All hell will break loose if Turkey keeps quiet! They have unleashed all the colonizers on the ground… Taking refuge in them means being enslaved, pillaged and plundered - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

All hell will break loose if Turkey keeps quiet! They have unleashed all the colonizers on the ground… Taking refuge in them means being enslaved, pillaged and plundered

Turkey is a "superior mind," an "axis;" the region is our conscience, a responsibility that history has placed on our shoulders, a fight we have been continuing in this region for centuries, a showdown. Turkey is a rising political identity in today's world and our region.

Turkey is a claim, a theory, an ideal, and hope.

There is, of course, a "global superior mind" that is waging war on our country, our people, and our past and future. This mind, this power alliance, is among civil war attempts and the plans to make our country kneel through terrorism and siege it.

'Intervention front' through ‘internal invading’… Taking refuge in political memory

This is the mind, the coalition of powers behind the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, behind the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), behind the siege from the north of Syria, behind the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Saudi front against our country. This mind is, again, behind the new attacks that will test our country and nation in the form of waves; it is behind the new "Intervention Front" activated through "native invaders."

We are not going to fight against this coalition using universal everyday tactics. Producing a mentality, developing a stance, building a force, resorting to our historical plans and political memory is an absolute must. This is not an internal issue, it is a historical showdown; it is a centuries-old political history coming to the table again today.

Docility is a mindlock, political blindness

They tell us to be "docile;" they say "keep your relations with the West in order," they say "only we will protect you," they say "you are going to have no other option in the 21st century," and they say "we are your only friends." But all threats, all security problems, the new map drafts laid on the table are always produced at their headquarters.

They implement a mindlock, a political blindness project that takes our minds hostage. Everything they say are lies, all the promises they make are lies, their friendships are false, and their partnerships are false. Step-by-step, they destroyed our region and carried war to our borders and to our countries for the last three decades.

All the promises they made for 30 years were lies

Everything they said for three decades were lies. They were behind July 15; they attempted to kill this country's leader; they attacked Turkey through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the PKK. Their political promises, their cooperation as they were conducting these attacks these were lies.

All their democracy and freedom projects aimed at Turkey and the region for the last three decades were based on security, on invasion and geographical division. Every word they said when promoting these to us was a lie.

Taking refuge in them means enslavement, looting and plunder

We cannot build a future in any way by taking refuge in them. Taking refuge means enslavement, surrender, looting and plunder. Taking refuge means to give up our historic claims, our claims for the region, our identity codes, our hopes and expectation as hostages. Taking shelter means to lose another century.

Well, what is Turkey's problem, its cause, fight, or goal?

We have been putting up an extraordinary power struggle for the last 15 years. We have a relentless resistance, a keen bravado regarding independence, freedom, settling in our own civilization pool, embracing our own identity, imagining a new world that belongs to us, and making history from Anatolia once more.

The common language in the 'Muslim middle zone' is Turkey's discourse

As the international system is completely collapsing, supra-national structures are falling apart, international agreements and moral values to warn nations and states are being reset, the Atlantic axis' power, which has been shaping the world for centuries, is being limited, as everybody is bringing their claims off the dust-ridden shelves to the present, Turkey has activated its political gene by building a very effective political discourse and power, and hence has started to shake the regional and global balance.

Regardless of its relations with Turkey, the sole acceptable discourse on the main axis of the earth spanning the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, in the "Muslim middle zone," is the political discourse led by Turkey.

This is a Turkey stance. There is a Turkey stance from the depths of Africa to the rainforests in Southeast Asia, and from the streets of the Middle East to the Asian mainland.

Turkey's stance determines the mentality and language

The sole visible consolidation of power is the one led by Turkey. The sole interesting historic political theory is the historic theory and identity undertaken by Turkey. Turkey's discourse, mentality, and stance have become determining factors. Our friends and foes in the region are shaping their stances accordingly.

This is how centuries are made. This is how the region is shaped. This is how the Seljuks and the Ottomans built the region and power. Those who are hasty, temporary, or interested in petty plans cannot understand this.

They released all colonizers on the ground

It is right here that there are those trying to drag Turkey down to the ground; they miss Turkey being under tutelage, and try everything to make it go back to those days again. They belittle and patronize Turkey's plans, claims, discourse and stance. Almost all colonizers and pro-tutelage groups have been released on the ground.

None of the terms, statements, expressions they use are local. None of their objections, hesitations, angers, shy outbursts are national or part of Turkey's fight. While we are building the core, they are busy building another front. While we are trying to strengthen Turkey's backbone, they take refuge in the influential power of pro-Atlantic circles and are building an "external front."

The gravest hegemony is in the intellectual domain

FETÖ is there, the PKK is there, other terrorist organizations are there, the U.S. is there, Israel is there, the UAE and the new Saudi administration is there. What gathers all of them under a single front is what we call the "global superior mind."

Therefore, we cannot fight against anything before seeing Turkey as a "superior mind," before building such a mind and power. The political mind did this; it formed a discourse, but the intellectual mind has fallen far behind. We see that the intellectual hegemony established in this country is graver than the political tutelage.

All hell will break loose if Turkey keeps quiet!

Do not forget, all hell will break loose if Turkey keeps quiet or if it is silenced.

It happened a century ago. Remember that. They tried to exclude us from history. We have been patiently resisting for a century. And we started a march. We see that those who should be giving strength to this march are currently acting upon various other agendas.

Just as this country has pulled itself together, just as it has become a regional leader and is building something, we will not allow all hell to break loose once more. This is the biggest plan in this country.

And this plan has been ongoing for centuries.


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