Mutant virus panic: The UK was abandoned overnight! This is a grave mistake! The pandemic will eventually end. The world will fight greedy people like Bill Gates. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Mutant virus panic: The UK was abandoned overnight! This is a grave mistake! The pandemic will eventually end. The world will fight greedy people like Bill Gates.

The discovery of a new COVID-19 strain caused a great deal of alarm in the U.K. All of Europe is in a complete state of panic.

The pandemic killed 1.7 million people in a year, shut down countries, virtually brought global economy to a standstill, ended social life as we know it and, most importantly, it struck a very heavy blow on the future hopes of the human race.

Just as we thought, “The vaccine has been found, treatment is being developed; if we make it through the winter, we will emerge victorious,” all hell broke loose in the U.K. It has also been declared that the mutant coronavirus spreads 70 percent faster.

Virus used as a weapon against humanity

Let us note that there is a common opinion worldwide that the virus was intentionally produced and spread in order to redesign the masses, that pharmaceutical companies are using this power against humanity, that a few companies and families are plaguing the world, and using the virus as a weapon to sell more vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

They are marketing an astounding bout of fear.

This opinion should not be undermined. It should also be foreseen that it may increasingly transform into rage. If it is transmuted into rage, it can lead to extremely shattering social reactions, especially in Europe. The political and social impacts of the virus may turn upside down the established order. That is where things seem to be heading.

UK abandoned overnight! This panic is extremely dangerous

What happened the previous night was as dangerous as the “mutant virus”itself. Fear caused state-level panic; the consequence of this method of governance was the materialization of an atmosphere of panic. European countries rapidly banned UK flights. Numerous other countries around the world followed suit. Aircraft were not allowed to land, countries only allowed the entry of their own citizens, and the British were turned away. All 27 EU countries are preparing to clamp down on not only air travel with the U.K., but also barring entry by sea and railway.

They have a point, this is an awareness against the pandemic in the first instant. If the mutated virus was detected in Germany, the U.K. would have done the same. In such a psychological atmosphere, no country would have gotten special treatment.

Will countries be left to perish alone?

However, the pandemic should not be used by states and nations as a means to settle scores with one another. No country should be abandoned or ostracized in such a manner. It should not be locked up and the key thrown away. It should not be left to fend for itself.

The same will soon be done to another country. Countries will sever their ties with each other and be isolated. They will be abandoned to their fate. They will be quarantined and left to die.

This signals a dire future for humanity. States will drift apart as the pandemic destroys areas of solidarity, ends joint defense, and leads many countries to collapse.

The manner of statements rising from the U.K. resulted in it being abandoned overnight. It took only one day for all countries to ostracize it. The biggest cure against the pandemic is to fight it together.

If the fine line between precaution and fear is crossed, states will collapse, cities will start seeking autonomy

If the boundary between precaution and fear cannot be maintained, a disastrous future awaits us. Nobody can begin to fathom where that fear will drag the world.

State authorities will collapse, regions and cities will withdraw, a pursuit for autonomy will arise. Such dangerous social reactions may abruptly break out, particularly in Europe.

It may take on an entirely different dimension after this stage. Countries will start to play the blame game, call one another to account, and base all their strategies on the pandemic.

Such a trend has already started. International relations are taking on a new state, a new form according to the pandemic. Regardless of humanitarian oratory, bilateral relations weaken and strengthen in accordance with the state of countries.

Fallout between countries will cause wars

The European Union’s superstructure has already collapsed. Common areas are about to diminish. Countries are being abandoned; the European ideology and solidarity is about to become ancient history.

The situation in the U.K. presents us strong indications with respect to the kind of future that fear, panic, and selfishness can produce.

If those who need to show solidarity with each other against the pandemic are falling out, we should be able to foresee that this fallout could even lead to wars.

Was the virus and pandemic produced in a laboratory? Is its transmission being controlled? These questions, among many others, are plaguing everyone’s mind. There is an intense atmosphere of suspicion and concern.

We cannot surrender the world to greedy, horrific strategies of those like Bill Gates

This is not certain, yet what is, is that there are those plotting scenarios based on the pandemic, the virus, and fear. This is clear. They are spreading fear and panic with the objective to turn this into economic power, political power, to build a global power.

They are working towards a mono-centric world, a world ruled by companies, a world dominated by greed, and a world reigned by their own sovereignty in the name of destroying the human race.

If it continues as such, states as much as societies may have to fight against these cartels in the near future. Because this will be the most dangerous, most deadly form of colonialism in human history.

The world cannot be left defenseless against the horrific ideas and greed of Bill Gates and those alike, and their plans to destroy the human race.

Pandemic is the end of the road for Europe

Just as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks onset the breakdown, regression and collapse of the U.S., the coronavirus pandemic has had the same impact on Europe. Even if the pandemic is taken under control, there will never again be a Euro-centric ideology; the European mainland’s global power domain will irrevocably collapse.

Regardless of the amount of panic and fear, regardless of how much COVID-19 mutates, I personally believe the pandemic will weaken as of January 2021, and end this spring.

The pandemic will end. Who will collapse/rise?

However, it is also clear that the wounds, the pursuits for a new order that the pandemic has brought about will completely alter the course of the world. It will change everything from politics to sociology, social psychology to joint living culture, technology to defense, and national pursuits to supranational structuring.

This sharp change will signify collapse for numerous countries. Yet it will also pave the way to an extraordinary rise and power-building for others. Turkey is the strongest candidate among rising countries. This is now crystal clear.

Let us prepare for this.


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