A political attack is being attempted through economic terrorism

Personalizing the economic crisis, or rather the open economic attack Turkey is facing, and blaming it on some, forming the psychological foundation of the operation of attack from here, trying to build a wave of dissatisfaction, turning this into an internal political showdown and try to take revenge in this way, implementing covert plans under the guise of "innocent warnings" and "telling the truth," is an extremely dangerous, extremely unfortunate attempt.

In some way, the Dec. 17-25, 2013 plan was spread to groups other than the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) too; it is obvious that certain scenarios have been written too. Sometimes, we need to tell the truth, carefully think about where our statement falls, and of which big plan it becomes a part of.

Bringing the front close to Turkey

Everybody should remember that this country encountered "multinational interventions" like the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, like the ones before it. Everybody should remember that what is being belittled and mocked as "external forces" today, is a foreign intervention that reached the point of destroying our country on the night of July 15.

Nobody should forget that this country developed a new awakening, rising wave at the end of the 20th century, and hence encountered heavy attacks, that the nature of the attacks was based on the principle of "stopping Turkey, shrinking it," and that the examples of Iraq and Syria signify bringing the front close to Turkey.

Those 'reports' are now being used on the 'field.' Even in our country.

It is not like the opposition, the legitimacy of telling the truth is going to be questioned. However, in the last 16 years, we have numerously seen that there has always been an intervention hiding under all these camouflages.

They used Islamist, conservative Muslims in the entire Muslim world to form terrorist organizations for their own operations for three decades now. On July 15, they used another "conservative-looking" structure against us again.

In the Arab/Muslim world, they used the "religious movement structures." They have been publishing countless reports and projects analyzing these structures since 2015. They used the majority of these projects on the field. And they did this in front of our eyes and we failed to realize most of them.

Conservatives need to be careful. Let us not make the same mistake again

If a group is going to be used against Turkey's current great march, there is no doubt that they will once again try a "conservative-influenced" attempt. They have no other option left anyway. Therefore, it is these factions of society that need to secure themselves, be careful and show extraordinary sensitivity the most, regarding the new international set-up.

We saw the same set-ups, scenarios in the late 19th century, and during the early 20th century as well. We also saw who was used against the great Ottomans and how they were used. Let us not repeat the same mistake again. Let us not miss out on history once again.

Economic attack and terror attacks from the same source

Economic crises are not always limited to strictly economic problems. Yes, that is what they appear to be. Yet, most of the time, they are part of geopolitical plans. Even though this is the case for the country in general, it is the same at the global scale too.

Sometimes it is like terrorism, sometimes like an internal political crisis, sometimes like open threats, sometimes like a state-to-state war. Look at what happened before both world wars: economic showdowns, resources, colony sharing.

Look at the economic crises Turkey has gone through to date: they are all political crises carried out through the economy, they are adjusted to design internal politics, they have been planned to plunder the wealth the country made every one to two decades, to condemn it to poverty, to imprison Turkey in the Atlantic axis. In this sense, both economic crises and terrorist attacks are part of the same plan.

This is not an economic crisis, it's a geopolitical showdown

The crisis that hit the West in 2008 was, based on its outcomes, a geopolitical crisis. This is how the West's global domination theories collapsed. The U.S.'s trade wars today with China, Russia, Europe, Turkey, among other countries, are also going to produce geopolitical outcomes.

What we call trade wars are power wars. We will see in a few years the kind of conflicts, fractures it will lead to in different parts of the world, which countries it will restrict and for which countries it will benefit. Turkey is right at the center of this global power struggle. It is trying to get itself out of the 20th century and take position in the center. We call this the new rising period.

And in this very period, we are under severe attacks. Of course, this was going to be the case; this is a struggle. If you have great claims, you will also have great fights. You cannot grow without joining this showdown. This is why the attacks we have been facing for years, our struggle against these are great.

Some are trying to trivialize Erdoğan's statement

Some are trying to neutralize and trivialize President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statements and struggle targeting economic terrorism.

Some are trying to defame those who are working against the economic problems with all their might, trying to create a bad image, and from this, produce a social reaction.

Some are squalling that "the country has collapsed, we are over," and investing in "psychological evil," while on the other hand, they try to smuggle their billions of dollars outside the country by organizing "money trips."

What do they want to prevent by sending cryptos to the field with different 'identities'?

Some are covering their lack of ability to produce any political theory through the "economic crisis" discourse in search of a social opposition platform. Some are seeking ways to weaken the national axis that keeps Turkey's backbone, its historic claims alive, to make it dysfunctional so they can better shatter the country, while they run the "economic crisis, social dissatisfaction" theory.

As discourses about intervening in the east of the Euphrates rise, as that time nears, some resort to the "economic crisis," and send the cryptos to the field with various identities. Strangely, the paths of those who strike the country with economic attacks and these groups cross somewhere and their methods and timing fully overlap.

There are monuments of morality, operators who talk through their hat on TV, their columns

Some pretend to be epitomes of morality in the name of "telling the truth," saying, "so what, are we going to remain silent about these now?" and set off for the agenda of others, talk through their hats on television, on their columns, and preach about honesty, pretending to be social opinion leaders, appearing much different than they really are.

Arrogant manipulation gurus that appear wise, that have never had the right political foresight, never burdened themselves with a responsibility, that have chased small plans are roaming around. They are the men of the psychological operation of the new covert move and soon, others will join this caravan too.

This is what they did while the Ottoman Empire was collapsing... They are doing the same thing as Turkey is rising.

Some groups are underhandedly conducting a covert political project; they are doing this by playing with the minds of circles that favor the Justice and Development (AK) Party - they try to deviate them from what really matters by blinding them with details. My personal, open and clear opinion is that the new "group" they want to form will be brought forth as part of everything that is happening in our region and the world and certainly the multinational theories aimed at Turkey.

They tried this as the Ottoman Empire was collapsing and succeeded at it too. Now, as Turkey is rising, they are going to try again. I hope I was able to express myself.


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