A 'Turkey stance' is now being adopted not just politically but also through the economy Those sowing chaos through the crisis made a serious political miscalculation Turkey is the rising star of the century Foundation and growth: Attacks on Erdoğan, his family may increase - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

A 'Turkey stance' is now being adopted not just politically but also through the economy Those sowing chaos through the crisis made a serious political miscalculation Turkey is the rising star of the century Foundation and growth: Attacks on Erdoğan, his family may increase

Is Turkey preparing for a great economic growth? Is the decrease of interests, reduced inflation, drop in foreign exchange rates the first stage of a new economic modelling? After its political transformation, after forming its own political mind, is Turkey now preparing for a “new stance” in economy?

We need to discuss how this will impact the political plans within, the outside power map, the intervention attempts aimed at our country, and our future-oriented plans. We need to look not only at it in terms of fixing the economy, but also as a powerful political surge. We need to follow whose plans are going to blow up in their faces.

Every economic crisis is an outside intervention

An economic crisis is a very serious internal political instability. It is the shift of internal power tools. In such a case, no political theory, no political structure can prevent the destructive impact of the crisis.

The most effective weapon against ruling governments, against that country’s stance, against their political and national theories is the weapon of crisis. Most of the time, those countries are made to surrender through internal political plans, through the solidarity of world-scale interventions, and taken under control through economic crises.

Up until 15 years ago, Turkey encountered economic crises once every decade. Every crisis was actually an outside intervention, and every crisis was planned with the intention of a sort of coup.

Because economic crises are the most profitable investment for the global finance system. They both take away that country’s decade-long accumulation, and after the crisis, they condemn them to heavy loans and rob the country a second time.

Collapsing the sultanate of ‘groups’ within

They did this through their “inside” groups, those who repeat the global finance system’s discourse. They are actually “on duty,” the extension of mechanism much beyond that country. They suggest their theories even for a solution to the crisis. Unfortunately, the global economic order is established over such exploitation and plundering of weak and medium-scale countries.

Turkey paid a very heavy price for these economic policies, and country resources flowed to these centers for decades. Governments that opposed this were collapsed, and those that said “yes” were bred, with the economy policy of numerous governments consisting of the files from those countries placed in front of them.

2008 global economic crisis: An end to the West’s hegemony…

Winners and losers

Global-size, great economic crises turn into geopolitical crises, earthquakes. Power maps change, leading to great clashes in the earth’s fault lines, with dangerous showdowns starting through sources and markets. As a result, countries in fragile regions are unable to endure this showdown and some collapse.

The global economic crisis showing signs as early as 2005 is the same. It is actually a geopolitical crisis. It paved the way to the rise of new powers and weakened some of the existing economic centers. Many countries in Europe lost their appeal, as a matter of fact, they were dragged into crisis, and economics that were said unshakable and countries became preoccupied with their own troubles.

In this sense, the 2008 crisis was also the end of the West’s unilateral global economic hegemony. After losing its political global power monopoly, the U.S. and the Atlantic alliance started to experience this in the economic field as well.

Great trade wars, break for Turkey

Because after the 2008 crisis, the U.S. and Europe’s one-sided economic system was questioned; it faced confrontations, a major world-scale trade war started, new economic centers developed, with breaks for rising countries that have claims.

Turkey is one of the countries that best used this break and became a star. This is the reason we are attacked so much, this is the reason behind all the intervention on the military, political, economic and social psychology fields, the establishment of a “front” within that has pushed aside all political identities, the reason why a plan to “stop Turkey” was activated.

Turkey is the star country of the 21st century

Yet, Turkey is one of the main star countries of the 21st century, and will continue to be so. Regardless of how much they attack from the outside, regardless of how many fronts they establish within, regardless of how much they try to stop with attacks such as the July 15, 2016 coup and invasion attempts, sooner or later, the world is going to have to accept that Turkey’s rise is a “turn in history.”

Because Turkey has seen the kind of opportunity the void from the power shifts in the global power domain has offered it, interpreted it well, determined a stance and path in accordance with this, and started to prepare itself for the future in “every area” according to this, and thwarted all attacks aimed at preventing this to date.

This is a spectacular mind. While so many state’s are trying to secure their future by chasing protection, Turkey placed itself in a “center,” and managed to form a powerful domain. Regardless of who tries to belittle our country, it is one of the global actors of this time, and this is now a point of no return. From now on, both those outside and within are going to have to make their plans according to this.

Foundation and growth: Will attacks on Erdoğan, his family increase?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan laid the ground of a new “foundation” and “growth” after the Seljuk Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey. This is the historic mission it has undertaken.

This is the reason why it has become the target of almost the whole of the West. This is the reason he himself and his family are being attacked, this is why his reputation is being attacked. The reason behind the attack on Finance Minister Berat Albayrak the last six months is entirely the economic war. Such attacks will continue to escalate in the upcoming period.

Because Turkey first neutralized political tutelage tools. It rescued it from being a “country under control.” One-by-one, it eliminated all the West’s control mechanisms over Turkey. It largely weakened their extensions in military and civilian bureaucracy.

Being a central country, nationalization of state mind, systematic transformation

A powerful political will presented a political goal. It turned from a front country to a center country. It nationalized the state mind. It localized mechanisms in the same context. It returned to its own history, social memory and region.

Through the presidential system, it realized the systemic transformation appropriate for the large-scale goals and plans of the 21st-century Turkey. It managed to build a social will aimed at all this. The transformation is ongoing and will continue. The fight against the transformation is continuing in waves and will continue to do so.

A 'Turkey stance' is now being adopted not just politically but also through the economy

The “economic growth” Turkey activated in the last few weeks is one of the most important stages of this great transformation and it will lead to surprising outcomes.

A game-changer approach is being adopted in terms of reducing interest rates, inflation, foreign exchange. Active and determined efforts are ongoing with respect to establishing partnerships with rising economies and being in every area of the economic power map.

Similar to the political field, a “Turkey stance” is now being established in the economic domain as well. They had said it could not be achieved in the political field. It was achieved. The same success is going to be achieved in the economic domain as well. And not only will it be a game-changer, but numerous political projects, their “inside intervention” plans are also going to go down the drain.

Those blowing the crisis out of proportion made a serious political miscalculation

A storm was being brewed within through the “economic crisis” and aimed at making all these political gains go to waste, setting all political plans within based on this.

Some are turning towards their former power domains without looking at the power fracture in the world, and getting their hopes up. They are founding new political parties and trying to form a “maneuvering space ” with support from multinational mechanisms.

They either failed to understand the historic turn, the source of power, Turkey’s great march, or they are receiving tenders intentionally. They are both calculation errors and will result in disappointment.

‘Turkish miracle’ in economy possible.

We are going to be on the ‘Turkey axis’ again.

“Turkey’s answer” to that storm is being given now. A compliant, coordinated, determined outburst has started for economic recovery and rise. This is a structural intervention and is going to be long-term.

Turkey is both going to obtain an economic power domain in the void formed as a result of the global economic activity, and negate once more the political plans tying all theories within to economic crisis.

A “Turkish miracle” in economy is not impossible.

This process is going to be closely followed by the whole world. We are going to follow all together. Our “Turkey axis” is never going to waver here either.


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