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1,128: Students! Don’t attend their classes!

Turkey is under attack. It is under attack by intellectual terror, Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)/Democratic Union Party (PYD) terror and Daesh. While terror and “domestic invaders" are being used inside to bring the country to its knees, it is under the threat of siege from the outside.

If you notice, those on the side of intellectual terror are still trying to complain about Turkey to the West and trying to adjust the country through those capitals and institutions, the PKK issue has turned into part of an invasion, a regional project, rather than terror. It has become a tool of regional plans and map drafts.

There is amazing solidarity between these two. Terror is being marketed in extreme coordination through these circles. A mental operation, set for a showdown with the state, is being carried out, hiding behind terms such as “peace" and “reconciliation" while paving the way for terror and aiming to disrupt the fight against terror. This operation is planned to eventually destroy the country.

Those man enough, those with a backbone will see respect

This operation is the one for which 1,128 people signed that memorandum, which backs the PKK, gives open support to terror and is an indication of hatred for the country and nation. Nobody should undermine this nation's sensitivities, values and capacity to understand. Nobody should try through this debate to take action with old habits and whitewash them.

Nobody should take the pose of a wise man and play mentor from their high horse using fancy words. Because when the people and country are in question, an intellectual show has no significance.

In this circumstance, it is only those with a backbone, those who endure difficulties, stand strong, align with their country and people are man enough and deserving of respect. We have reached such a point that as new maps are being drawn in our region and a new map of Turkey is being imposed on us, we are not going to waste time with intellectual nonsense, comfortable statements and a rhetoric that has no sense of responsibility.

Their hands don't bleed, hearts don't feel

They have been making the same statements for thirty years. They always spoke, wrote, were held in high esteem and respected. Today we realize that they actually have nothing to respect. Their hands don't bleed, their hearts don't feel, their minds are at ease, their privileges remain and whatever happens they find a way with empty but fancy statements. Those who die, die; those who cry, cry; the country's issues don't even make it to their suburbs.

But they look down, cast a position for the ruling party and tune the people. The country and people have never been a concern of theirs. They say, “The country is not in a good state," however their concern is not the country but themselves. They take credit for themselves even from this.

Being an intellectual is not so 'cheap' anymore

They no longer have that comfort, will not have it and should not have it. Those who pay a price are also going to have a say now. Those who pay a price are going to decide too. And we are in a period of paying a price. Everybody who loves their country, nation, people, cities, is going to pay the price of this love. Some are going to pay a price, some are going to lose their lives and they are going to give account for exploiting these lives.

Being an intellectual requires one to be honorable. Being an intellectual is not belittling one's own country and people, looking down on them, complaining about their country to the world. Being an intellectual in this country is no longer “cheap." Being intellectual is not retaliating against the state, taking on the nation as enemy to criticize the state, giving an advantage to the domestic invaders and those besieging the country from outside. Being an intellectual is not backing a terrorist organization. This is a sick thought.

Students! Don't attend their classes!

I want to make a call to university students who are devoted to their country and nation: Do not attend the classes of any of those academics who signed that memorandum. Boycott the classes of those who are backing terror and hiding behind the peace term. Do not respect them. Question them. Know that they are not going to add any value to you. Disregard them.

The relationship between intellectual terror and the PKK is one of the primary threats aimed at Turkey today. This is a “domestic invasion" operation. The Daesh terror is also linked to these. While Daesh is striking Turkey from the inside, their every attack, every activity complete the plans carried out through intellectual terror and PKK/PYD. It is clear that there is a connection between the attack in Sultanhamet and the attack against civilians in Diyarbakır the previous night and the 1,128 signatures.

Blinding with Daesh to pave the way for PKK

It is very strange that the invisible tie between these elements has become revealed with the eruption of the Russian crisis and the activation of the region with Iran's expansion threat. It is also very strange that this trio movement gained prominence as a new wave after the Gezi and December 17 coup attempts and the projects implemented before and after June 7. Trying to prove that these are independent of each other and emerged with different reasons is being blinded, trying to analyze them with the old restricted interpretations and negating all efforts to understand the recent projects carried out in the region.

We are being blinded with Daesh while a way is being paved for the PKK and PYD. As the Sunni branch is being fed, Turkey is being dragged into a conflict with Daesh beyond borders. Daesh is a cyclic threat, but the PKK is a strategic threat. The map setup is being presented through the PKK/PYD. This sly project is used to set a very dangerous threat for Turkey. The fight against Daesh should continue, but this fight should not pave the way for the PKK/PYD. While fighting one threat, Turkey may be left in a situation where it invites a bigger threat, setting itself up for a trap with its own hands.

They have takers in no country

Turkey is a much more powerful country than you think. It will not swallow such dirty operations. It will overcome the PKK terror, intellectual terror and the multinational attempts made through Daesh. Their indoctrinations to see those backing terror in the context of “freedom of expression," while speaking openly against terror, have no takers in any country.

First look at the price of such bias in Germany, France, Russia or any other country for that matter. Those on the list will have no courage to even utter a word at such critical times if they were in these countries. Furthermore, you cannot see any one of them give even 1 percent of the reaction they direct to Turkey to any of those capitals to which they are whole-heartedly devoted. Because they are the frequenters of the “job market" in which intelligence circles award tenders.

These “actors" making skids over our people's bodies will not be tolerated by anybody. Camouflaging the behaviors of those acting with a frightening vindication adjusted to a showdown with the country and people in the form of a criticism of the AK Party will not be believed by anybody.

Do not forget, the time to withdraw is over…

Yes, Turkey is under siege and is face to face with a great showdown. The region is being destroyed and the storm of chaos is being spread to Turkey through such attempts. We are undergoing an extraordinary period similar to that which happened 100 years ago. Hence, almost all powers in the world are involved in this showdown. The Syriafication plot is a close threat for all countries in our region. Those who are unable to comprehend this big global showdown, those who act like they are unaware while they are in the know, should be aware that they have long pushed the limits of tolerance.

Turkey has a claim. Even though they attempt to besiege the country from both within and without, Turkey has a deep political tradition that is able to overcome all and respond to their map drafts with a map. Do not forget, the time to withdraw is long over. Anatolia will not shrink any further, our region will expand even more and with bridges built by winning hearts and close partnerships, this map will grow.

Yet betrayal will be in the history of this period!


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