$4-million bounty over hitman Dahlan’s head. But those two ‘terror baron’ princes are exacting ‘Crusades vengeance’ on us. They’re using Islam, Jerusalem, Mecca as a bargaining chip. They call them ‘Kingdoms of Fire’. Then let’s go back to 1517 if we must. If you continue these attacks, another Sultan Selim the Grim may just emerge - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

$4-million bounty over hitman Dahlan’s head. But those two ‘terror baron’ princes are exacting ‘Crusades vengeance’ on us. They’re using Islam, Jerusalem, Mecca as a bargaining chip. They call them ‘Kingdoms of Fire’. Then let’s go back to 1517 if we must. If you continue these attacks, another Sultan Selim the Grim may just emerge

Turkey is going to release a “red notice” search warrant regarding Muhammed Dahlan, the “Middle East’s hired gun.”

There will be a $4-million bounty placed over Dahlan’s head, who is one of the important names in regional terror traffic.

Dahlan works directly for Israeli intelligence; he was involved in Israel’s assassination project to kill Palestinian leaders and Yasser Arafat’s death by poisoning; he played a role in the July 15, 2016 coup attempt and provided funds; he is one of the architects of the assassination attempt on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; and carried out the operation to launder Iranian money through Dubai together with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

Dahlan carries out two princes’ dirty work, sent assassins to Turkey, manages terror traffic

Being a key name in terms of working together with anti-Turkey organizations in the “terror corridor” and proving them finances and weapons, Dahlan works directly with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh.

He is a figure that clearly and openly manages and helps terrorist organizations, joins and controls murders and covert attacks.

He is a man who has been tasked by every country and power that carried out cyber intelligence networks, cyber terror organizations, social media networks in Jordan, Egypt, Greek Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and attacked Turkey through them, which have a reckoning with our country, who has been carrying out UAE Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s dirty work, and who sent assassins, murderers to Turkey.

You must read this article

I had written a very important article on Nov. 6, 2019, and declared Mohammad Dahlan a terrorist organization manager (click to read that article).

I strongly recommend you read the article I titled, “A warning to Turkey: Hostility towards our country has a new home. There is now a fourth terrorist organization after FETÖ, PKK and Daesh. Two princes. Two ‘terror barons.’ Two relentless enemies of Turkey... The first intervention in our country will be conducted through this gang. Mohammad Dahlan should be declared as a ringleader of a terrorist group; there should be a bounty on his head.”

It appears that Turkey is doing everything necessary and taking measures against much greater disasters.

They’re avenging the Crusades. They’re using Islam, Jerusalem Mecca as a bargaining chip.

But our issue is not Dahlan alone. There is also political terrorism and cultural terrorism in addition to armed terrorism. There is something like state terrorism. There are extensive, extremely in-depth preparations and attempts aimed at forming the greatest anti-Turkey sentiment in the Arab world since World War I.

They are trying to hold Turks accountable for everything that has happened ever since they became Muslim, entered Anatolia and reached Egypt. They want a repeat of what happened in World War I, in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

They are trying to exact revenge for the Seljuks, the Ottomans. They are trying to avenge the Crusades’ for the Seljuks. They are trying to avenge Vienna (continental Europe) and India (the U.K.).

They call them ‘Kingdoms of Fire’. Then let’s go back to 1517 if we must

They are using anti-Turkey sentiment to impress the U.S., the U.K., France and Israel. Enmity against Turkey is not enough, so they also place all that is sacred, religion, sect, Quran, Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina on the negotiation table.

They are updating the revenge for the Ottomans, Sultan Selim the Grim’s defeat against the Mamluks (who were not even Arab) and bringing the caliphate to Istanbul, and to achieve this, they are having television series produced with names such as, “Kingdoms of Fire,” banning Turkish series, and waging a war in the cultural and economic spheres as they have been doing do through terror.

Two US-Israel ‘Gurkhas’: It will backfire to burn Saudi Arabia in a few years

Multi-directional attacks that are entirely targeting Turkey have been started through Saudi Crown Prince Salman and the UAE’s Zayed.

This is not the battle of Arabs. This battle is the U.S. intelligence, the British and Israelis’ showdown with Turkey. These two crown princes, these two Israel and U.S. “Gurkhas” are the leading names of a major scenario that is going to destroy the Arab wporld.

Unless this scenario is stopped, in the very near future, perhaps in a couple of years, perhaps as soon as the Syrian war ends, very great tribulations are going to befall Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. The trap was set against Saudi Arabia; they are unable to even comprehend this.

These countries were ruined because of you. Have you now been ordered to fight Turkey?

It is because of their lack of foresight, their mindlessness that there is destruction across Arab lands since 1991. Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, whichever country comes to your mind, whether it be through war, invasion, civil war, coup or the division of countries, they have all been shaped upon Arab regimes’ political blindness. Everything they regard as threat is a threat for their bosses. That is how they were taught and positioned.

Now, they have been ordered to fight against Turkey. They have been ordered to attack Turkey politically, militarily, through terrorism, and economically and culturally.

This nation has been fighting your bosses for centuries, who do you think you are!

We are calling out to Mohammad bin Salman and Mohammad bin Zayed one more time:

You cannot harm this country through TV series, by banning Turkish series, by feeding terrorist organizations or by sponsoring the opposition within. The British front you were in during World War 1, the U.S./Israel front, which you are on today, are not enough to keep you on your feet.

We are fighting your bosses. We are repeating the same fight for centuries. We are going to expose all your sins. We are going to expose all your dirty and bloody work. You have each turned into a hitman. You have become those countries’, your bosses’ armed forces. You have presented your honor, pride, religion, faith, country and nation to the order of the U.S. and Israel.

If you continue with these attacks, this enmity, another Sultan Selim the Grim may just emerge

Mohammad bin Salman and Mohammad bin Zayed:

If you continue this way, another Sultan Selim the Grim may just emerge. You will live through another 1517. Your current state is much worse than the late periods of the Abbasids. But never forget, Turkey is the sole country that will reach out its hand to you, and I believe you will see this in a few years.

Do you not think at all? Ever since the 1991 Gulf War, all wars are on Arab territory and it is the Arabs that have been defeated in all. Why? For who? For the sake of which country’s wealth are you dying? Why is it that Arab Muslim countries are losing, while non-Arab Muslims countries are gaining power? Just consider this alone.

Those you take as friends, your bosses are going to strike you

For the sake of which powers’ wealth and plundering are you destroying your countries, your people, your wealth and sacred values?

You are not going to be able to cause Turkey harm. Believe me, it is not possible. You have witnessed this many times before and you will see it again. You are going to be the ones destroyed.

It is those who you take as friends, as bosses that will destroy you. We are going to see in a few years only. They are going to burn Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries through you. The plan to take revenge from Turkey is going to be your demise.

Continue as you are.


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