A storm will strike after the pandemic. Turkey will further shock the world in 2021! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

A storm will strike after the pandemic. Turkey will further shock the world in 2021!

Regardless of what anybody says, regardless of the lies they spin within the country, regardless of the myriad evils they spread, Turkey will continue to rise in 2021. As a matter of fact, its rise will be further expedited.

You cannot perceive this by looking through the lens of the events in Turkey alone. You can see it by considering global developments, by following the discussions centered on Turkey around the world. Everybody who is able to even slightly shield themselves from the waves of evil poisoning minds will comprehend this.

Turkey is surprising the world. They never predicted any of this!

Turkey pronounced itself as one of the most vigorous and most dynamic powers of the vast region spanning the Caucasus and North Africa, Central Africa and the Persian Gulf, Central Asia, the Balkans, and the coasts of the Indian Ocean and the Black Sea.

It has proven itself as a sovereign that weakened and diminished the presence of those who have been reigning in these regions for centuries. It buckled up to compete against and settle scores with the biggest powers on the earth's main axis.

This was an action that could never have been foreseen in any of the plans targeting the 21st-century’s global order, power, or trends. Turkey would continue to cooperate with the West, but it would also follow an economically and politically balanced policy with the East. It was going to be an affiliate power simultaneously supporting the Western pact and a country occupied with its power plans.

Why did this send the West into a frenzy?

The world is going to divide into two distinct camps: East and West. As of the third quarter of the 21st century, there would be extraordinary power conflicts between these two fronts, and this conflict would determine the world's future.

Turkey was the one they never saw coming. It made wise leaps. It developed a political discourse that would cause systematic transformation within, render it the most effective power in the region, and trigger a strong impact in the new international system. This is the reason underlying U.S. and EU panic, and panic in Western capitals, such as the French example.

Turkey is trying to send a message to the masses stuck between the East and the West, to nations and countries that are doomed to these two options alone. It is saying that the region spanning the Atlantic and Pacific coasts need not be the stage of conflict for these two fronts, that they can build their own power, while showing by example that this is possible.

Turkey is either engaging in diplomacy or on the front with the world’s superpowers. The real surprise begins in 2021

Turkey is risking all such threats and striving, putting up an extraordinary fight to overcome these threats. It is either sitting at negotiation tables with the world's superpowers or facing them on the fronts.

Simultaneously, it is opening up joint areas for both regional countries and global actors, and making strong proposals to build a just world. Turkey accomplished this towards the end of 2020, and gained the world's acknowledgment as a rising country.

Yet, we are going to observe truly shocking developments from now on. We are going to see how a great force claims its history, claims the present, its game-changing role, its region-building legacy. The world is going to witness a much more dominant version of the Turkey it had been monitoring until 2020.

Not random but meticulously calculated actions

This is because every action Turkey takes, its every attempt, every touch, every position and attitude is not arbitrary, conjunctural, or aimed at producing a response to any state. They are well thought out, meticulously calculated, planned for the long-term, and built upon an excellent interpretation of regional and global trends.

Considering this, everything that Turkey has done and achieved so far can be seen as a start, as the final preparation. From now on, relations with the U.S., with Europe, with center-building countries such as Russia and China, rational sharing with them will be carried out through power-based negotiations or showdowns.

Empires carried to the present through wise geopolitical calculations

Turkey's wise geopolitical calculations must not be undermined. We know that these are the results of the legacy of the Seljuks, the Ottomans, a history of centuries-old relations with the West, centuries-long regional crises with Russian empires, the Crusader Wars, and its accretion of knowledge dating back to the Abbasids.

We will start seeing vaster, much deeper and more concrete forms of those geopolitical initiatives in 2021. “Turkey’s intellect” will come forth as the intellect of empires against the West’s regression and the East’s rise.

This is the plan which we have been referring to as “Turkey's axis.” A reality beyond political parties and identities, and country positions will declare its own presence both at home and abroad.

Storm in store after pandemic. Who is ready, who will remain silent?

An extraordinary storm will strike after the COVID-19 pandemic, which will reveal that Turkey's vigorous presence and preparation will be much adept to deal with this storm than numerous other states.

Countries in Europe will become silent. The colonial and imperial history of many countries will come to an end. Turkey will come forth as a country that is ready for a five-century breaking point, a transformation in history, as an established state.

What understanding are Erdoğan’s speeches based on?

I have been paying particular attention to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speeches in the last four years within this context. His statements activate such a deep political mind which stem from the depths of centuries-old history and go beyond ages; unfortunately we fall short in lending the necessary support to this call.

Erdoğan’s statements are not a matter of internal policy. It is not a discourse limited to the rivalry between parties. He uses the language used by great powers, the political language that contains entire experiences and background that were gained after Turks embraced Islam and spread within the region.

He speaks with the understanding of a vast region, from the Great Wall of China to Central Europe, from South Asia to Central Africa. He speaks as the representative of the Seljuks, the Ottomans, and as the Republic of Turkey. He speaks as the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Red Sea, and the Caspian Sea. He speaks as the Caliphate, as Rome and as Europe and Asia.

We must support and strengthen these statements, produce ideological movements

In the past we would follow the discussions in the U.S. and Europe; adapt them to Turkey, and strive to present the developments of the world. Now, the tables have turned. The world is discussing Turkey. Topics such as, “What is on Erdoğan’s mind” and “What will Turkey do next” are the world's hottest topics, from Western media and intellectual circles to groups in Asia.

Can we not expand and augment these discussions? Can we not develop our own statements and claims and convey them to the world? Can we not fulfill Erdoğan’s statements? Can we not conceptualize Turkey's theories and turn them into ideological movements?

While discussions on Turkey are currently focused on politics, primarily military and foreign politics, can we not amplify discussions concerning those in the fields of cultural and regional-geopolitical ideology?

We must return to great claims, grand statements, ideals.

If our writers and thinkers were to follow Turkey and lend strength to its current goals, if they turn this into powerful regional and global discourses, discussions and movements, it would make extraordinary waves.

We have to do this. We are obligated to do so. Regardless of the mental corruption efforts of the front within, without heeding them, we must return to great claims, grand statements, and great ideals.

Do not forget that there is no longer an opposition within. Instead, a “foreign front has been established within.” But let us not allow this to occupy, distract or stop us.

Even if we are isolated, Turkey will further continue to surprise the world in 2021

Even if we are stranded, we are going to witness Turkey's great claims and great rise in 2021. Let others continue to make plans to “stop Turkey.” Those who set store by them will be banished from history, because that threshold has long been passed.

Turkey will further continue to surprise the world. Thus, nothing should surprise us. That will only serve for self-detriment. I am trying to convey to all the institutions in our country, its media outlets, members of the media, universities, and thinkers, of the responsibility on our shoulders to mobilize for great claims.

Believe in Turkey.


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