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Bush: The Crusades Putin: The Holy War

Russia directly entered the war in Syria. The war that was carried out through terrorist organizations has now been progressed to the state level. For two days now, Russia has been attacking the Syrian opposition from air, while the Damascus administ... more

We are fighting countries, not the PKK and YPG

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's words, “The Syrian issue should be perceived as an international problem rather than a war supported by the sides of various countries," was actually the strongest statement determining the threat of the war of states... more

Aydın Doğan shot the last bullet​

Adjusting politics and, in fact, crossing the line and designing politics, is a very bad habit which some have great difficulty giving up. They still think they are going to be able to shape the government under the guise of democracy like they did 1... more

PKK bosses, why did you panic?

Following a statement by U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby that the People's Protection Units (YPG) are their friends and partner, and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg's statement asking Turkey to stop the airstrikes, the question, “W... more

Resisting an operational invasion, defending Istanbul

November 1 is going to be a turning point in Turkey's political history. Similar statements are always made, I know, but I'm not talking about internal affairs or the elections. Because this breaking point will have a direct influence on the formatio... more

Ruthless resistance against Islamophobic partners of terrorism

Fifteen years ago, could you have imagined an Iraq like the one today? Ten years ago, could you have imagined a Syria like the one today? Three years ago, could you have imagined a Yemen like the one today? Could you have imagined that Gadhafi would ... more

The 'necrophile' is now a man of peace!

Now you are all going to become people of peace. You are going to talk about brotherhood, a common language, being a citizen of Turkey. You are going to talk about justice, human rights, in an effort to erase from memories the bloody showdown you put... more

This is the one thing we can't resist!

Turkey expanded, gained strength, awoke and started its struggle to escape the century-old supervision.This was a revolution and a great transformation. It was one of the most important breaking points of the thousand-year-old history, because these ... more

PKK strikes from the East, Aydın Doğan from the West

Sixteen of our soldiers have been martyred in Dağlıca. Thirteen police officers were martyred in Iğdır. What had that "necrophile" said? He had said, "Both the military and police will lose, the PKK will win." A day after those words our soldiers in ... more

Open the gates, let millions flow into Europe!

Open the gates, so hundreds and thousands can push Europe's borders to the limit. Let the great European walk begin from the Mediterranean shores, from Anatolia. Let this wave continue all the way to the shores of the Atlantic. Don't keep them in Ana... more

Shameless men!

You call a country's president "murderer," you call him "tyrant," "Hitler," you say, "We're going to bring you down," you target his family, you threaten and insult him in every way possible. You convict a mass of over 50 percent who voted for him, y... more

This is the final showdown for Turkey

Turkey is experiencing a multidimensional showdown, the most dangerous one in the history of the Republic. This is a showdown between the founders of the old government and the new. A fight between the pro-tutelage circles of the old and the national... more

The politically impotent!

A superb trap was set for Turkey through politics, the media, and capital and through terrorism. This trap, which on the surface was aimed at distancing the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) from power, was actually a plan to prevent Turkey's ... more


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