Actually, Turkey thanks the US. They didn’t sell us the Patriot missiles, so we bought the S-400s. They didn’t give us the F-35s, relieving us from foreign dependency. Our determination and speed increased. Their games changed, minds became muddied. The rhetoric claiming Turkey is under tutelage, oppressed, and is a weak country are now over! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Actually, Turkey thanks the US. They didn’t sell us the Patriot missiles, so we bought the S-400s. They didn’t give us the F-35s, relieving us from foreign dependency. Our determination and speed increased. Their games changed, minds became muddied. The rhetoric claiming Turkey is under tutelage, oppressed, and is a weak country are now over!

Turkey consistently standing tall regarding the Russian S-400 purchase caused a complete eclipse of reason in the U.S. Furthermore, it revealed once more the U.S.’s internal division, the discrepancy of powers within the country, and its shortcomings.

As threats and blackmail are being made left and right, the delivery of the S-400s to Turkey has commenced. Yet, the U.S. administration is having trouble putting forth a consistent and joint stance. The Pentagon said one thing while the White House said another. The Israel lobby said something else.

Eventually, a decision that will be exceptionally beneficial to us was made: Turkey was removed from the F-35 fighter jet program. Turkey, which is focusing on its own defense investments and striving to save itself from the decades-long foreign dependency, shook off its dependency on the F-35 jets.

Turkey profited from the S-400 deal, F-35 decision

As a matter of fact, the S-400 decision ruined both the U.S.’s plans to render Turkey ‘s airspace defenseless, and plans to forge a new relationship of dependency. Turkey profited in both aspects. A freer and vaster field emerged with respect to war craft and missile systems.

The topic of discussion in this article is not Turkey’s quest for defense. It is the U.S.’s confusion, unstable attitudes, its unbalanced policies capable of being extremely detrimental to itself and its own weaknesses amid this instability.

It is the world’s loneliest, most unreliable country. Its dreams for a global order were washed down the drain

The U.S., setting out to establish a new world order at the end of the Cold War, lost this power and missed the opportunity to realize this in 1996. It has continued to lose ground ever since. It has currently become the loneliest, most unreliable country of the world.

This means, all the unilateral global domination theories and practices of the Atlantic alliance will completely go down the drain, and as of today, they have no such claim. Because for the first time after centuries, the Western world – led by the U.S. – lost its global power forever.

It is experiencing the same confusion about Russia, China, Germany too

The U.S. confusion with respect to Turkey’s firm stance is present in every field. We see this in its trade wars and geopolitical showdowns with China.

We see it in its security conflicts, sanctions decisions, missile crises with Russia, everywhere from Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Africa.

We see it in the economic and political disintegration with the Germany-led EU. Finally, we see it in its psychological war against Turkey based on “sanctions” and threat. It is possible to produce dozens more examples.

Its plausibility, deterrence, reputation are finished. Humanity is going to make it flip its lid.

The U.S.’s greatest threat against its superpower role started internally, in its own midst. Its own confusion has turned its greatest threat into an internal threat.

The presumption, “The U.S. plans and does everything in advance,” has been destroyed. It has become a country that makes decisions on impulse and turns back on them the following day; it has become a country of conflicting behavior, constantly refuting itself.

At this rate, humanity, the countries and nations disturbed by the U.S.’s global interventions are going to make it flip its lid – there are signs of this.

The U.S.’s diplomatic power has diminished. Its plausibility, deterrence, reputation have received grave injuries. It has no deterrent power other than rough military power.

It’s now rivaled in every field. Every country is moving away from the US

Its pioneer role in technology is not without rival either anymore. The shift in the power map is taking its course against the U.S. with respect to technology, capital and human resource as well.

No medium-scale and developed country looks to the future in cooperation with the U.S. Being close to the U.S. provides no security for the future.

On the contrary, countries now know that they will be relieved and feel safe as they move away from it, and follow a path accordingly. This attitude is not limited to countries that are have poor relations with the U.S.

Even those closest to it are seek an alternative. Even countries such as the U.K., Israel, South Korea and Japan are seeking a future independent of the U.S. and making finely detailed plans.

It is most successful in its partnership with terror. It lost states and is now taking shelter in terrorist organizations

The area in which the U.S. is most successful is partnership with terrorist organizations. When it failed to cooperate with states, it cooperated with all the terrorist organizations around the world, with the state mind focused on this area. Terrorism started to be used as a weapon against the countries distancing themselves from it. This is the failure of the U.S. mind.

It is in trade wars with half of the world, security conflicts with the majority, but has lost an integrity among itself. While during the Gulf war, the whole world was on broadcast, nowadays, no country other than terrorist organizations are acting in cooperation with the U.S.

Almost every country is on alert against the U.S. The S-400 crisis alone is enough to change the U.S.’s games.

Turkey is building a strong mentality, displaying a determined, strong stance… It is not walking but rather running!

So what is Turkey’s state? Determination.

Turkey is showing serious determination, foreknowledge of the future in every step it is taking and will take, in its state mind, in the attacks and blackmails targeting it, in the developments in its region, in transforming its own internal political system, and calculating the global power shifts and taking position accordingly.

It is not stepping back when faced with pressure. It sees countries and powers’ areas of weakness, watches their global power tendencies, realizes the voids, and determines its area of action accordingly.

It is displaying a strong stance in economic pursuits, foreign policy, security and defense. It does not soften up or stagger in the face of the U.S. or EU’s pressures.

After the FETÖ terror group, now their “reserve forces” are on the field. This internal weakness and blinding initiative will fail too!

Turkey is going to catch a strong wave in the upcoming period in its economy and defense– signs of this are becoming clearer. A surprising golden epoch may start in both fields.

Internal political operations should also be added to this, with attention focused on this area. Because they are trying to intervene in Turkey, which they could not suppress externally, from within.

They are trying to confuse the strong political mind, weaken the determined stance, form an internal weakness and stop Turkey by activating the “reserve forces” after the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). Efforts are being made to blind internally the Turkey which presents a strong country image abroad.

In addition to the firm stance in economy and defense, beware of the substitute forces after FETÖ. But we are sure, our country will overcome this too.

That spell is long broken. No more tutelage, oppression,weak country discourse

In this state, Turkey has long ended the century-long period of dependence. If U.S. pressures and blackmail are not leading to any results, who can stop Turkey? Those “native invaders” are investing for nothing.

The slavery, tutelage, oppression, weak country discourse, the “U.S. can make Turkey do everything” perception, the expectation to internally intervene in the country with the power of the U.S. and EU, is in the heads of certain circles alone.

Just as the U.S. spell was broken, the U.S., Europe, Western perception that certain circles in Turkey had also no longer exists. They are simply continuing to believe an illusion.

So why should we thank the US?

We owe the U.S. a thank you. It did not give us the Patriots, so we purchased S-400s instead. It objected to the S-400s and saved us from dependency on the F-35s. It put pressure on us in the East Mediterranean and woke us up. Its new sanctions are going to give greater strength to Turkey. Every new step it takes, every new pressure it applies is going to further increase our fight and speed to save ourselves from U.S. dependency.


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