An empire is collapsing. US globalization is at an end. Be prepared for internal clashes in the US - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

An empire is collapsing. US globalization is at an end. Be prepared for internal clashes in the US

The “regime switch” method that the U.S. applies on every country that stands against it on the path to its global empire has now been passed on from the U.S. administration to digital companies and social media organizations.

These establishments and multinational forces will now meddle in the internal affairs of states, wage war against leaders they are not pleased with, tamper with countries’ political systems, and try and show humanity who is boss with publications and broadcasts that will drive societies to indignation.

Is this the age of digital fascism? Will masses seek asylum in states?

This new age, which has parted the doors to digital fascism, is likely going to witness clashes between states and multinational companies. The masses are going to seek an asylum to escape these companies’ selfishness, new exploitation orders, savage plans, and enslavement projects.

Though the relations of states with the masses is often problematic, it represents a more virtuous tradition and values system compared to these companies’ selfishness, greed, and irresponsibility.

There may come such a time when the masses consider states as an asylum against the new savage order, which is promoted through values such as freedom and rights.

Jan 6: US’s freedom of speech becomes history at Capitol

The U.S. discourse on “instituting freedom” and “liberation,” which has been used for decades as a guise for its military interventions all around the world, has now gripped its own territory. Nobody would have ever imagined that these expressions would be used in its own internal structure. But it happened. Freedom of expression and freedom of thought came to an end on Jan. 6 at the Capitol.

The democratic elections – which are considered “untouchable” by the U.S. and the Western world order – the change of power based on the results of the ballots, and the proper functioning of the order all ended with the Nov. 3 elections.

This will most likely become clearer on Jan. 20. We will see striking examples of the division of power, social division, the weakening of all political discourses, the intolerance of the masses, the lack of trust in the federal system, and localization within the U.S.

US globalization is at an end. We will witness globalization clashes within

The U.S. had planned a unilateral global empire at the start of the 21st century; it was working towards shaping the global system and power map accordingly; it was launching major military operations to this end, and striving to ruthlessly suppress its rising rivals. However, the U.S.’s globalization adventure has come to an end.

Its credibility, reputation, and image, which had the world under its influence, had already been ruined. We are now going to watch the U.S. internalize, and the political conflicts concerning this internalization.

Power had long left the Atlantic. New centers of gravity were already forming. The world no longer has a center. The Western world’s power is shattering to this extent for the first time since the start of colonialism and “geographical discoveries.” Both the American dream and the European Union common ideal are about to end.

Grab your guns and come to Washington! This is ‘internal conflict’

The country that declared war against half the world is virtually preparing for its own civil war. The public is dividing so intensely that people are being called to capital Washington with their guns.

Nowhere in the world could such a discourse be expressed openly. If that is the case, then the state of that country would be identified as experiencing an “internal conflict.” Once civilians march to the Federal State with arms, there is no turning back. Turning back from this path is extremely difficult and, in fact, impossible for the U.S. It may take some time, but the result will not change.

I am saying this not only based on the U.S., but also based on the world’s new quests for power, formations, regionalization, political and economic agendas, and the numerous plans in every field aimed at breaking the Atlantic’s power.

The US’s greatest fear is itself!

The West’s regression was long onset as the old world started to rise. Slow or fast, gradually or in a staggering manner, this is the path the world will eventually take. A few hundred people raiding the Capitol was immediately identified as a “coup.”

Such a quick and certain identification reveals a “great fear.” The U.S. has started to fear itself. It appears that in the upcoming period, we will hear a great deal of “internal threat” discourses.

Extraordinary censorship, an attack: A country that declares its own president a threat…

A man who received votes from half the country’s population is being marginalized, censored, prevented from speaking. There is a desire for his discharge, and in fact, his assassination seems likely. He is exposed to an extraordinary attack and ruthless discharge. And all this is yet again presented as democracy and freedom of expression.

All social media communication tools are silencing him. A man who served as U.S. president is declared the “U.S. enemy” even before his term ends. He is being presented as a party to the internal conflict. Consider this independent of Trump’s personality. Everything that we have witnessed to date is enough to lead us to critical conclusions.

Biden: A new era of chaos, scandals begins

Let us add that the Joe Biden term is going to be the most painful, most chaotic, most ambiguous, and most scandalous era in U.S. history. Multinational power tools are going to fail miserably. But attempts to alleviate the danger within by pushing it abroad will gain speed.

Regardless of how much those who have faith that the U.S. has absolute power hold onto their hopes, our biggest discussions, from now on, will be the U.S.’s internal conflicts. While many regions across the world will rapidly step forward once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, internal tensions will gain prominence in the U.S. and Europe.

We’re witnessing the ‘empire’s collapse’

Those who declared the 21st century the “New American Empire” can no longer prevent their country from crumbling. Hence, we are witnessing “an empire’s collapse.”

It is now time to discuss how the internal conflicts in the U.S. will reflect both on the world and Turkey – because the moment they have a chance to lift their heads, Turkey will be the first country they turn to.

So be it. We are ready.


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