Arab nations, stop the man who is dragging you to war against Turkey! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Arab nations, stop the man who is dragging you to war against Turkey!

Will the Arab nations, the Arab world be able to accept the plan of United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to pawn the whole Arab region and the Arab people’s fate off to Israel and give it up as hostage?

Will the Arab people, the Arab world surrender to the U.S./Israeli colonial order that the UAE and Saudi administrations are working towards establishing over the Arab region for the 21st century?

Will the Arab people consent to the division of Arab territory, from North Africa to the Iranian border, to each one of them being turned into a garrison, and new civil wars being broke out?

Toying with your honor: Jerusalem was sold, negotiations for Mecca, Medina are ongoing

Will the Arab people condone the U.S., Israel and the West looting the region and their countries’ resources and wealth? Will they condone the plundering by Western companies, will they condone their own leaders exchanging these resources for power, their toying with Arabs’ honor and dignity over this consigned power?

Will the Arab people be able to bear the selling of Jerusalem to Israel through secret negotiations, the UAE’s efforts to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital, the attempts to annihilate the Palestinians, the preparations in cooperation with Israel to assassinate Palestinian leaders?

Will the Arabs be able to stomach the secret projects and negotiations being conducted for Mecca and Medina, Islam’s sacred values being turned into pawns in the hands of the West, and the traps that have been set up through Mohammed bin Zayed (UAE)?

Will the Arab people see that those who sold off Jerusalem to the British a century ago are handing it over today to Israel, to the U.S., that this is not limited to Jerusalem, and that if they continue to walk this path, they are not going to be able to protect Mecca or Medina?

Why are all wars on your lands? Who wants a ‘Sunni civil war’?

Will the Arabs be able to see that all wars since 1991 have been happening on Arab soil, that Arabs are the losing side in all wars, that Arab countries are being divided and looted, that the Arab-Iranian border drew back to the Mediterranean, that the sole reason behind this is the wrong policies implemented by regimes and their twisted relations with the West?

Will the Arab people realize that the Muslim world is being dragged into a great conflict through the Shiite-Sunni war project which was planned in accordance with the West’s geopolitical strategies, that this is a plan aimed at carving up the region, that the same centers are now launching their “Sunni civil war” plans, thus dividing the Islamic world a second time, and that they are implementing this project through Mohammed bin Zayed?

Mohammed bin Zayed waged war against Turkey

Will the Arab people see that the project led by the UAE administration is aimed at silencing the Arab streets and its people, making them surrender, pushing them into experiencing a new 20th century, preventing the Arab awakening and rise, and paralyzing the Arab political mind and social foresight?

Arab nations, Mohammed bin Zayed waged a war on Turkey. He is unleashing terrorist organizations in Turkey. He is providing them with weapons and money. He is perpetrating assassination attempts on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Stop this war, stop this man!

He cooperates with whomever attacks Turkey. Armenia attacks Azerbaijan, and he supports Armenia. Greece, Israel and Western countries attack Turkey, and he attacks Turkey alongside them. He acts like the mouthpiece of French President Emmanuel Macron. He conducts despicable attacks in every corner of the region and against Turkey in every field.

He is dragging the whole Arab world into a war against Turkey. He provokes the entire Western world to attack Turkey. He drives all terrorist organizations to attack Turkey.

Are you going to condone this? Are you going to stop this man?

UAE wants a Crusades war launched against Turkey. We fought for 7 centuries. We’ll do it again

I call out to the Arab world: Turkey is patiently watching the major attacks coming from the UAE administration. President Erdoğan does not act like them. He can; he has the power to do so – and much worse. He is instead acting with extreme caution, calmly and with maturity, because they do not share the same sentiments and to avoid hurting the Arab people, to prevent them from misunderstanding.

I call out to the Arabs: Turkey is the friend of Arabs and your brethren. There is no sacrifice it will not make for them. However, the UAE administration, Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia) are forcing the West into a Crusade. We encountered Crusader Wars numerous times. We will do it again. We fought the West for seven centuries. We will do it again.

We are facing the same attacks today and we are putting up a very strong fight. We are going to succeed. We have always found a way. We will do it again. However, alongside the West, the UAE administration is attacking Turkey with all its might.

They’re going to destroy you. They’re going to turn your countries into ruins. Wake up, stop this!

But we know that Arabs don’t endorse them. Then, it becomes clear that Mohammed bin Zayed needs to be stopped.

I call out to the Arabs: Though they are attacking Turkey, the greater trap has been set up against you. They are going to destroy your countries. They are going to divide your lands. They are going to turn your cities into ruins.

They are going to continue to launch all wars on Arab territory. The plans are aimed at destroying you. They are aimed at dividing Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria, and Egypt. The UAE administration and Zayed are calling this war to Arab territory. They are preparing the region for this.

They are going to destroy you.

Will you not say no to this?

Where are you headed to with men who say, “If Israel attacks Gaza, we will support Israel”!


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