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The coronavirus epidemic originated in Asia, and is now wreaking havoc on US, Europe. Why is it killing more people in Europe than in Asia, more in the West than in the East? Why are reports of vaccines and cures coming from Asia, while there isn’t a peep from US, Europe? In the West, the virus has hit US, Italy and Spain the hardest. In the East, China, Japan and South Korea are most affected. Which category does Turkey fit in? The West’s world order is finished. Prepare for a brand-new world

It is the coronavirus (COVID-19) that has changed the world order, not the competition between the U.S. and China, the nuclear power competition, the space defense and discovery competition; not the finance system and economic order that work to serv... more

The Spanish flu came in three waves. Countries underestimated it and millions perished. A century later, the same epidemic reigns. But this time round we can produce, kill viruses. This time won’t be the same. Disaster scenarios from US: Death toll may reach 200,000! Everyone is returning home. Foreign troops must leave our region at once

The Spanish flu (Influenza) of 1918 infected 500 million people. It decimated Europe. It was carried by soldiers, first to the U.S., then to other regions of the world.It was initially perceived as a seasonal flu. Even doctors took it lightly. States... more

Time has stopped, history is being reset… West’s political system, financial system, security theories have all collapsed. New political orders will be established. New superpowers will emerge. Nations controlling the world may collapse. East may become West, West may become East. New nations may take to the stage. We’re starting everything from scratch…

We are in a major war as individuals.We are in a major war as societies.We are in a major war as states and nations.As a matter of fact, this time we have an unknown enemy (COVID-19-Corona) with whom we do not have much experience and have very littl... more

COVID-19: what are the best and worst-case scenarios? Pandemic will be stopped early. There will be another revolution in information, technology. We have the means, capacity to do this. Or will the healthcare system collapse, leading to social upheavals? Will countries founder, leading to a state of emergency? So, what has changed already?

COVID-19 is not a local or regional epidemic but a global pandemic. Humanity is perhaps going through its toughest test; it is rediscovering its own weakness.The definition of power is changing: While the limits of knowledge are being pushed, a most ... more

Pandemic or outbreak of mass hysteria? Are these only precautions or are there greater fears? Is a spectacular power shift taking place? Europe helpless, Turkey on the rise. Is this a digital world order? A new social order? A new economic system? Will new political discourses, new political identities take shape?

We are witnessing events that have never before been seen in human history.The things we said “could never happen” are taking place one after the other and in a very short period of time.The things we can consider as “a complete disaster scenario” an... more

What is coronavirus telling us? Cities, countries collapsing. Social life, economies in tatters. Life as we know it is ending. Is the epidemic itself the problem or is it the panic? Or are there other fears? Will there be new economic models, new political systems, new society models, a new world order?

Coronavirus is now a disease, not an epidemic. It has turned into a wave of hysteria, an atmosphere of panic, a destructive storm. The disease will son be brought under control. But this fear, this panic is leading people, societies, states towards... more

Fearing coronavirus or fearful for the future of the human race? COVID-19 is an ‘engineered’ virus. Is it a biological weapon trial? China under quarantine, not Coronavirus. Iran succumbed to the virus. Circumambulation of Kaaba halted, millions under lock-down in Italy. What’s going on? Is all of this a drill? 21st century: Age of excess, madness. Humans forcing their own doomsday?

COVID-19 is not only a virus, a health problem or an epidemic we are facing today. It is a fear of the future.It is a warning that has shattered humanity’s entire established order and is capable of collapsing it.First it was SARS, then the avian flu... more

Beware! Is a new scenario being attempted for Turkey?   Is it Damascus that will actually fall while they say we will topple Erdoğan, Turkey?   Everyone who loves this country must protect Erdoğan!   Combat drones changed war history. But they also changed Middle East, Turkey equilibriums! This is the ‘Turkey axis,’ it will continue to stand its ground.

Euphrates Shield, Afrin Operation (Olive Branch), Peace Spring Operation, and Spring Shield.They all ended in victory.The greatest success is going to come now.The intervention that will change equilibriums just started. The world will see Turkey’s f... more

Thirty-three of our soldiers martyred. Russia, Iran are responsible! So, is the US our friend now? What about that ‘terror corridor’ plan? Thousands of truckloads of weapons? Euphrates Shield, Afrin martyrs? NATO statement? Cheap rhetoric! Saying ‘Turkey must withdraw’ is to move the war inside. The summation of a millennium. History will be written by those who fight to the bitter end.

We have 33 martyrs. May God have mercy on their souls and I wish great patience to their families. My condolences to our nation. We have been fighting for centuries now in every inch of land in Anatolia, where martyrs continue to fall.We have martyrs... more

As soon as Erdoğan mentioned the ‘Turkey axis,’ they all left his side. Who had placed you there? A century on, they abandoned Turkey again, ran to others. No alliance can drive this country outside the region; you failed to understand the 21st century! Being Muslim is a language of resistance not tutelage. You cannot hide underneath that cloak.

Turkey is putting up a relentless struggle on two great fronts such as Syria and Libya. Turkey is taking up all over again the defense from a century ago in Syria against those who are laying siege to its southern border and building a hundreds-of-ki... more

Coronavirus: Human race at its most fragile, helpless state Is this a test? Of course, we will overcome it, but what about the next epidemic? Secret bases, secret experiments, plans for population control Tanks, cannons, missiles, nuclear weapons will do you no good! Turkey is a leading country in healthcare. It will contribute greatly to this fight!

Indeed, the coronavirus outbreak will be overcome. Of course, extraordinary measures will be taken at the national and global scale; humanity will learn to overcome this epidemic too. To this day, humanity survived under some of the worst conditions.... more

Germany now a ‘breeding country’ for far-right terrorism, Islamophobia Is there a shift from ‘arson’ to an era of massacres? Its intelligence services carries them out, covers them up through racists! Was the far-right controlled by Germany’s John Bass? Federal Prosecution will close this case too.

Far-right terrorism in Germany – now the center of Islamophobia – that has been quiet for some time broke out again. This time, they are back with massacres rather than arson. In Hanau, Turks and Muslims were targeted by terrorism once more. As many ... more

Such small plans for a country as great as Turkey. Talk of a coup, Abdullah Gül’s impeccable timing. RAND coup report, our volunteers. So, who will be used next after FETÖ? Arrogance disguised as humility, conservative pro-tutelage. Former pro-US, pro-UK, pro-German agents have taken action! Will calls be made for the ‘US to intervene in Turkey’?

Those who had expectations from the July 15, 2016 coup attempt have one again kicked into gear. Those who had their hopes set on the coup that day seem today to be hopeful about an outside intervention. Those who refrained from speaking up on July 15... more


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