Arafat’s poisoning and July 15. UAE and Dahlan. And what about the Qatar crisis? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Arafat’s poisoning and July 15. UAE and Dahlan. And what about the Qatar crisis?

In 2011, decade-old secret information was revealed on Israel-Palestine negotiations. The 1,600 secret documents also contained offers that would stir the world, such as handing over a large portion of Jerusalem to Israel. There was shocking information of regional administrators revealing the dirty alliances behind Israel’s Gaza massacres, “Come, and invade our country.” Information such as how U.S. Special Forces fought against the Palestinian people, the weapons transferred to Muhammed Dahlan, the relations between Dahlan and Israel intelligence and Egyptian intelligence, the dirty and bloody partnerships between Dahlan and the neo-cons.

And what’s more important: Information such as Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat being poisoned to death and the blame being put on Dahlan. A lot of people from Fatah were already working for the CIA and Mossad. Arafat was poisoned and killed slowly.

We announced July 15 in January

We published a file in Gerçek Hayat magazine in January 2016.

We opened the cover of a dirty file that would open a new page in Turkey’s history of coups and coup attempts. We presented the interesting details of a new international conspiracy targeting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Pay attention, this was before the July 16, 2016 coup and civil war attempts, in other words, in January. The coup plot was multinational and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Arafat’s murderer Dahlan were right at the center of the scenario.

The end of the scenario: Erdoğan will be finished off!

The scenario went as follows: The coup campaign that would directly target Erdoğan was first going to be presented through the Arab media. Ugly campaigns would be organized, Erdoğan and Turkey’s image would be targeted. Then, the opposition media in Turkey would be financed, starting the Turkey leg of the campaign. Those not happy with the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government would be mobilized.

Soldiers would be provoked. Terrorism would be escalated. Then, Erdoğan would be finished off.

So, does it seem similar to the July 15 scenario? We couldn’t really draw anybody’s attention regarding this dirty scenario which we had announced six months before the coup attempt. Because even in our media, some of our friends had more important “priorities”: They were too busy eliminating people, slandering, promenading. Who cared about the coup?

Arafat’s assassinator Dahlan’s target Erdoğan and Turkey

Of course, the UAE had allocated $70 million for this scenario. How much of these tens of millions of dollars was handed out to the media organizations and writers in Turkey?

I had asked back then whether, “The outburst of 1,128 academics in support of terrorism be a product of this campaign. Could the distribution of the share of $70 million in Turkey be started?”

Dahlan was on the stage again. He was in Turkey not as an assassin like the murder of Arafat, instead he was right at the center as an organizer for the coup. This time the target was Erdoğan, it was Turkey. The Gezi Park events had failed, the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 coup attempts had failed, and the multinational will had pulled the trigger on July 15. The money was from the UAE, the organization was a Serbian passport-holder Dahlan. Even the Egyptian TV, to which Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) ringleader Fetullah Gülen, was Dahlan’s.

Emails and dirty relations

July 15’s anniversary is coming up. And suddenly certain emails are beginning to be leaked. The UAE’s role in the coup attempt and information on partnerships are starting to be exposed. When the UAE’s Ambassador to Washington Yousef al Otaiba’s written correspondences are found, the truths become revealed.

How strange, a UAE- and Israel-backed foundation take joint action for July 15. The instruction is from the U.S., hitmen from FETÖ, logistic and finance are from these. A complete multinational operation. What we wrote before the July 15 coup attempt are hence revealed (be especially careful about those who say the U.S. is not behind July 15).

Arafat’s poisoning and the July 15 plan

The plans of Arafat’s poisoning and destroying through the July 15 coup were applied in Turkey. The UAE and Dahlan were involved in all of them. The bosses were different; they were only taking care of the financial and organizational part, in other words, they were buying men. The Egypt coup model and Ukraine crisis model were tried. None of them were successful. Turkey, our nation reversed all these scenarios.

So is it over? Of course not; new ones will be attempted, they always have. Now they are fictionalizing in the sense of isolating Turkey, making it collapse economically. They are pressuring Turkey’s friends, trying to distance them from Turkey through threats and extortion.

Arm wrestling is on

I hope the certain know-it-alls in our media, who think the “fight is over” and are too busy “promenading,” are able to predict that a new wave will soon come.

Turkey is a strong country and is more resistant toward such multinational operations. However, the world’s power war has reached a frightening point. There are no longer alliances, strategic partnerships, the guarantee of practices and international agreements. Everybody is taking action depending on their strength, that’s all.

The Qatar shock: They will disperse you on a day like this

Just look at the Persian Gulf. The Gulf Cooperation Council members pushed Qatar outside the region in only a day. It severed its ties, its contact, it imposed land and air sanctions and declared it an enemy. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE, Yemen and the Maldives blockaded Qatar with a single decision.

I guess this was the first outcome of U.S. President Donald Trump’s Saudi Arabia visit. Apparently Qatar has become closer with Iran, they are starting joint natural gas businesses and this is threatening the region. Apparently the U.S. wants money, everyone has lined up, paid their tributes, Qatar was punished, it most likely did not give what was required, et cetera.

This is how they destroy an organization you establish under the name of Islamic Army. The next day they will divide another country, and a day after, they will divide countries in two fronts among themselves. Unless we come to our senses, this is how it will continue to go on.

Are they striking Turkey through the Qatar crisis?

Perhaps Saudi Arabia and its alliances are holding back from a new wave that will affect the region, only time will tell. But, I think the Qatar issue is targeting Turkey in one aspect. It is as if someone is conducting an operation on Turkey through Qatar, trying to isolate it and push it in to economic tribulations.

Here, the UAE and known coup plotter, the assassination team seem to be at the center. Don’t be surprised if tomorrow, emails on the details of the operation to push Turkey into a corner through Qatar are leaked.

Radical developments may take place

This time they are investing in an economic wave, a financial crisis. It appears as though their new road map post-July 15 has become clear. Let them do what they are doing, we are going to follow them.

If you look carefully, in all three examples I gave, the operation by the same people and circles aimed at Turkey is at the center. For example, making Turkey collapse. They are not going to be able to do anything unless Turkey has collapsed, thus our fight is essential.

They are going to get their response to this too, in the severest form.

But the Qatar shock is going to destroy all the power maps in the entire region.

We should be prepared for radical developments.


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