Alparslan and Ertuğrul changed history, maps: The world's power map will change once more. Because this is the kind of regional awakening the 'Turkey ideology' is.

Regardless of what anyone says, which way the tide turns, where the attacks come from, what kind of pessimism and smear campaigns are conducted in the country, Turkey is a growing, strengthening, rising, and shining country.

This country is in a new rising phase as a part of its centuries-old political history, despite economic attacks, tensions with the U.S., the discourse that we are alone in Idlib, attempts by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the likes of it to turn social frustration into despair regarding the future, certain groups’ efforts to corrode all values and ideals by taking advantage of the rising period, “new” structures aimed at forming confined power domains beyond the state and country, those chasing tenders and undertaking roles for transatlantic interventions, and secret coalitions aimed at shaking the “Turkey ideology” and destroying the “Turkey axis.”

Those who believe will be victorious.

The others will lose, be forgotten again.

This is a resistance, a rise, in spite of those recently implementing a new psychology of social frustration, and in spite of local and foreign systemic efforts made within this context. Prior attempts were made to form the same social reactions before the Gezi Park events, the Dec. 17-25 judicial coup attempt in 2013, and the July 15 coup attempt in 2016.

Despair, fear of the future, the “it’s over now” discourse started to be promoted. These too will be ineffective.

Those who believe, who have set off on that path, who are willing to pay a price, who do not stop and look at the obstacles, who do not adjust themselves according to petty plans, and who do not take advantage of this strong wave are the ones who will change history, change the geography, and achieve victory at the end of this journey.

The others are going to break away on the way, get lost, be forgotten, and remain in the wrong pages of history as footnotes. Thus, this is how those who have been undertaking roles, receiving tenders to "stop Turkey" for the last decade lost - and those after them will lose the same way.

Alparslan and Ertuğrul, Manzikert and Söğüt:

This is how the world's power map was altered

This is not a day-long, monthly, yearly rise that is confined within our age group alone; it is a long journey. We have great ideas, beliefs. We are pushing our limits, trying to gain the strength that will give us the endurance for this great plan. We are both resisting the attacks, eliminating them, and taking much larger steps.

We only recently commemorated Manzikert and today we are commemorating Ertuğrul. We are making breakthroughs with great projects and giving them the names of the polar stars of our millennium-old history.

Alparslan was unaware that as he entered from Manzikert to Anatolia, this march would make Anatolia "us," that it would reach the gates of Vienna, and that he would be laying the foundations of a global power. Those who started a struggle in Söğüt did not know that they would take over three continents, that they would change the world's power map, that they would consolidate earth's ancient geography on a single map, and that they would push Europe to seek new homelands.

This is today's 'Turkey ideology.' This is a regional issue, challenge

This is what today's "Turkey ideology" is. They all had great ideals, intentions and goals, but they did not know this is where it would lead them. It is the struggle, the cause that was fundamental for them. This was their obligation; the result was not something that they would determine. History turned open a fresh page with Alparslan, changing the geography. A new era in history started in Söğüt, changing the geography, Europe, and the world, giving rise to a global power that would rule for centuries.

This is what today's "Turkey ideology" is. The "Turkey ideology" is no longer an internal political belief or an issue of remaining strong locally. The "Turkey ideology" is a global reality that both the East and West are curious to know, to learn, and on which they are determining their position. The "Turkey ideology" is a regional matter much beyond Turkey. It is the most effective language, political outburst, future plan, and a challenge from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea, from the depths of Africa to Central and South Asia, from the Balkans to the Caucasus.

Those who make plans based on Turkey's shrinking will lose

Everybody who makes plans based on Turkey's shrinking will lose. The native covert operation apparatuses, the countries in the region taking orders from the West in this direction, and the center countries setting up those ploys will all lose.

Those who are unable to see and comprehend where this rise fits in with the centuries-old political history, what kind of changes it will bring, and which political gene it awakens will also lose.

Everybody who strived to this end, believed in the plans to "stop Turkey," and cooperated in the multinational attacks and operations with this aim have lost.

The lost in the Gezi Park events, they lost in the Dec. 17-25, 2013 judicial coup attempt and the July 15, 2016 destruction attack. They lost in all attempts aimed at striking the country from within through terrorism. They also lost in their plans to siege through Syria. These are all multinational interventions.

There is no more chance and likelihood of shrinking, stopping Turkey

Everyone who has made progress in these interventions, who stood against Turkey, who supported these plans have supported a foreign intervention, an invasion attempt, and plans for a civil war. Because these are all "open" attacks aimed at confining Turkey into Anatolia and shrinking it, preventing its rise in the 21st century.

The chance to shrink this country is no longer possible for anyone, any power, or any native element intending evil against Turkey. The West's hope has been enormously weakened and their options have diminished. They have realized that they cannot stop this growth, this rise. Therefore, they are now trying to slow it down, trying to ensure that Turkey does not reach its full potential, and trying to reduce the tempo of its march.

We were protected with the Turkish Republic, we are starting over now

We are in the era of new beginnings and new rises, similar to that of Alparslan and Ertuğrul. This is going to transform history, shape the region and hence, shake the global power map. Believe this. We do. This is the kind of belief driving our actions.

We recovered after falling apart in the early 20th century. We preserved our power in Anatolia. We never regressed in the period of the Republic; we progressed gradually and consolidated our power. Now we are stepping it up. We are starting another one of our history's milestones. As we do this, we are aware of our strength, and the opportunities and challenges the current state of the world offers us.

Turkey is not withdrawing to its shell, it is expanding outward... Now, this is growth, this is rise

We will encounter greater attacks than the economic ones. We may be further demoralized. But we will not lose our faith and determination. These are attacks aimed at stopping the rise. We have overcome them all and we will do it again. The pages of history have opened up for us again, we know this. We will respond to those sieging us from Syria the way we responded from al-Bab; we will respond to new threats with further and new steps.

Just note that Turkey is not withdrawing into its shell, it is not shrinking inward; it is instead establishing areas of influence outward. It is defending itself in the entire region, not in Anatolia alone. Now, this is what growth is, what consolidating strength is. Do not pay attention to the frequent operations aimed at intimidating us, but rather the kind of steps we take in the present time.

Look at the polar stars. They will show you the way

Our duty is to support the ideology, the leader, the cadres of the rising era, and those who feel that enthusiasm deep in their heart. It is to have faith in the "Turkey ideology," the "Turkey axis," and to embrace them and keep our claims alive accordingly. We saw all together how those who did not believe fell apart on the way. It will be no different this time around.

Look at the polar stars of our centuries-old political history in this region. They will light your way; those who built our past are going to offer you the map of the future. This is exactly where Turkey is, the junction point of history it stands at.

The greater our claims become, the bigger the showdown will be. We have always been a country of great claims and put up great struggles. This is how we made centuries of history, and it will be no different this time around.


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