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A grave danger, a storm is approaching! Secure the south…

We were expecting a crisis immediately after the June 24 elections that will tremble throughout the entire region. It was not hard to predict that the Syria war would not remain as it is, Israel and the U.S. - together with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - would open a new front in Syria, a new front would attempt to be launched from the south in place of the terror zone in the north that largely collapsed with Turkey’s Afrin operation, the northern Iraq-Israel connection project would be activated, it would no longer be possible for a whole state named Syria to remain, and clashes would spread from the Golan to Raqqa.

Yet, more importantly, it was known more or less that Israel would direct Saudi, UAE and U.S. military forces toward Iran, a scenario that would change the entire region with the Iran fear imposed on Arabs be implemented, new fronts would be opened for the Arab-Iran wars, preparations for regional war through Crown Princes Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed would be conducted, and Iran would strike Israel both from the west of Syria and the south of Lebanon.

A very grave danger, a storm is approaching!

But we were expecting this after the elections. We were following the footsteps of regional war, but we did not think it would gain so much pace. The events of the past three days have quite strengthened the likelihood that all this will begin before Turkey’s June 24 elections. Now, today, we are face-to-face with a grave danger that will encompass the whole region from Lebanon to Syria, Iraq to Iran, and Yemen to the Persian Gulf.

The reason behind the rescheduling of Turkey’s elections to an earlier date was never seriously questioned. The answer to this question was not discussed in any way. The opposition bloc, which became focused on the “topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey” project, not making any mention of these possibilities, failing to understand or perceive, or appearing like they assumed a role, a tender, is quite intriguing.

The signal flare has been fired, it is very difficult to go back

However, rescheduling the elections to an earlier date was entirely related to the growing storm both regionally and globally, that it would affect Turkey and the priority that the nation must be ready for all this. The U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia clashing with Iran through Syria is the signal flare of this great storm. A showdown with Iran is starting in every area from Yemen to Syria.

Iran, which, for a while now, has left aside its regime character and has intervened in every region with entirely Persian imperial ambitions, which has intervened in many countries’ internal affairs, which is clashing indirectly with Turkey in Syria, is, perhaps going to face high scale pressure for the first time ever.

At times it is cornered like this, Tehran always distances the war from its borders. This is generally Lebanon. The previous Hezbollah-Israel wars developed slightly in this context. This time, there is no method left for Tehran other than to move the war to Lebanon, Yemen and Syria.

Area between Red Sea-Persian Gulf will turn into a fireball

Cornering Iran would be to drag all three countries into this great war simultaneously at the first step. On the other side, we have the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Once things get out of hand, almost all of the countries in the Persian Gulf will somehow be dragged into these clashes. That is when the area between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf will turn into a blazing fireball. This was the picture of regional war the U.S. and Israel have long been seeking to initiate.

The only reason the Donald Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran is this regional war plan. Israel striking Syria for the last two nights is part of the same plan. Hezbollah winning the elections in Lebanon has further strengthened their hand. Syria has been chosen as the victim and a regional showdown has started through Syria. It is not possible to estimate where this will stop.

Had July 15 been successful, a Turkey-Iran war would have broken out

Had the July 15, 2016 attack been successful, they were going to make Turkey and Iran go to war – this was the great scenario. This way, Iran’s area of maneuver would have been restricted and the said war would have destroyed both Turkey and Iran. When things did not go as planned and reversed on the night of July 15, the U.S. and Israel quickly established a new front line further south, through the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The tender for war with Iran was handed to these countries. This was the main idea behind the coup in Saudi Arabia, it was preparation for a war like this. In a sense, Saudi Arabia’s July 15 was successful. Salman and the UAE’s Zayed are direct apparatuses of the U.S. and Israel intelligence; they will do whatever they are told. They have no other choice or idea anyway. Even the anti-Turkey and anti-President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sentiments of these two princes have been assigned to them.

This is why they wanted to siege Turkey

After July 15, Turkey immediately prevented other steps that would punish it; it launched the Euphrates Shield and with the Afrin operations and weakened their hand. The aim of the terror zone planned to be formed in northern Syria was to siege Turkey.

Later, it was to prevent its intervention in the Arab-Iran wars. It was to form a buffer zone that would sever all of Turkey’s ties with the south. Hence, the Arabs and Turkmens in the region in question have been exiled – a demographic map operation has been conducted.

We need to look to the east of the Euphrates very urgently

The Afrin operation negated this multinational scenario – it at least closed the Mediterranean doors. Our country has no option other than to very urgently expand its area of operation – before or after the elections – toward the east. Turkey, which is being cornered from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, will very soon be cornered from the east of the Euphrates too.

Do not think of the issue as an Iran and Syria issue. It is a geography issue, it is a regional war issue. Even though Iran seems to be the target, the main target is Turkey. Though it may seem imaginary to some, after the elections, this truth will be revealed to us in the most painful way.

Turkey’s south must be secured…

Actions that will harm the Turkey-Russia-Iran tripartite must be avoided, a wise attitude must be taken toward the new Arab-Iran war that will be started by the leadership of the U.S. and Israel, and our country’s south must immediately be secured.

The UAE-Saudi alliance striking Turkey from all fronts, their support for all anti-Turkey terrorist organizations including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD), and their efforts to influence the June 24 elections are an indication that they are in a war with Turkey as well.

These elections are going to be held at an extraordinary time

This is why we consider June 24 as a Turkey matter. This is why we see it as a regional matter. This is why we do not respect those who pursue small plans. This is why we see the strengthening of the state’s central power domain as strengthening our defense shields.

We knew all this would be revealed after the elections. But it already started before the elections. Therefore it is time to support Turkey. It is time to unite on the homeland axis. This is an extraordinary period; this is how we must recognize the elections.


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