All eyes on Sochi today, Watch out for the proceedings at 10:00 pm. We’ll see if Putin will sell out. Turkey’s march has changed, secret plans have come to the fore. The threat comes from NATO countries. Stand back, and take another look. North of Aleppo-Mosul is the defense line. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

All eyes on Sochi today, Watch out for the proceedings at 10:00 pm. We’ll see if Putin will sell out. Turkey’s march has changed, secret plans have come to the fore. The threat comes from NATO countries. Stand back, and take another look. North of Aleppo-Mosul is the defense line.

The presence of foreign invaders threatening Turkey, the terrorist networks under their control cannot be allowed from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border.

Fighting against all sorts of threats in this zone, whether politically or militarily, is a national objective and duty. Any foreign invasion, every terror organization in this zone is a crucial threat for Turkey.

Aleppo-Mosul to be a safe zone for Turkey

Every terror act, every threat in the north of the Aleppo-Mosul line is a grave security threat for Turkey, and confronting that threat is legitimate self-defense for our country.

Because the incidents in Syria and Iraq revealed all the regional and multinational scenarios targeting this zone. It is now certain that all these scenarios are threats and will to be so for Turkey, and that they have been planned and carried out as such.

What happened in our region a century ago were carried to the present, countries were invaded or dragged into civil wars based on “covert excuses,” step-by-step the danger reached our borders, the “Turkey front” was declared, with a detailed and very well-planned map design between the Red Sea and Persian Gulf – also including a part of our country – being implemented.

This is how the plan to ‘stop Turkey’ was implemented

No country in our region could withstand this. They all either surrendered or were subjected to civil wars or invasions. As all this was happening, Turkey was stopped and distracted from within, paralyzed through terrorism and mind games to prevent it from displaying any reaction.

Because one of the big fronts of the regional invasion was established inside Turkey. We called them the "native invaders." Gezi Park terror, the July 15, 2016 attack, the never ending terrorist attacks were all nurtured and conducted to serve this purpose.

All these were part of the plan to "stop Turkey."

And it was Turkey's turn!

The Syria war was the final stage and it was launched entirely to open the "Turkey front." What we call the "terror corridor" and the "siege" map completely encompassing our southern border was the main goal of the Syria war.

We defeated the Gezi Park terror, the July 15 attacks, as well as the terror within - and we are continuing to win. As we did all this, our minds became clear, the cuffs tying our hands came off, our mental enslavement and political myopia were eliminated.

And it was Turkey's turn - action is about to be taken. This is where we are at right now. The foresight of centuries, the political mind took action, we took action at the last straw.

Turkey's final 'good intention.'

We demasked them.

We are going to complete what we started with the Euphrates Shield and Afrin intervention. This is why the Peace Spring Operation is Turkey's future; it is a geopolitical intervention that will shape the 21st century.

The U.S. panicking the moment we took action, EU countries issuing threats left and right, Israel's great disappointment, their colonial leftover Arab regimes attempting to threaten Turkey uncovered all the games.

The project they had been preparing for eight years went down the drain in eight days, thanks to Turkey's intervention.

The deal made with the U.S. in Ankara, pausing the intervention for five days, and which guarantees that terrorist elements such as the Kurdistan Workers' Party(PKK)'s Syrian affiliate People's Protection Units (YPG) will leave the area we declared safe zone within this timeframe, is Turkey's final good intention. It is in no way stepping back.

US, Israel are terror’s puppeteers.

That deal made this too very clear.

This deal made clear one other thing: That the U.S. has been behind the PKK, tthe YPG's ongoing terrorist attacks against Turkey for years. That the U.S. and Israel are the masters of terror.

The threats rising from Europe immediately after them also showed that these countries are the contractors of terrorism. It revealed that what we call terrorism is the U.S., Israel and these countries' plan to get Turkey to kneel.

It revealed that what we call fighting terrorism is fighting the dirty, bloody plans of these countries. This is what we declared to the world through the Ankara deal.

All threats targeting our country must be re-identified

Turkey is required to renew its security doctrine and re-identify the threats targeting it. It is an duty for everybody who is devoted to this country, regardless of political identity, to accept this reality.

It is required to understand and accept without prejudice and presuppositions, who, which powers are the cause of the threats rising both outside and from every direction. Whether it likes it or not, whether it delays it and neglects it, the region and global realities compel us to do this and this pressure will continue to increase by the day.

The July 15 inside invasion attempt, efforts to "siege" from northern Syria, attempts to "corner" from the Mediterranean and the Aegean are forcing our country to do this.

Turkey's march changed, secret plans have been revealed

The rules of the game have changed, the power map has changed, the showdown changed, friends and foes changed, all secret plans have been revealed.

Just as everybody's centuries-old claims came off the shelves, Turkey's theories, claims also came off the shelves. Not only did Turkey's memory was restored, its march has changed as well.

Turkey has no choice but to accept that its allies are the source of all the threats targeting its very existence. We have always been afraid of this fact, we did not want to accept it. But this is the truth.

Threat from NATO countries.

Stand back, take another look.

The danger and threats are caused by NATO members, the Atlantic alliance members, their secret showdown with Turkey, their invasion and occupation efforts targeting our region.

This is no different in Iraq, Syria, the Mediterranean or the Aegean. Interventions from within, political alliances, the inner invasion front projects are all the same. Step back and take another look at the picture. This is all you will see.

The time period Turkey gave to the U.S. and accordingly to the PKK/YPG ends as of 10:00 p.m. tonight. There will be no PKK element remaining in the 344-kilometer-long and 32-35 kilometers deep "safe zone." And no step will ever be taken back.

Will Putin sell out Turkey?

The situation in Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) and Manbij is going to become clear today in the summit between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Sochi.

We assume that in today's meeting, the Russian leader will not show an attitude that will weaken Erdoğan's hand.

If he ignores Turkey's sensitivities, its security concerns, if it causes difficulty or shows inclination to make way for the PKK, this will lead to grave lack of trust between the two countries.

Neither Russia nor Turkey would want this.

We are going to finish off what we started.

Turkey said, "force spoils the game," and did just that. If a step had not been taken on the ground, there would have been no table. The steps to be taken from now on, the determining action will be taken on the ground.

Turkey made its decision and declared it. It doesn’t have the luxury of stepping back. Stepping back would be destruction. It should be known that no country can "openly" stand against Turkey.

Therefore, the show must go on. We are going to finish off what we started. We must!


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