A warning to Turkey: Hostility towards our country has a new home. There is now a fourth terrorist organization after FETÖ, PKK and Daesh. Two princes. Two ‘terror barons.’ Two relentless enemies of Turkey... The first intervention in our country will be conducted through this gang. Mohammed Dahlan should be declared as a ringleader of a terrorist group; there should be a bounty on his head - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

A warning to Turkey: Hostility towards our country has a new home. There is now a fourth terrorist organization after FETÖ, PKK and Daesh. Two princes. Two ‘terror barons.’ Two relentless enemies of Turkey... The first intervention in our country will be conducted through this gang. Mohammed Dahlan should be declared as a ringleader of a terrorist group; there should be a bounty on his head

Turkey, which has been battling the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and Daesh on the field, and their bosses at the diplomacy table, is going to be propelled into a zealous and urgent fight against a new and much more lethal terrorist organization.

The PKK, FETÖ and Daesh were the U.S., Israel and Europe’s project. But this new structuring is the terror group of Egyptian intelligence, the UAE’s Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman.

New terrorist organization is under Mohammed Dahlan’s control

This new terrorist organization is under the control of Mohammed Dahlan, the man of dirty business, the hitman of the Middle East, who was involved in almost all the terror activities in our region. Despite having been able to project the façade that they are “fighting Iran,” their sole target is Turkey.

Turkey must include this terrorist organization among the PKK, FETÖ and Daesh. This is an organization involved in every operation against Turkey, ranging from internal policy and coup attempts to money laundering, to supporting FETÖ and the PKK – and even cooperating with them – from financing Daesh, to the terror corridor and chaos in Libya and the East Mediterranean.

The wave of animosity against Turkey

Their aim is to cut off Turkey’s influence across the globe; to determine a stance in accordance with Israel’s priorities and fight against Turkey in every area; to attempt covert operations, assassinations and finance terrorist organizations to this end.

Their aim is to organize dissidence in Turkey; to establish media organizations and digital intelligence networks; to fund opposition circles, and form a wave of animosity against Turkey throughout the region.

This is an existing situation that is yet to be clearly identified. It has now become mandatory to include this structuring in the category of “terrorist organizations” or “terror activities”.

Dahlan should be declared terrorist organization leader, and a bounty should be put on his head

If open war has been declared against the anti-Turkey terrorist organizations founded by the U.S., Israel and Europe, it should also be the case for this organization and its activities.

Mohammed Dahlan, who is leading the organization and intelligence network, should be declared as ringleader and, as is the case with the PKK and other terrorist organizations, a bounty should be put on his head if necessary, and the region and world should be warned against this threat.

Dahlan should be held responsible for his covert and dirty actions, including involvement in coups and an assassination attempt on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

A terror group hiding in UAE, Saudi palaces

This man and his gang-- controlled by UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman-- who is, as a matter of fact, working for Israeli intelligence, should be identified as the most effective terrorist organization whose influence transcends the region.

Because he is protected in the palaces of some of the region’s countries, hiding within the system, using all the opportunities provided by these states and carrying out terrorist activities.

He was also involved in the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey. He established a partnership with FETÖ, held coup meetings with this organization in Dubai, and provided them with financial support. Of course, he did all this under the protection of his bosses: Israel, bin Zayed and bin Salman.

They were also the ones who killed Arafat

Dahlan’s murders extend all the way to Yasser Arafat’s poisoning. This assassination was organized in cooperation with Israeli and Egyptian intelligence, and Dahlan is at the center. Israeli intelligence and Dahlan’s men had managed to infiltrate the home of Arafat, whose personal bodyguards were shot in the head execution style.

When Hamas took over administration in Gaza, Dahlan’s intelligence center was raided, and the horrifying truth were revealed. Israel’s intense attacks on Gaza back then were conducted with support from Dahlan and Egyptian intelligence.

