not see this regarding the sphere of security. Turkey, which is politically and economically facing the exterior is being pushed on the contrary and is becoming more withdrawn -instead of considering beyond its borders- in every regional crisis.

This is a diseased state.

We are currently experiencing this regarding the Syria issue.

There is a bizarre sense of unease, timidness, carelessness... The security units of this country should have alarmed Turkey in line with the military security strategies. The current conditions indicate this.

What else would have happened? Is it necessary for someone to come and bomb Istanbul? Is it necessary to hit Ankara? What other type of danger or threat could prompt Turkey to go into action, and mobilize its security units?

A country was occupied because of an organization

What would Russia, Iran, or a European Union country like Germany, England or France, or the U.S. do if they were in the same situation?

None of them would care about anyone.

They would not even consider international law. They would each do their own reading, and do whatever is necessary to take action. Most of them did this anyway. Take a look at Iran: it greets danger before it even reaches its own borders. In Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen... The moment it senses danger, Iran pushes it beyond its borders and greets it over there. Wonder why?

Each country is like that. Israel and the U.S. are like that too.

The U.S. and its allies occupied Afghanistan because of al-Qaeda. A country was occupied because of an organization. There are tens of organizations along the Syrian border. There is ISIL, and organizations affiliated with the outlawed PKK. If the U.S. was on this side of the border, Syria would have been completely occupied. We still occupy ourselves with senseless excuses such as international law and legitimacy.

The threat reached our homes; don't you see it?

Forget creating security shields beyond our borders; the threat reaches our borders, comes inside, reaches our cities and homes, and Turkey doesn't move an inch. Some may completely confiscate the southern border of the country; fill in the gap created by instability in the region, and those "some" are not a state, but an organization. Turkey doesn't move an inch.

If an organization's geographical gains preclude Turkey, too, and if that organization has Turkey in its pocket, nobody should hide behind fancy words, and legitimate mechanisms.

If chaos in a country has started to hit you directly, and more importantly, if a structure is being shaped right across the border to set dynamite to Turkey's foundations, you cannot just sit and watch it casually. You have to interfere. You have to do something.

The cost of this may be rather high for Turkey ...

No country can pay the price for such imprudence and unresponsiveness. No state office can avoid this responsibility and put the future of the country at stake by hiding behind numerous excuses.

We are facing a historical responsibility test which goes way beyond our political discourse and bureaucratic responsibilities.

You cannot overcome such grand calculations by daily security tactics, while the region is being shaken, maps are being re-drawn, and the place and power structures of countries are being shaped.

If this continues, our map will change too!

If we continue to wait in such an inactive and lazy manner, display weakness in our willpower, and show uncertainty in domestic politics as a justification, that calamitous scenario will be directed against Turkey after a few steps. At that point, we will act like we are surprised...

If our political perspective, security evaluations, and state mindset show weakness in our country's borders, and fail to determine a stance that goes beyond the current situation, and fails to mobilize its force, it means that our map will change too.

Are we going to just casually sit and wait for this threat to hit Ankara and Istanbul, and reach such an uncontrollable point...?

#İbrahim Karagül
9 years ago
You'll understand when the map of Turkey changes...
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