A horrific deal was made to topple Erdoğan! US troops in Alexandroupoli are set to cross the border. An unprecedented betrayal is afoot!

Whenever there is havoc within Turkey, know that a game is being plotted overseas. They are hiding something. They are trying to conceal the danger surrounding us by mobilizing those within, blinding us, and drawing attention to internal affairs.

This has always been the case for Turkey. They mobilized the Trojan horses in the country before every major event. They made so much noise that we didn’t have a chance to look up and see what is happening. This was their goal, and they have succeeded.


We’ve seen this scenario many times before!

 We witnessed this plot when the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) drowned Turkey in terrorism. We saw it when a coup was being cultivated. We saw it when the government changed, the prime minister was toppled. We saw it when Turkey was excluded from the game in certain regional developments.

We witnessed this scenario during projects aimed at changing the regime through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). We saw it during the attempts to build an anti-Turkey front in northern Iraq. We saw it in the plans to build a hundreds-of-kilometers-long anti-Turkey front in northern Syria.

We saw this scenario during operations to build an invasion front from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean. We saw it during efforts to completely close off Turkey’s southern borders and doors. We also saw it during the “inside coup, foreign intervention” attempts through FETÖ.


They’re attacking again like weasels, like hyena

Terrorist attacks and economic attacks were conducted. Political chaos was broken out. A plan that would confound the nation was implemented within. Minds were muddied and eyes were blinded through incredible lies and plots.

They are at again. They are trying to cause havoc within through an alliance of political parties and terrorist organizations. Those whom we considered “wise” but later found out to be Trojan horses were also mobilized, along with their acolytes, for this new scenario.

They started attacking Turkey under the guise of a political agenda, under the guise of scrambling after internal power. Like weasels, like hyena, they are attacking every sacred value of our country, our nation, everything related to our vast history and future claims.


Exhausting, stopping, shrinking Turkey

 Thus, there is no need to even pursue a foreign threat. They are all doing what needs to be done within anyway. Excluding foreign invasion, they are using every weapon to erode, weaken, stop, and even shrink Turkey. They even established a partnership with terrorist organizations under the name of political alliance. 

However, everything is much bigger than meets the eye. Because Turkey is much greater than we think. It goes far beyond the surface. Turkey does not consist of Anatolia alone. Its future map does not consist of Turkey alone.

If a great future is being built with the history and experience of centuries, this will shake the entire region. It will cause tremors in the earth’s main axis, the “middle zone.”


Promises made to those within. They made a deal

Those within think the issue is constricted to Turkey. Those overseas, on the other hand, are calculating what could happen in the entire region and the middle zone. Thus, the war that is being carried on with and the plans made abroad are all regional and global. Nothing about Turkey is local anymore!

Remember the map they implemented from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean. They tried to build a zone here in cooperation with terrorist organizations. Daesh was involved as well. This map and the 2016 coup attempt were one and the same project. Had it been successful, Turkey would have been a significantly smaller country today.

Turkey destroyed the south front. It negated the map in the north of both Syria and Iraq. But they are lying in wait. They are going to pick up from where they left off “after” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The political opposition front within made them a promise in this regard. They made a deal!


Give us the ruling power, we’ll give you Turkey!

They “put that project on hold for the moment,” and immediately turned to the southwest. They called all the world’s fleets, energy companies, all Western countries, and some regional countries to the East Mediterranean. They made a new energy-based siege plan targeting Turkey.

Turkey put up a resistance against this as well. So far, no project has been successfully implemented in the Mediterranean. They made numerous deals, yet made no progress.

However, those local cabals were made “post-Erdoğan” promises. The political opposition-terrorist organizations front pledged their support to all the West’s projects aimed at besieging Turkey, from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, and asked that they be granted ruling power within.

They made an immoral, a despicable deal. History has never before witnessed such betrayal!

Let’s get to the real matter now.


Military buildup in Alexandroupoli 

Having received “post-Erdoğan” assurance, the U.S., Europe, and Israel expanded the front, the siege all the way to the West. Aegean islands were turned into arsenals. The U.S., Europe, and Israel started a horrific weapons buildup in this Greece.

Military bases are being built at the zero point of our shores, 20 kilometers from our border. The buildup in Alexandroupoli is a disaster, an insult, a great threat for this country.

The same thing that happened along the Iran-Mediterranean line is now being done in the Aegean-Greece. The sole reason behind the storm they are currently brewing within Turkey, the noise they are making is to divert any attention away from this military preparation.


This has nothing to do with politics or the upcoming election! Turkey’s existence is under threat; wake up!

 Russia issued a warning about the preparation in Greece.

However, this threat directly concerns Turkey. There is a major buildup at the West gate, and it is overtly targeting Turkey. The front in the Aegean and the front within are one and the same. 

This has nothing to do with democracy, elections, political alliances, a government change, or the number of votes. This is blatantly and clearly a matter concerning Turkey’s existence.


They said, ‘You can’t do this while Erdoğan is in power. Topple him, get what you want.’

 1- Just as the partnership between political parties terrorist groups within worked with those who built a front in the south, they are now cooperating with those who built a front in the West. Just as FETÖ and the PKK worked with them, political parties are doing the same now.

2- They have been told, “Topple Erdoğan, and you will have it all.” Their response was, “Give us the ruling power within, and we promise you all these projects.” They were then told, “You can’t do it while Erdoğan is in power; suspend it for now. You will get what you want once we come.”

3- Thus, they gathered Turkish political parties under a single roof with FTEÖ and the PKK. They were promised political power. Promises were made to topple Erdoğan.


The worst betrayal of our history

4- A horrific storm is being brewed now. The economic attacks, character assassinations, and lies and plots aimed at completely confusing the people are all being implemented in accordance with this deal.

5- Our political history witnessed horrific betrayals. But this is the worse betrayal of our history. A deal was made based on selling off and shrinking our homeland.

6- There are two sorts of scenarios. The first is to topple Erdoğan through elections. The whole of the West is striving for this. All the discourses and plots within are being carried on in tandem. The opposition is receiving overt support and direct instructions.

7- The second is to topple him through other means. This is the real deal. 


Non-election preparation. US troops in Alexandroupoli set to cross the border!

 8- The moment they realize they will not be able to topple Erdoğan through elections, they will conduct an intervention similar to July 15 coup attempt. This time, U.S. troops, as well as other Western troops, will cross the border from Alexandroupoli. They will enter Turkey. This will be a foreign intervention to support those within.

9- U.S. and European preparations in Greece are not limited to Russia or to providing support to that Athens alone. The world’s biggest geopolitical intervention right now concerns Turkey. The shape of the global power map is changing in line with Turkey’s rise. They are going to try and stop this.


There will be no stepping back. Protect, support Turkey!

 10- They will not be able to launch this intervention while Erdoğan is in power, while the current political mind, state mind is in power, and the cadre that will sustain this remains in power. This is the behind-the-scenes of the power game we see within.

They are trying to use the same sanctions they used against the Ottomans in Turkey. They are exactly the same. Those who remained on Turkey’s axis and those who were on the West’s axis back then are in the same position today. 

This has nothing to do with politics or internal policy. There is a great showdown in process. This is the showdown of centuries. It can never be stopped. We will never step back. We are going to win this showdown. We must.

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A horrific deal was made to topple Erdoğan! US troops in Alexandroupoli are set to cross the border. An unprecedented betrayal is afoot!
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