Israel, Egypt, Dahlan’s dirty archive found in Gaza

Israel, Egypt and Dahlan were conducting massacres in Gaza; weapons were being shipped in broad daylight, and U.S. special forces were also simultaneously carrying out covert operations. Projects were being implemented over the blood of the Palestinian people, with horrific slaughters being committed.

Sheikh Yasin being martyred by a missile during the morning prayer after a secret meeting at Ariel Sharon’s farm, followed by the assassination of Hamas leaders, one after the other, are all the doings of this terrorist gang.

Dahlan and his team were also involved in the July 15 attack

Dahlan is one of the names behind the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey. In other words, he is a contractor; he is assigned new tasks by his masters.

He played the part given to him in the global project aimed at toppling Erdoğan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). He was involved in the funding of the coup plotters in Turkey – he worked for months on preparations and held meetings with respect to this. In this aspect, Dahlan is one of those who are directly responsible for the July 15 attacks.

Did the emir’s assassins sneak into Turkey?

In my July 18, 2017 article titled “Emir’in Suikastçileri” (The Emir’s Assassins), I tried to explain a great deal. The theory that Dahlan’s men infiltrated Daesh, that he established units within the organization, that he formed a new terror equation in the region was not something that could be taken lightly. On the contrary, it was terrifying.

What effects did this new terrorist network have on Turkey? How many of Dahlan’s terrorist teams, how many of the assassination teams had sneaked into our country, and what sort of attacks were they planning? Was this a new wave post-July 15? Which multinational operation was it a part of?

Thus, two assassins affiliated with the UAE had later been caught in Istanbul.

A warning to Turkey: Hostility towards our country has a new home

Why am I writing all this?

Anti-Turkey sentiment in our region now has a new home. A new organization is standing against us instead of the conventional terrorist organizations (but they are going to continue to use them too).

A new and extremely lethal regional organization, a terrorist organization, is swiftly growing under the protection of bin Zayed and bin Salman, under the leadership of Israeli intelligence, under the protection of Centcom.

As a matter of fact, this terrorist organization is not conventional; it is directing the conventional terrorist organizations as well, investing in cyber intelligence, intensifying its focus on politics and media, impacting sociological trends;it is also to able establish perception and control public opinions.

An organization that transcends terrorist organizations. Its codes must be deciphered

This terror group is both committing murder in the most savage form and conducting a war with the most sophisticated methods and advanced technology investments.

Turkey deciphered the codes of conventional terrorist organizations such as FETÖ, the PKK and Daesh and developed its methods of fighting.

However, it is yet to clarify this superior organization that even uses fellow terror groups and their methods. Turkey identified the threat; it is trying to understand it, but it has not yet been able to effectively start the elimination process.

The next intervention targeting Turkey is going to be staged through this organization

Frankly, we are talking about a much more dangerous terrorist organization. I am trying to draw attention to a multinational covert organization that has no identity, no ideology, and is directly programmed for hostility towards Turkey.

Also, from now on, the first multinational intervention aimed at Turkey is not going to be through organizations such as the PKK, but directly through this organization.

It is not going to be anything like July 15, FETÖ or the PKK; numerous methods ranging from civil war to coup attempts, from major terrorist attacks to mass sabotages are going to be simultaneously implemented.

Turkey must take precautions against this new threat. Terror barons must be stopped

Turkey must take its precautions against this new threat. Mohammed bin Zayed should be declared Turkey’s enemy, a terror baron. Lawsuits should be filed against him with charges of terrorism and crimes against humanity.

Because bin Zayed is no statesman, but instead, one of the world’s leading terror financiers and organizers.

A bounty should be put on Dahlan’s head. He should be held responsible for crimes such as international terrorism, money laundering, murder, assassination, coup attempts and civil war.

A new fight has started for Turkey. This will be one of the most complex, roughest fights of the 21st century in which all political, economic, diplomatic, military, intelligence and anti-terror methods will be exhausted.

Because this organization transcends terrorism. This is a regional showdown.


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