A missile may accidentally be fired, and two war ships may collide. The world will bring the US and Israel into line

The trade war between the U.S. and China may result in very dire consequences. Though it appears to be between the U.S. and China, there is, as a matter of fact, a global-scale economic, political, and military power struggle happening. This is a sign that a crisis that will influence the whole world is growing. This is why the U.S.'s threats, targeting the overwhelming majority of the world - including Turkey - may lead to concerning results for humanity.

Having lost its global claims and moral ground, the U.S. may make crazy attempts. All fault lines, including our region, from the Eastern Europe to the Balkans, to the Asia Pacific region may be activated and turn into areas of conflict. The world that is currently dealing with Syria may very soon encounter a "state of war" in more than one country. What's more, this time, the war might break out not between countries that are the victims of the power struggle of “center countries',” but directly between the center countries themselves.

A missile may accidentally be fired, and two war ships may collide

What do you think? Is the state of the U.S. and Chinese war ships, which are only five meters apart, in the Southern China Sea enough to tell the world something? Do the U.K. and Russian war jets constantly harassing one another mean something? Russian and U.K. war ships may brush each other tomorrow in the Baltic Sea. They may collide in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Or a missile may be fired by mistake in all these regions; a war jet "accident" may arise. Or, a massive "terrorist attack" - that will activate many countries - may occur in one of the West's capitals. Then, the whole world may be on full alert.

This is a huge storm: Tables have been scattered

A huge storm is fast approaching and there is no international mechanism left to reverse it and calm the powers that are testing one another with trade wars. All supra-national structures have been disintegrated or neutralized. The majority of international agreements have been suspended.

States are now alone, and everything related to international dialogue, reconciliation has been deactivated, with the tables scattered. Under these circumstances, every state took action along the axis of its own claims - surfacing the power intoxication and their state's deep lack of confidence. When these two situations merged, the danger started to take the entire world under its influence.

Language that should be avoided even at war: This is the collapse of an empire

The political language used between countries, especially after Donald Trump became president of the U.S., heightened to such a degree that this sort of discourse wouldn’t even be used during war. Even though this may be considered as Trump's "instability," this is actually the way the U.S. is redefining itself.

It has lost its global claims, its credibility, and completely turned to tyranny. The U.S. will never again have a global claim. The current power showdown with China is a symbol; in the near future, it will clash with all center and medium-scale countries of the world. Thus, increasing the momentum of the collapse of the American empire.

A 'Sick Man' is dragging the whole world to disaster

The economic attack aimed at Turkey is part of this showdown. The moment Ankara escaped the century-old tutelage and chose its own path, Washington's attacks started. This is the reason behind the siege from northern Syria and the coup attempts made in the country. The disintegration will continue and the conflict will further intensify. But this is not Turkey's struggle alone. A global consensus aimed at restricting the U.S. is being formed.

A "Sick Man" that threatens a country like India, which it considers an ally against China and Russia, with sanctions; that states it can hit Russia's missile production facilities, that wants to rapidly turn the trade war with China in to a clash in the Southern China Sea, that blackmails its regional financier, Saudi Arabia, saying, "give us more money or you won't last two weeks," that "builds a front to attack Turkey" in the east of the Euphrates, and threatens its European allies which do not support it, is trying to drag humanity into a great collapse, hand in hand with Israel.

The world will bring the US and Israel into line

To what extent are we aware of this danger, the approaching storm, and to where the world is going? Tensions are rising by the day, so is the threatening discourse, and more dangerous actions are becoming prevalent with respect to the reckoning between states by the day.

What's bad is that there is no optimism left with respect to the improvement of the atmosphere. The world is going to require an entirely different power equilibrium to control the U.S. and Israel, and will be required to take steps in this direction.

Trade wars are the collision of two missile ships

We are living in an age of madness, of instabilities. The steps being taken are of a nature that will wreak havoc along the axis of resources, markets and security. This may seem exaggerated to those who do not look anywhere other than Turkey, who do not lift their heads up to understand what is happening.

True, there have been such times, but during those times the tension had intensified in certain regions - like in Iraq, Syria, Palestine or another region of the world. Now, a tension that is spreading throughout the entire world is in question. And this reveals the criticality of the danger. Nobody knows what may happen a day or a week later.

China, the second-largest buyer of oil from the U.S., has stopped all purchases. Both countries are on the verge of clashing missile ships. Now, the U.S. is starting a major drill in the same region. This is what the trade war means.

The eight martyrs yesterday, east of the Euphrates, and the economic attack are all a part of one plan.

The trade wars are going to evolve into geopolitical disintegrations, great power struggles. They are going to lead to serious conflicts in the breaking points on the earth's power map. The struggle over resources and markets is going to be carried out with missiles. Armies are going to become the leading forces of companies, their investment tools. Considering it from this aspect, it is already likely to see 10 countries start clashing one morning.

Turkey is a country at the center of this kind of a showdown. Hence, it is facing severe economic attacks. This is why the struggle is not something limited to the dynamics in Turkey alone. Only yesterday, eight of our soldiers became martyrs in Turkey's southeast Batman province. We have been making warnings regarding the east of the Euphrates for days. Economic attacks and these are all part of the same plan.

Resisting the great storm: Offense, both domestically and abroad

Thus, regardless of the price, we say that intervening in the east of the Euphrates is a national struggle. We believe that this is where we can give the best response to the economic attack. Thus, we look at every attempt aimed at weakening Turkey's great struggle with suspicion. This is why we believe that the real showdown will happen not in our region but along the East-West line, in the Asia Pacific region.

Turkey, our nation, we must all be prepared against this great storm. We must start an extraordinary mobilization of defense. The attacks that come through the Eastern Mediterranean and Syria will, a while later, start coming from other regions as well. The struggle, the local resistance is actually our struggle against this great storm as well.

I am sharing what I saw. Therefore, I say, be alert in every area. Because the whole world is.


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