A coup d'état in Tunisia, a plot targeting Turkey... Western funding is trying to create an atmosphere ripe for intervention! Copious amounts of money were given to journalists in Turkey. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

A coup d'état in Tunisia, a plot targeting Turkey... Western funding is trying to create an atmosphere ripe for intervention! Copious amounts of money were given to journalists in Turkey.

U.S. and European Union countries funding certain media outlets and journalists in Turkey transcends journalistic goals.

Focusing on this covert operation, which has become a national security issue for every country, and threatens social unity as well as the country’s integrity, is of the highest urgency.


Who has determined the agenda of these journalists? 

 There is a direct correlation between the coups and internal interventions in Turkey and our region, as well as media funding, non-governmental organization funding, and political funding. 

Furthermore, these funding operations are designed and implemented as a sub-element of the political projects targeting the countries in question. Political plots are implemented underhandedly through these structures. 

For example, in Turkey’s case: 

These funding operations are determinants in everything from ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the “Syrian” issue, from the Turkish military’s operations in Iraq and Syria to the natural gas discovery in the Black Sea, from the predicament in Afghanistan to the relentless power conflict in Libya. 


 Preparing the ground for a coup! 

We know that the latest coup attempt in Tunisia was carried out by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), France, Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. But the introduction, marketing, and mobilization of this plan was carried out entirely through the media and social media. 

Citizens were driven to the streets through the media plan that was implemented through the UAE; demands were voiced, and the ground was prepared for intervention, for a coup. 

The economic stagnation caused by the pandemic was exploited as a weakness. The “weakness diplomacy,” which the U.S. and Europe have been implementing ruthlessly for the last three decades, and its destructive intervention were experienced once more, and in Tunisia this time. 


A fortune has been given to journalists in Turkey! 

The journalists, media outlets, social media accounts and “agencies” funded by the U.S. and Europe are taking position in all these fields and promoting this in accordance with EU and U.S. interests. 

Considering the destructive impact of these campaigns that have recently been carried out internally, the amount of funds distributed in Turkey is much greater than meets the eye. The money traffic, apart from the funding given to emerging media outlets such as Medyaskope, Bianet, 140journos, Serbestiyet, Ruşen Çakır and other journalists, foundations and associations, seems to be on a massive scale. Whatever is going to be done ahead of 2023 will be a major plan, and its preparations will be just as great. 


This money traffic must be exposed 

Therefore, every last detail of this conspiracy must be exposed by the journalists loyal to Turkey, intelligence organizations, the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (Masak), and by political circles. 

Thousands of social media accounts were used in the process leading up to the coup in Tunisia. Social sensitivities were exploited through media manipulations. These were funded by the UAE. Which other countries funded it? Which country controlled these “networks”? How was the plan contrived and implemented? 


From Tahrir to Turkey’s July 15, we are well aware of what they’re after

 We saw this method when the masses’ pursuit for freedom in Egypt’s Tahrir Square was turned into a bloody coup. We saw it during the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) financial coup attempt in December 2013. We saw it before July 15, 2016, which was the gravest foreign intervention in Turkey’s history. 

We see this method in the new opposition formation that was built entirely around FETÖ and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) plans, uniting political parties and terrorist organizations under the same roof. We see it in the common statements made by these parties, their propaganda of the same lies, and their common discourse set to drive Turkey to disaster. 


Kılıçdaroğlu’s lies, İmamoğlu’s nonsense… 

We are seeing this method in Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s “conscious lies,” in Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu’s “nonsense,” in Good Party (IP) leader Meral Akşener’s discourses that do disgrace to political tone, and the Felicity Party’s (SP) unbelievable contradictions. 

We see it in the systematic “lies and plots” that are planned daily in “agencies” or at “secret headquarters”, and shared via social media to take control over the minds of the community in Turkey. 

These are the new forms of what we saw previously. All these are directly related to the U.S. and EU countries’ media funding. All these are the sub-elements of a single plot. All these are signs of a new preparation that matured following the 2016 coup attempt, and recently accelerated. 


Not journalist funding but preparations for an inside intervention! 

 As a matter of fact, there is no media funding. There is a preparation for an inside intervention. This preparation is not limited to the exposed media funding. What are they trying with the NGOs? What are they trying to do with politics? What are they trying to do through capital groups? 

Unlike previous operations, which “conservative” groups are involved in the covert organization this time? Which “conservative” journalists are have a hand in it? This is where fresh information lies. 

In this state, the media outlets and journalists in question appear to have undertaken a task, a role in the new “inside intervention” targeting Turkey. This is the danger. 


Bloody plans disguised as ‘innocent journalism’! 

We knew that Turkey would experience similar events to those in Egypt. We had discussed the “Egypt scenario in Turkey.” Then the coup happened. We know that the coup administration in Tunisia and the preparations in Turkey are directly connected. In fact, we are watching those preparations as they unfold. 

Therefore, it is necessary to take a step back, see the bigger picture and prepare accordingly.

Forget that journalists are becoming wealthy. Forget that the U.S. and EU are launching websites. Forget the underhanded formation of the local opposition. Let us look at what all this will lead to. This is the real danger.

Bloody plans, geopolitical plans are being made under the guise of “innocent journalism.” Countries are under threat by “native invader” organizations. This “inside invasion attempt” is going to test Turkey once again. 


Turkey is the final target, because it will transform the 21st century 

Support Turkey’s central power, the region’s transformation, and Turkey’s axis. The events in Tunisia and Turkey are being planned at the same headquarters. Their masterminds are the same, the objectives and plans are one. 

Do not forget, Turkey is the final target in all global plots. If Turkey collapses, so will the region. But all these plans will hit a brick wall and shatter. The “Gurkhas” within and their foreign bosses will also come to realize this. Turkey will transform the 21st century. The struggle continues! 


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