A match was lit to set Turkey ablaze. Clearly, this is an ‘internal threat’! A meticulous scenario is being acted out.

Every week, a new “crisis” is generated in Turkey. A match is lighted on a new subject. Subjects that will sabotage social harmony, public morale, and peace are specifically curated. A game is being played with Turkey’s nerves. A war is being carried out against the influence Turkey holds. 

Religious, ethnic, sectarian, and political identities are all brought to the fore as areas of conflict. Beliefs and values are weakened, and the spirit of social solidarity is being sabotaged. The country is being exhausted to the extent that it cannot battle vast disasters, great wars, and pivotal challenges. 

Cherry-picked subjects are being presented through special teams

Items of crisis and conflict are chosen carefully and consciously. Affairs set to push the public’s buttons and cause an uprising are being dropped like a bomb. 

These are all determined and processed via a systematic setup. These crises are then launched through certain “command centers” set to trigger social conflict. They are marketed as if they were Turkey’s primary issues through “teams” formed by opposition groups. 

Political parties, opposition leaders, and terrorist organizations… What a scenario! 

Subsequently, political parties gear up and get the masses involved in the discussion. Then, political leaders appear and transform the debate into a “Turkish crisis.” 

Later, terrorist organizations such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), etc., saddle up and publicize that very crisis through their networks instituted both locally and abroad. Finally, foreign media takes up its pen and presents to the world a picture aimed to develop the perception that “Turkey is diseased.”

It all goes back to the start. It is schemed abroad, prepared locally, and completed overseas. A project is launched in the U.S., Europe, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and concluded at headquarters in Turkey. 

A political scheme threatening Turkey’s future

Those assigned a role come equipped with the weapons of their masters and attack Turkey using these. Every discussion, every crisis, every attack carried out through natural disasters, such as the current wildfires, are all conducted using this method. 

Forget the lies. Forget the smear campaigns launched as political projects. We are facing a grave political scheme, a political project that threatens Turkey’s future. 

This project wasn't hatched by Turkey. Neither was it the Turkish opposition, nor the ruthless enemies of Turkey among us. They are only useful weapons, ticking time bombs. 

The bases abroad are successfully using them, their evils, hostility, malevolence, and hate, as well as their personal agendas for their “projects targeting Turkey.” They are investing in our vulnerabilities and achieving positive results through the “weak within.” 

Boundaries of knowledge, speed, the mind. Multinational company dictatorship

The world is going through an extraordinary period. Forget the Covid-19 pandemic, the 21st century, as a whole, will be an age of extraordinariness. The human race, treading on the boundaries of knowledge, speed, and the mind, is witnessing an age in which individuals are blinded, communities are left defenseless, multinational companies become dictatorial and global society is reshaped.

Climate changes, social unrest, income inequality, multinational companies trying to substitute themselves for states, the “nationalization” of terrorist organizations, communities becoming putty in the hands of multinational companies, arrogance, and greed becoming a threat for all of humanity are only some of these examples. 

Why attacking from within is an ‘internal threat’

Nations have two options: They are either going to start defending their country, community, and presence; they are going to invest in extraordinary power in this respect, or they are going to disintegrate and collapse. A small minority, savages, and companies will plunder all countries and their resources, and threaten humanity. 

Therefore, it is essential to fight as one against these threats. Like numerous other countries, this is what Turkey is fighting. It is striving to consolidate power against regional traumas, and global disintegrations; it is gearing up for a relentless fight. 

Every operation, every act that will weaken our country from within at such a time, is an internal threat. It is a danger against our nation, our survival. Whether done consciously or not, every move is harming us all. 

This is by no means dissidence. It is open hostility towards Turkey

An internal threat is being launched under the guise of dissidence. For example, causing distractions to weaken the fight against forest fires, misleading the public, presenting the state as weak, provoking the nation’s sensitivities, are internal threats. Trying to conceal sabotage amidst the flames, if any, instead of investigating it, is a great evil. 

A social wave of consciousness must be established regarding the detriment the country has suffered at the hands of those who perceive being in the opposition as attacking Turkey, those who attack Turkey to attack President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, those who invest in Turkey’s devastation to oust Erdoğan. 

What’s next? Look, they’re going to repeat themselves

This is the imminent threat targeting Turkey. We know how to fight terrorism, foreign attacks, the economic wars launched by certain countries, and the plans to stop Turkey. But internal attacks devastated all the states and empires we built for centuries. This is the great danger. 

We experienced this malevolence once more in the last week. Next week they are going to pop up with a new agenda, a new crisis. They are going to implement the same method. 

It will be cooked abroad, launched from the headquarters in Turkey, nationalized by the Turkish opposition, supported by foreign-financed media outlets, and turned into an internal conflict by opposition leaders. 

Wait, and you will see. 

Come, let us fight this evil together! 

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A match was lit to set Turkey ablaze. Clearly, this is an ‘internal threat’! A meticulous scenario is being acted out.
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