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The Turkey effect: How were their plans in Libya foiled? The UAE, Saudi, Israel, Iran gathered on a single front in Libya. What happened to an Arab-Iran conflict? Is Turkey the common enemy? Where does the ‘native front’ stand? But Turkey changed the game. The Mediterranean map has also changed. Mohammed bin Zayed may attempt assassinations in Libya, Turkey

Critical developments have been taking place in Libya in the last few weeks. The “Turkey effect” has ruined all plans in Libya. Not only in Libya but in the entire Mediterranean; the natural gas negotiations and projects in the East Mediterranean, We... more

We’re building an age of compassion. We’re spreading a wave of joy, building a common map. Just wait, Turkey’s surprise has only begun. ‘Turkey axis’ now covers the whole region. Reason underlying anti-Erdoğan sentiment, betrayal of Turkey cannot be concealed.

It is the prayers and supplications of the oppressed that keep us standing. As our armed forces, our state mind, our political discourse, our regional stance, our game-changer role is being equipped with a new force that is as effective as – or even ... more

What will the world be like post-corona? Shock waves will hit the Pacific. A superior mind can no longer hold the EU together. German influence will gain prominence. The world must be on alert for the West’s last great lunacy. How will Turkey change? This is the strongest we’ve been in the last century. Libya, Mediterranean, Aegean: Turkey is just getting started

As soon as the epidemic calms down, the world is in store for a cutthroat showdown. Old claims are going to resurface.As a matter of fact, the fresh enmities caused by COVID-19 are going to be diverted from the health field to the military, security,... more

Turkey is the world’s best in the fight against the coronavirus. The entire ‘pro-tutelage front’ has been unleashed for a coup. Their bosses spoke up from London with ‘financial terror.’ Those attacking Erdoğan for 20 years took action once again. What kind of a connection is there between the dollar operation and the campaign against Turkey’s FinMin Berat Albayrak?

Whenever Turkey excels, whenever its power magnifies, whenever it runs to the aid of the world, whenever it stands out politically, an “army of evil” is ready to counter it.Whenever it takes bigger steps toward becoming a regional and global actor, w... more

Mohammed bin Zayed: He controls terrorist organizations. He funds regional terrorism. He established execution squads. He plans assassinations. He organizes coups. His partners in Turkey, his money trails, his media network, social media trolls must be revealed. From now on, he will be held responsible for every terror attack, every murder in Turkey

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) administration and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed are fighting against Turkey, across the entire region.He supports the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Daesh in Syria. He has... more

A hundred abandoned corpses in New York negated all American values. September 11 hit the Atlantic axis. They were then struck by the global financial crisis. Is COVID-19 going to affect them the hardest too? All three events changed the world’s center. But why is Turkey on a rise? What makes us the world’s most active country?

As many as 100 corpses were found in two pickup trucks belonging to a funeral home in New York. The corpses of those who died of COVID-19 were revealed after those in the area reported the situation to authorities.Even this fact alone is enough to ra... more

Spit in their faces on the streets, everywhere you see them! They are the Islamophobic front. They’re going crazy. They’ve lost their balance, sanity. Have those involved in ‘Muslim genocide’ for the last 3 decades convened in Ankara? That communique will never be forgotten. The time will come when they will eat those words! Every Muslim should file legal action against the Ankara Bar Office.

The whole world is fighting against the most dangerous epidemic of human history. Hundreds of thousands of people are grappling with the COVID-19 epidemic. Thousands of people have lost their lives.The Kaaba has been closed off to circumambulation fo... more

No disaster in history has ever been this globalized. Countries, cities, nations have gone completely silent. We are anticipating never-before-seen shocks. The world used to be ruled by the Western order. That’s over now. We will no longer submit to their whims. The world will witness an incredible surge of power. Monitor Turkey closely!

Never in human history have we ever experienced a situation like this.No such thing has ever happened in great wars, big disasters or major epidemics.Countries have been devastated, cities have been burned down, people faced mass slaughters.While one... more

A great power is rising in the ‘cradle of humanity,’ the world’s ‘focal region.’ Erdoğan is this region’s destiny, the man uniting peoples across continents. They wanted doomsday wars; they attacked at home and from abroad. They wanted to destroy Turkey, but it’s now helping them! Sit tight! We are just warming up!

A great power is rising in the world’s “central region,” in the “cradle of humanity.” A “Turkey miracle” is unfolding in a vast area from North and Central Africa to the Balkans, from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus, from the Persian Gulf to the Bl... more

The situation in US is ghastly: 4,931 deaths in 24 hours! Armed gangs are hijacking people. This will lead to a world war! What happened to the US, Europe that declared themselves as ‘Gods on earth’? Why did Erdoğan say, ‘What goes up will come down’? CIA, IMF, World Bank: What’s a corona simulation? Where does Bill Gates stand in all of this?

Will the corona epidemic (COVID-19) break out a world war? Will countries clash? Will it lead to internal conflicts in some countries?Will it lead to greater global crises that will actually make us yearn for the virus epidemic? Will it lay the found... more

What kind of world will be established post-epidemic? Who will lose, who will win? Could this be end of the road for the West? Turkey’s 2023 vision is materializing. They won’t be able to stop it. Can Turkey become a superpower? We are not building castles in the air

How will the world take shape after the epidemic (COVID-19)?As countries continue to fight against the epidemic, they are also trying to foresee the outcome and accordingly prepare.This is the first time in history that an epidemic has spread to such... more

Has the coronavirus epidemic been curbed? Is it slowing down in Europe, the US? Did it peak in Turkey? The outcome will change the world more than the virus itself. The world’s giants will dissolve. The EU will be divided; US-China will clash. Turkey will become the world's new central power. A multi-polar world is taking shape

The first appearance of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the U.S. was apparently detected last December. It is said that the Trump administration was also warned in this respect.It is likely that the situation was taken lightly as it was categorized as ... more

Everything Turkey prepared for has become ‘reality’... Will the faces of those who caused disorder burn from shame? ‘How will the epidemic change the world?’ is an old question now. The world has already ‘changed’. Countries will become introverted. The epidemic will certainly be overcome. But the American dream, EU model will cease to exist.

The world is in shock. Countries are in shock. Individuals are in shock. Nobody thought a threat, an epidemic could grow to such an extent in the 21st century. Nobody was prepared for this. Nobody could have known that grand countries, states that ha... more


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