A new wave of terrorism approaches. Preparations are being made in Turkey to counter this. Remaining in defense mode is suicide - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

A new wave of terrorism approaches. Preparations are being made in Turkey to counter this. Remaining in defense mode is suicide

The U.S. administration is now conducting on all its plans in the Middle East through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other terrorist organizations. It completely removed the boundary between legitimate governments and terrorist organizations.

It lost states, and is now seeking refuge in terrorist organizations

This is now crystal clear. From now on, including Turkey, all countries need to act according to this reality, regardless of whether they are friends or foes with the U.S.

The U.S. administration ushered in a very dangerous era for the world. It destroyed any concept of trust and reputability between legitimate states, international institutions, superstructures, traditional alliances and international practices which determine the world order with its “carelessness.”

All countries are rapidly disassociating from US, seeking safe a haven

This inclination shook all the trust countries had in the U.S. Despite the efforts aimed at preserving existing relations, states are now in seek of new alliances and have turned towards new power formations against this threat.

Therefore, whoever is moving away from the U.S. now, the one responsible for this is the U.S. administration itself. The reason is its greedy, ambitious, selfish and unreliable attitude.

Countries, states, and nations’ efforts to protect themselves, to guarantee their own future, find greater room in the international domain is their most natural pursuit. Thanks to U.S. threats and its unreliable attitude, this pursuit has gained great momentum, kickstarting an incredible race for power.

US may attack countries through terrorism, but the time will come when the tables turn

The U.S. formed the main foundation for this weapon that it has been using against countries which backfired one day and shot itself in the foot. It turned terrorism into a weapon, a security tool, a foreign policy argument, and placed it at the center of the power map, not only against countries it considers as its enemy, but also against countries it identifies as “friend and ally.”

It started oppressing countries in the region through terrorist organizations, designing the region through them, basing geopolitical calculations on these, and seeking the solution to its isolation in them.

This disintegration is seen most dramatically in Turkey-U.S. relations. Nobody should dare close their eyes and ears and act as if none of this is happening.

US, European plans to build a “South Wall” with PKK, Daesh

The U.S. and Europe are the ones supporting Daesh in Iraq in an attempt to build a Daesh wall on Turkey’s southern border. Support was received from Israel as well as some Arab countries. The U.S. settled in our southern zone with the “fight against Daesh” excuse, but it had the organization attack Turkey. The relationship between Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) soldiers and Daesh is no longer a secret.

The U.S. and Europe are the ones that have been supporting the PKK for decades in Turkey’s south and east, having them attack cities, and using them as a “control apparatus” against Turkey.

The U.S. and Europe are the ones that have been protecting the PKK in Northern Iraq, that declared the PKK an ally when it was invading Iraq, that further strengthened it while “new Iraq” was being formed, and tried to corner Turkey with attacks from our southern borders.

US attacked Turkey within through FETO, from abroad through PKK/YPG

The U.S. is the one that established, groomed, trained, and armed the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and its components with regards to the Syrian civil war. The U.S. is also the one that formed a vast terror force this time in the Syria section of our southern zone, and is using this solely to take Turkey’s southern gates under control.

The U.S. is the one that mobilized FETÖ for a coup from within, that established partnership between FETÖ and the PKK/YPG, that coordinated them all in efforts to shrink Turkey, and formed the fields of partnership in domestic policy to achieve this.

Similar terror blackmail practices apply for all countries in the region. Though they are on the U.S. orbit and despite knowing the truth, many countries that are unable to find a refuge or find the means to build their own power are remaining quiet, “for now.”

Every country is waiting for US power to be balanced out

Yet, will the U.S. be able to rebuild its collapsed sovereignty in the region through the PKK, YPG and Daesh, which it identifies as “allies”?

The countries in the region – with the exception of Israel – are experiencing deep disintegration. This disintegration cannot be overcome easily. This is due to the fact that every country that is sick and tired of the U.S.’s belligerence is trying to interpret the world’s new power map and take position accordingly. Thus, to do this, they are waiting for the U.S. power to be balanced out.

US is preparing for the new terror wave

There is a new situation at hand now:

Following President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the U.S. is preparing for a new terror wave. The transferal of weapons to the PKK/YPG has reached incredible lengths. This reinforcement, which even includes air defense systems, signals a preparation that goes beyond the PKK.

Investment in terrorism in Syria and Iraq was entirely tasked to the Pentagon, and they resumed from where they had left off. The escalation of terrorist attacks in Iraq and Syria is indicative of this new wave. At this rate, the attacks will not be restricted to those countries and will seep into our cities as well.

They didn’t stand against because they’re afraid of US, not of opposition

The lack of a firm stance by Turkey’s opposition regarding the execution of 13 Turkish citizens in Gara, diverting their rage towards President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the government, the People’s Alliance, and Turkey in order to camouflage the situation is the biggest harbinger of the new terror wave.

They are afraid of the U.S., not of opposition, which is why they refrained from protecting their country and people and showing open reaction against terrorism. This is a sign that preparations are being made inside Turkey for the new terror wave. It is an extremely critical sign, but this is the situation at hand.

Are preparations being made ‘within’? Remaining in defense mode is suicide!

We are facing another “preparing the atmosphere within and attacking both internally and from abroad” scenario. We are carefully monitoring who are partners, who are the bosses, and who is setting the game.

There is only one thing to do, and that is anything but “defense.” The defense era is long gone for Turkey. Confronting the threat is what Turkey needs to do. This is the method that ensured every victory after the July 15 coup attempt.

This is the only move that will spoil the game.

Remaining in defense is suicide.


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