An operation targeting the east of the Euphrates, threats received by Yeni Şafak and captured bomb-laden vehicles: This country cannot be stopped with terror, this nation cannot be halted with threats!

While Turkey is preparing for an operation targeting the east of the Euphrates, some groups are mobilizing terrorist organizations. They are activating terror methods before the operation is launched. They want to suffocate and stop Turkey with terrorism once more.

They were never able to achieve this until today; they could not frighten Turkey scared and force it to give up, but they are re-activating the methods they resorted to for years and are attempting to adjust our country once again through the terror coalition.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is sending bomb-laden vehicles one after the other to Turkey. Such vehicles are captured immediately, and the members of the terrorist organization sent for this purpose are also captured.

PKK and Daesh were controlled by U.S. military officers while fighting Turkey

As Turkey's operations approach, PKK and Daesh terrorists are attempting sensational attacks across the country in a panicked state. It should not be viewed as strictly limited to the PKK and Daesh, as all the terrorist groups in the region are being controlled from a single center and made to fight against Turkey to actualize the "terror corridor" in northern Syria.

Even though “joint patrols” between the U.S. and Turkey were launched in Manbij following the Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations, these will not yield any results. The U.S. has not upheld any of its promises to Turkey in Manbij, and it will not be any different this time. During all of our operations in the west of the Euphrates to date, we fought against U.S. weapons, and while the PKK and Daesh were fighting us, they were under U.S. control.

The U.S. was the one who amassed thousands of truckloads of weapons in the east of the Euphrates. They are the ones controlling the PKK. They are the ones controlling Daesh. They want to stop and prevent Turkey's operations.

Opening the Turkey front and the Great Middle East War

The U.S. and Israeli military and intelligence forces and their weapons and logistics support the terror organizations who stand against all our attempts to clear Tel Abyad, Ayn el Arab (Kobani) and Sinjar.

Because the "terror corridor" is their project. It is a map ploy. It is preparation to open a “Turkey Front” and then divide the region. They want to build a buffer zone between Turkey and the Arab world to sever all connections. They want to render Turkey immobile and close its southern gates in the Great Middle East War they are going to start in the future.

Plans from a century ago are on the table: This is not a terror issue

Neither the "terror corridor" nor the operation targeting the east of the Euphrates is a part of the fight against terrorism. These are geopolitical interpositions, the resistance of the region against their map plans, and Turkey's resistance. While plans from a century ago are laid on the table again today and the region is being divided once more, the project is not limited to Syria's division alone, it is the most important stage of their plan to divide Turkey.

Strangely, as we strive to get involved in this region with such reasons and reveal a future plan with all its aspects, we are receiving threats both internally and externally.

Messages threatening Yeni Şafak: “We will destroy you. We are going to suffocate Turkey in terrorism”

The threats received by Yeni Şafak, its owners and directors some time ago are in this context. The voice recordings sent directly to us under Daesh's name were referring to today.

They were making threats along the lines of, "We are going to destroy you," saying, "We are going to suffocate Turkey in terror." In parallel to these threats, today there are attack attempts using bomb-laden vehicles and various other preparations. The captured suicide bombers, bomb-laden vehicles and explosives match those voice recordings.

The signature belongs to both Daesh and the PKK. We know their bosses too…

Even though the signature belongs to Daesh, we see this as the PKK, the intelligence and military forces behind terrorist organizations, and the multinational will dividing Syria and the entire region in to pieces.

We know the reason behind these threats coming prior to the operations targeting the east of the Euphrates. Those who want to scare Turkey with terrorism are trying to frighten and intimidate us with these threatening messages and voice recordings.

We see the threats and we are watching the parallel operators…

But the resistance is as great and as powerful as the map project to divide and invade, and we are members of this resistance. Because we are taking our position not based on today, but based on the political genetic that stretches centuries back, and we will never change this axis.

While doing this, we will not only follow these threats, but also those giving overt or covert support to these projects both within Turkey and abroad, those promoting their hidden agendas, those networking within this context, and the "parallel" operators in politics and the media. We will continue to monitor them.

This is a future intervention: It is an intervention for Turkey and the region.

Regardless of what they do, how much they threaten from the outside, and how much they confuse minds on the inside, they will not be able to prevent Turkey's operation targeting the east of the Euphrates.

Because this is the struggle of the future, not today. This is not a terror issue but a map matter. This is a concern of Turkey and the region.

The bigger the project the greater our resistance will be.


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