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​So what, are you going to launch a Crusade in Istanbul? İmamoğlu is a ploy, they're making plans to take over Istanbul... There's a great attack from abroad, a great betrayal from within. This time certain 'conservative politicians' have also been activated

Organized electoral fraud occurred in the March 31 elections.A finely processed plot was staged through this theft.A plan was made to promote the İmamoğlu project and take control over Istanbul.A major trap was set against Turkey with a great attack ... more

The İmamoğlu project has collapsed. This wasn’t about the elections; it was a project targeting Istanbul. The next phase would target the whole of Turkey! Probes into spying, terror and national security should be launched. Let’s see who will flee to the US this time!

A coup, a multinational intervention was conducted against Turkey during the March 31 local elections. Those who failed to successfully carry out the July 15 coup attempt, those who failed to strike Turkey through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) i... more

US's ‘internal invasion’ attempt in Venezuela has fallen apart! Turkey taught the world ‘a new method in the fight for independence’ ‘Guaido model’: Starve, break the public’s resistance, weaken administration, intervene… Humankind is going to give US, partners a bitter surprise

Venezuela repelled an invasion attempt guised as a “coup.” The U.S. and Europe’s attempt to loot a country’s oil and gold has been negated for now.The Venezuelan state, its military units, legitimate institutions and people overcame an attack planned... more

We are simultaneously being attacked, both from abroad and within Turkey... The plan is to target Erdoğan, strike Turkey, and pave the way for an intervention… As every country returns to its own historic claims, who is this telling us to ‘stop’?

Do those advising Turkey to “soften up,” “be gentle,” and submit to “oppression” think that the U.S. hardening its military and economic approach to such a preposterous extent, its appointment of country leaders, it taking the land of one country and... more

The Turkey axis, Turkey alliance and the endless struggle… UAE and Dahlan’s assassination teams… Who were you going to assassinate this time, emir? Istanbul has been seized. It’s not an election issue, but rather one of national security

Heed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words: “When the issue is a matter of the country’s survival, we must put aside our political differences and take action as the “Turkey alliance,” with the entire 82-million population.”Something much beyond the... more

The plan is to drive Turkey out of Syria, drown it in the Mediterranean, strike from within, and stop Turkey. Winds will soon develop into a full-fledged storm: the Syrian war must end. The east of the Euphrates in Syria must be purged from terrorists

While we were busy following developments after the March 31 local elections and the “organized election intervention,” which was blatantly a “multinational” operation, incredible developments have been taking place all around Turkey.From the Balkans... more

Should Istanbul be handed over to the FETÖ terror group, and the mandate to Pennsylvania? You can’t conceal this vote pilfering through blackmail and threats and take up office. The public conscience will not rest unless this election is re-held!

Has “organized theft” officially been detected in the March 31 elections held in Turkey? Yes, it has.Has it been detected that, through intricate and esoteric plans, thousands of votes belonging to the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party were t... more


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