All the hopes they had pinned on the year 2023 turned to dust. Extraordinary pursuits have begun. The real ‘War of Independence’ is being fought inside Turkey. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

All the hopes they had pinned on the year 2023 turned to dust. Extraordinary pursuits have begun. The real ‘War of Independence’ is being fought inside Turkey.

The real “War of Independence” is being fought inside Turkey. 

The fight for Anatolia’s liberation, the fight for Turkey’s liberation is happening once again. However, the threat is not on the opposite side of the Aegean; it is within Turkey this time. The threat is coming from within. The “invasion” is being carried out inside the country. 

This plan transcends ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Very few of us may be aware of this, but they are trying to destroy Turkey. 

After the Ottoman Empire collapsed, we built the Republic. Global order fell apart, but we took action. That’s why they are attacking us

After the Ottoman Empire collapsed, we were able to build the Turkish Republic. Now the world order is collapsing. This time we are in the midst of building something new and much stronger. That is what they are trying to stop and destroy. That is why they are attacking. 

All phases of the “Topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey” plan, which is being implemented by the U.S. and Europe in collaboration with Israel and some other countries in the region, were formed inside Turkey for this purpose. Those besieging us from abroad built the strongest front within. 

The war against Turkey is being carried out internally. They are trying to strike Turkey by using Turkey itself. They turned our weapons, barrels toward us, toward our country, our homeland, our faith, our ideals and plans for the future. 

When they oust Erdoğan and appoint someone they can exercise control over in his position, they will win this war. That is their plan. But only if they succeed in this plan will they really win. 


Political leaders who say, ‘See us, choose us, we will stop Turkey’

They are going to steer Turkey off its path. They are going to confine it within the borders of Anatolia. They are going to turn it into a garrison for themselves. They are going to silence and numb a nation that woke up for another century. That is their plan. 

There is a political party, a political leader in Turkey who wants to assume this role. So much so that without thinking how he will be perceived or “how will history remember us,” he is recklessly, ruthlessly begging for support from European capitals and the U.S.; he is calling on them for help. 

There are so many of them running around saying, “See us, task us with a mission, choose us.” They promise, “We will stop Turkey. We will stop it from within. We will stop it in the Aegean, the Mediterranean, in Libya, the Caucasus, in Syria and Iraq.” Most importantly, they are saying, “We will pull it back to its post-World War I position.” 


It’s not only Turkey’s main opposition; Islamists, nationalists, left-wing, liberals, neo-nationalists are all involved

Voluntary slavery is not a concept; it is not a preference; it’s weakness of character, a mental illness. 

You think they are the Republican People’s Party (CHP) or the classic opposition. You think they are limited to terrorist organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-C). You think that they are the restricted to courier networks in the West. You think they are limited to the powerful families that were transferred from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic and carried over to the present, the “foreigners who look local.” 

But that is not the case at all. They formed a structure made up of all political identities, including Islamists, nationalists, the left wing, ethnic discriminators, liberals, and neo-nationals. They built a tutelage front, a bloc aimed at stopping Turkey. 


Those who stood with Erdoğan in the past are now using the most despicable language against him

Those who were by Erdoğan’s side just recently, those who were in top positions are now using the most despicable and degrading political discourse, and launching horrific attacks. They are speaking out against Turkey’s historic march. 

They are becoming a part of the destructive fronts without saying a single word or making a single suggestion for the country’s benefit. Those who came to the fore with great Turkey discourses all their lives are now begging the U.S. and European capitals saying, “Give us a role.” 


The assassins that tried to kill Erdoğan

The CHP’s Engin Altay said, “Let us hope Erdoğan does not face a demise similar to [Adnan] Menderes,” giving away a political plan. We heard this several times from the CHP and its elements. 

Their political objective was no longer to remove Erdoğan alone but to have him executed. The mission revealed by Engin Altay and the assassins who went to Marmaris during the coup attempt in 2016 are one and the same. 

However, this is no longer limited to the CHP alone. Ali Babacan, who was a member of parliament and former deputy prime minister of Turkey responsible for the economy, saying, “Both retired soldiers and those who are on active duty can issue such declarations,” after leaving Erdoğan, indicates something else entirely. 



This is a political project: ‘Preparing Erdoğan’s end.’ Who’s in? 

This is the ultimate goal of the U.S. and Europe-led project set to “stop Turkey.” Since they believe that they can stop Turkey if they manage to get rid of Erdoğan, they presented this to the opposition alliance as a political project. 

None objected; they all embraced it. Now, all members of the alliance, from the CHP to the PKK, to the “conservative opposition” who defected from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), are striving on this mission to prepare “Erdogan’s end.”  

These organizations and groups armed themselves against “Turkey’s axis,” against Turkey’s recovery after a century, its efforts to turn itself into a hub, and its regional and global power surge. 



Their hopes pinned on 2023 turned to dust

They turned weapons belonging to the U.S., Europe, Israel, and the countries that are disturbed by “Turkey’s Awakening” not only against Erdoğan, but against the entire country, its people, and the centuries-old political legacy.

They lost their hopes pinned on 2023. They lost hope that they could depose of Erdoğan through normal means and within the political process. Not only them but the powers endorsing those trying to “collapse Turkey” lost hope as well. 

Hence, they are raising their hopes again through coups, executions, and interventions via non-democratic means. The disappointment of the failed 2016 coup attempt is blatant in those who left the AK Party. 


New pursuit for an ‘extraordinary circumstance’. ‘Will we ever find another opportunity?’ 

It’s obvious that they’re wondering whether they will “ever find another opportunity.” This objective reveals the “pursuit for an extraordinary circumstance.” The lowliness of the political language they use is identical to PKK-FETÖ discourse. 

“The 2016 coup will have been your good days” 

The language used by both political parties that defected from the AK Party is dirtier than the discourse employed by the CHP. The language used by their media is worse than what is used by the pro-CHP newspaper, Sözcü, daily. 

They are striking Turkey with itself. Destroying the conservative-identity government with conservatives. Toppling Erdoğan with his own (former) men. 

This is the whole issue, the project and plan. 

Let us respond to the CHP, Engin Altay, and all overt and covert putschists with Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu’s statement: “The 2016 coup will have been your good days.” 


Extraordinary pursuit: This time the earth will tremble

If they fail to achieve their objective in 2023, or if they grasp the fact that they will fail, they are going to try one last “extraordinary intervention.” The largest evidence of this is their own statements, stance, pursuits and operations. 

This time the “counter-coup” is going to be against not only them but against all the powers supporting them as well. That is when the earth will shake. 

No power, no puppet can deter Turkey from this great rise. They will all be banished from history. Turkey is a country capable of overcoming all the hurdles that cross its path.

It is now, anyway. 


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