An intervention in Syria east of Euphrates River is ‘Turkey’s defense’... The threat is great and imminent. Turkey is also on their 'map.' CHP, Good Party, those who defected from the Felicity Party, AK Party, why are you silent? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

An intervention in Syria east of Euphrates River is ‘Turkey’s defense’... The threat is great and imminent. Turkey is also on their 'map.' CHP, Good Party, those who defected from the Felicity Party, AK Party, why are you silent?

Turkey must most definitely use its right to “self-defense.”

Regardless of the price, Turkey must, through all known means and methods, intervene east of the Euphrates, in the siege surrounding us from northern Syria, and the preparations aimed at building the “Turkey front.”

No price will match the detriment we will later face as a result of this.

Because this is no terror issue. It is long over being a Syria issue. It has become an issue that directly concerns Turkey.

Turkey is also on their 'map'

A clear, imminent and great threat is being prepared against us, our country. This is now a national security matter. It is a map operation, a plan to shape the Turkey of the future.

Turkey is also on their “map.” Right at this moment, without delay, this dimension of the situation should be discussed and evaluated with strong public interest.

No political plan, internal political position is more important. Nobody’s priority surpasses this.

Those saying, ‘What business do we have there?’...

Nobody should say, “No, that is not the case, this is a PKK issue,”or, “The U.S. is preparing for Iran here,” or, “What business do we have there?”

Let us say to those speaking along these lines: One step later, the same corridor, the same front is going to be built in Turkey. Reconnaissance activities are going to be conducted to achieve this. Crises are going to be erupted to compel our country to do certain things.

Everyone knows this truth now. All of those acting like they are clueless are actually involved in it. They are somehow in a power/interest partnership.

What would they have done if the same was done on US, UK, French borders?

What would they have done if the same happened in the U.S., Israel, Russia or France? If a foreign force turned up on the Mexican border for the U.S., in Ireland for the U.K., in Catalonia for France or Spain, and built fronts in cooperation with a separatist organization, and made military buildups enough to equip armies, how would these countries react?

Would they hang their head and wait? Would they drown themselves in internal discussions and forget the danger? Would they call those who say, "This is very sensitive, we must take immediate action," "war mongers"?

These days, at a time when the U.S. and Israel's scenarios aimed at waging a Saudi Arabia-Israel war have intensified, when hands are on the trigger following the latest Aramco attack, if we remain silent at such a time, if we do nothing, it is now clear that things will become more arduous in the upcoming months.

That's when they will paralyze us

Because military buildups are going to be made on an extraordinary scale, and many European countries are going to flock to the region.

That is when they are going to render us immobile, that is when they are going to paralyze us. This is the game they are currently playing. The U.S. and Israel are putting on a show in the north of Syria with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates alongside it. Everybody is aware of this charade.

Everybody knows a hundreds-of-kilometers-long front is being built on the zero point of the border, that this front is not limited to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), that it invades one-third of Syria, and in the next step, after Syria, it will target Turkey.

CHP, Good Party, Felicity Party, those who defected from the AK Party, why are you quiet?

The whole world knows this now. The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) knows it, the Good Party (İP) knows it, the Felicity Party (SP) knows it too. Those who left the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and are attempting new political movements know it too. Yet, for some reason, not a single word is being said about this.

I have a very serious claim: The current political alliance was built to prevent that intervention. It was designed to complete the project in Syria. Soon, we will see more concrete examples.

Yet this situation is a national matter that transcends all political plans. It is a matter that threatens Turkey's future, its integrity, and is adjusted to openly dividing this country.

Everybody has taken cover under the Peoples' Democracy Party's (HDP) shadow for votes and practicing "high politics."

'Two weeks'. Because push has come to shove

At the tripartite Syria summit in Ankara, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan explained the situation to Russian and Iranian leaders Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani. It is obvious there is no faith in cooperation with the U.S. Yesterday, Erdoğan gave the U.S. a "two-week" period. He said, if the safe zone does not work, "We will take action ourselves." Because for Turkey, push has come to shove. There is no next step. Ever since its promises with respect to Manbij, all U.S. promises have become lies. It did not fulfill any of them. It was not going to fulfill them anyway. It is going to be the same with the joint patrol today. This is stalling tactic as they are trying to buy time.

Just wait and see the stalling tactics they will try

Because Erdoğan gave the U.S. "two weeks," there will be numerous other offers made. We are going to see several stalling tactics. We are going to see promises made simply to calm down and numb Turkey. Of course, none of them are going to be kept.

Let us evaluate all regional developments. Let us interpret these developments in the Iran-Saudi equilibrium. Every action in the north of Syria is a part of these. Turkey is aware of the game. It knows that it has no other choice but to defend itself.

This is not a war, it's a defense of Turkey. How dare you oppose!

This is not a war or intervention. This is a legitimate defense. It is the defense of Turkey. We are going to question on whose behalf those who say something against Turkey's own defense are acting.

There is no greater priority than this country defending itself. There is no threat greater than the new siege operation starting in the north of Syria which is spreading from the Mediterranean to the Aegean.


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