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And Turkey goes to the polls

Turkish voters will go to the polls on Sunday. Political parties and independents ran fierce campaigns to gain the support of voters in this critical election. We will know the results by next week and they will have important consequences for Turkey... more

Redrawing the map of the Middle East?

Who would have thought that exactly 100 years after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, we would see the Middle East become the scene again for another ruthless power struggle that has brought the entire region to the brink of collapse and chaos on a... more

Defeating ISIS and ending the Syrian War

Last week, ISIS made two advances, one strategic, the other symbolic in Iraq and Syria. It captured Ramadi, a key city in the heartland of Iraq's al-Anbar region and about 110 kilometers away from Baghdad. It then took Palmyra in Syria where ISIS may... more

The death of justice and politics in Egypt

The death sentence given to the former president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, along with 105 people is the latest example of the deepening political and social crisis in Egypt. As the human rights organizations described it, this is a travesty of justic... more

On the dual nature of the human person

Given the history of wars and man-made disasters, one is tempted to think that the human person is a beast in essence. Nietzsche, Freud and their pessimistic followers have said much about this aspect of human beings. In contrast, humanists have put ... more

The Obama Doctrine, the nuclear deal and the Gulf anxieties

On May 13, U.S. President Barack Obama will meet with leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in an attempt to address their concerns over the nuclear deal with Iran. While the nuclear agreement between P5+1 and Iran is an important d... more

The realist versus the idealist: A false dilemma

One of the perennial problems of international relations is the alleged dilemma between what is called realism and idealism. The two represent alternative perspectives on notions of power and international order. They are usually pitted against each ... more

Disarming the PKK: The Critical Stage in the Kurdish Issue

The Kurdish issue in Turkey has entered a critical stage. The political process, fiercely contested by the main opposition parties, has created a new climate of peace and reconciliation. Disarming the PKK without preconditions is key to settling this... more

Three Reasons to read Classical Muslim Philosophers

Why read philosophy when it appears to be largely irrelevant outside academia? Why bother with quaint, now largely unintelligible metaphysical arguments formulated centuries ago? Against all odds, there are good reasons to read the classical Muslim p... more

War, peace and national interest

What rules and principles determine the nature of the current international order today? Given the turbulence and insecurity in the world, one may ask if there are any principles at all that guide the behavior of nations in their exercise of power. A... more

Beyond the walls and wars: Turks and Armenians

Today, we will commemorate the centennial of two events that shaped the modern history of Turks and Armenians. The first was the Battle of Gallipoli where Ottoman forces put up a heroic defence of the Strait of Dardanelles to stop the European Allied... more

Turkey and Kazakhstan: A relationship to cherish

Next year, Kazakhstan will celebrate the 25th year of its independence. With a population of over 17 million and a large landmass, it is one of the pivotal states of Central Asia. It is also strategically situated between two major powers: Russia and... more

Yemen: A crisis of regional order

The Yemen crisis is the result of a search for a new power equilibrium in the Middle East. It will not be settled until a fair balance of power is established. The current tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran over Yemen is a symptom of a larger prob... more


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